Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Origin of blue screen of death

Instead of usual picture as an illustration of its meaning, try this emulation yourself:
In your favorite Internet Explorer type in its search field this: res://mshtml.dll/about.moz
Then press enter button and voila, you made it yourself!. By the way, that is what Microsoft thinks about Mozilla browsers. But, who coined the term BSoD? Coca-Cola employee! Personally, I like this part the best:
Interesting. i love hearing about these little things that come up in windows all the time. like the fact that NT was originally named after a risc chip being developed by Intel, and then renamed to New Technology after the chip deid. anyway, interesting...

Thus one Intel's RISC chip died in 1993?
What the hell was it?
Another of the original OS/2 3.0 developers, Mark Lucovsky, states that the name was taken from the Intel i860 processor code-named "N-Ten"—which served as the original target hardware.

Ok, it seems DECODED. Ten x86 equals i860. Ten times in X86 performance!
The entire i860 design was based on the compiler efficiently handling this task, which proved almost impossible in practice. While theoretically capable of peaking at about 60MFLOPS for the XP versions, hand-coded assemblers managed to get only about up to 40MFLOPS, and most compilers had difficultly getting even 10.

Holy s... , NT than XP version of i860 chip. We got the name of the next version of Windows too.
(And Windows XP should be killed soon to give a place for radically new Longhorn, based on XML.NET paradigm). But, wait a minute, wait a minute please. That reminds me on something more recent.
So, Microsoft changed NT into New Technology. But, what Intel did? Killed i860 and started another one (though the same way succesful) chip with a bright marketing future, that too had letters NT INSIDE (TM) its name. And its name is, you probably guess now, iTaNi(um) ( In Hebrew, vocals are not written and writing in semitic languages is from right to left. Big endian - little endian, do you copy?). And it might be killed again by Intel to promote a New Technology chip architecture, in Intel's development department currently called ... NEHALEM? :)

Latest: Now even on Apple ! No more exclusively on a PC. Question for $1M is:
When dual cores fail simulatneously, will we see 3D blue screen of death?

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