Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Watergate 2. NYT sues Rumsfeld


The Times wants a list of documents including all internal memos and e-mails about the program of monitoring phone calls without court approval. It also seeks the names of the people or groups identified by it.

No Direct X10 GPU before the second quarter 2007

GPU chips goes monster and larger in area than the main processors themself,

World largest chip fab in Israel


Intel invested $500+ per each Jew in Israel? Human history never recorded such level of investment.
But, Israel is safe country, why not? That is only a clever investment?.

America discovered in 1421 !



Will not be easy for Eurocentric World view if those voyages prove truth.

Berwick Witches ride again !

"November/December 1590 N. Berwick Witches taken, and confess In the moneths of November and December, manie witches were taikin: Richard Grahame, Johne Sibbet alias Cunninghame, Annie Sampsone, middewife, Jonet Duncan in Edinburgh, Ewfame Makcalzeane, daughter to umquhile Mr Thomas Makalzean, Barbara Naper, spous to Archibald Dowglas of Pergill, Jonet Drummond, a Hieland wife, Katherine Wallace. They conspired the ovethrow of the king and queen's fleete, at their returne out of Denmarke, by raising of stormes upon the seas. Sindrie of the witches confessed they had sindrie times companie with the devill at the kirk of Northberwick, where he appeared to them in the likeness of a man with a redde cappe, and a rumpe at his taill. [and] mad a harangue in maner of a sermoun to them; his text, "Manie goe to the mercat, but all buy not." He found fault with sindrie, that had not done their part in ill. These that had beene bussie in their craft, he said were his beloved, and promised they sould want nothing they needed. Playing to them upon a trumpe, he said , "Cummer, goe yee before; cummer goe ye!" and so they daunced. When they had done, he caused everie one, to the number of threescore, kisse his buttocks. Johne Gordoun, alias called Graymeale, stood behind the doore, to eschew, yitt it behoved him also to kisse at last. John Feane, schoolesmaister of Saltprestoun, confessed he was clerk to their assemblies; yitt at his executioun he confessed onlie he had abused the people that way, and had committed adulterie with two and thrittie weomen, but denied witchecraft. Of Richard Grahame, Ewfame Makcalzeane, and Barbara Naper, we will heare more heerafter. (Calderwood v.5 pp115-6)"

They conspired the ovethrow of the king and queen's fleete, at their return out of Denmarke, by raising of stormes upon the seas.
If terrorists find successors of Berwick Witches Sea disturbing technology, mighty US and UK Navy might be sunk!? Provided that Qeen's unmistakable secret services doesn'y make mistakes. But, was't recent WMD attack on Iraq just intelligence service mistake? Well, how Mr Blair could know? Well, now all will know sea disturbing technology:
15 January 1591 Deposition of Geillis Duncan confirmed that a letter was sent to Janet Fairlie at Leith, that a cat was baptised and thrown in the sea to raise a storm.
Please note similarities and exactness of old and the new UK official intelligence techniques.

Jewish Roots of the American Constitution


Is comment for 9/11 event needed? Muslims don't hate Americans, don't hate their civilisation, but only
its Jews part its terror they feel since WWI.
In Zionist program for that time it is written:
No man can be terrorist if he fight against occupation. Before 1917, in Palestine was less than 8% Jews.
After that Palestinians are expelled from their land and becameborn terrorist without any reason:

However, something is missing here:
1. Due to Zionist program from WWI , man can't be terrorist on his own land fighting against occupation.
2. Jewish children are armed in their classrooms and trained to kill. What is the difference?

Now, when Zionist practiced terrorism against British troops and Palestinians after WWI, it was legal and legitime act in establishing Israel state on foreign land. For example, in 1943 a big ship with a few hundred Jews and British were sunk by Jewish terrorists. About that time, there were no Palestinian terrorist. Why not? Because they still had their land, until Israel establishment in 1948. You didn't know that? Probably you didn't know that Ariel Sharon was a member of terrorist brigades?
Then you are an ideal victim for Jewish propaganda. Do you know from whom Islamic "terrorists" have learned to celebrate their dead?
"Mount Meron: In Israel, tens of thousands of people travel to Mount Meron to celebrate the Yahrtzeit, the anniversary of the death, of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Per his deathbed request, his death is celebrated, rather than mourned."

Please note the fire fire around Jews play around and celebrate death at Mount Merom
And Fires atop of World Trade center.
One of the speakers of this rally told his audience that a memorial to the World Trade Center disaster was planned and that it would contain an "eternal flame". My ears shot right up, for the torch -- a lighted torch -- is one of the most important signatures of the global Illuminati. Further, whenever anyone is killed by the Illuminati, either by ritual or through an elaborate plan, their grave is usually adorned with an eternal flame!"
New world order is comming, are you ready? Do you have the courage to see it, and believe it? SEPTEMBER 11, 1990 --PRESIDENT BUSH [SENIOR] PRESENTS SPEECH TO CONGRESS, "TOWARD A NEW WORLD ORDER".

By the way, Mount Meron is Jewish sanctuary close to Haifa, where is designed Intel' s future architecture whose first model is claimed of course what else than Merom. Later models Conroe and Woodcrest will use the same microarchitecture. Intel currently, makes big enlargement of Haifa design center for those models that should rule the world in the near future.

Without all that World can be stil nice. You feel stupid?
Try this test to confirm or reject your doubts:

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Holocaust 2 !


"US Congressman B. Carroll Reece of Tennessee, in the House of Representatives on May 16, 1957, called it genocide.

In November and December, 1993, an exhibit on Ethnic Cleansing 1944-1948 was held at Stuart Center of De Paul University, in Chicago, where it was called an unknown holocaust."

Germans had their own holocaust too, in 1944-1948. Some 2,5M people were killed, not included millions of Germans killed during the WWII. I didn't know, I am really shocked. Why? Why?
Here is the official answer: http://tinyurl.com/omjuy

Would they have been used on Germany?A bomb was a legitimate weapon that would be used first against Nazi Germany.In a secret September 1944 memorandum at Hyde Park, Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill ratified the shift from Germany to Japan. Their phrasing suggested that, for the moment anyway, they might have had some slight doubts about actually using the bomb, for they agreed that "it might perhaps, after mature consideration, be used against the Japanese". Recently declassified documents suggest that Tokyo probably would have surrendered without the bombings or an Allied invasion of Japan. In the moral climate of 1945, however, there were few dissenters. "When you have to deal with a beast," Truman wrote, "you have to treat him as a beast."

That's why. Democratic handling of things.

Something is rotten in Denmark Kingdom?


New witches hunt began?

Summer 1590 Witchhunt in Denmark In the summer of 1590 a great witch hunt was instituted in Copenhagen. One of the first victims was Anna Koldings, who under pressure divulged the names of five other women, one of whom was Mail the wife of the burgomaster of Copenhagen. They all confessed that they had been guilty of sorcery in raising storms which menaced Queen Anne's voyage and that they had sent devils to climb up the keel of her ship. In September two women were burnt as witches at Kronborg. (Williams p.38)

23 July 1590 News of witches arrested in Denmark; arrests in Edinburgh
"It is advertised from Denmark, that the admirall there hathe caused five or six witches to be taken in Coupnahaven, upon suspicion that by their witche craft they had staied the Queen of Scottes voiage into Scotland, and sought to have staied likewise the King's retorne." "Sundrie witches were arreigned yesterdaie in this towne, and are found giltie of odious crimes; chefelie that some of them made in wax the image of the yong lard of Wardlhouse, and rosting the image the gentleman pined awaie by sweate as the wax melteth before the fier." (Bowes to Burghley 454)"

That is why some 3000 sites have been hacked in Denmark.

Jews suspended Mayor of London for a month

"Deputy Mayor Nicky Gavron, who is Jewish and would take over in Livingstone's absence,"

What's next?. All those who say something against their interests might be "concentrated".
For verbal delict like mayor's say a month here.
By the way, what has happened with the freedom of speach in only a month? In UK all have freedom to insult Muslims, their feelings and their Prophet.

For organized verbal delicts, indefinetely like in Gunatanamo bay camp.
Do you know that CIA has some 300 000 people on suspected anti Semite list?
Or as they call it the lists of terrorists?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Conroe and Merom in the later part of second half 2006


Merom and Conroe will be announced , as confident pc.watch reports, later in the second part of 2006. I believe that will be in September.
Here is a roadmap that confirms Conroe launch in the 3Q. Any info more?
It is planned fast market takeover: 10% in the 3Q, up to 20% in the 4Q.
Details on models are given here:

Let me conclude: If Conroe will be launched in 3Q, if it would have 20% performance advantage over A64, and if it will still would maintain its monoply it would be so. But will it be? You could find AMD boards by the end of Q2 and AM2 processors after June 6th. And K8L core by the end of year.
You need to provide that nobody purchase them until Conroe doesn't arrive. But will be so? pcwatch doesn't find promised improvement. In my humble opinion Conroe is a trade, its clock is 700-800 Mhz lower than Prescott's. Add claimed 20% to AMD currently competitive processor performance. Thus, Intel' effectively reduced clock for its Conroe down to for 1,5 Ghz , reduced significantly power consumption and didn't make any problem in return? Why they didn't make that in 2002? Their clock were than comaparable to future Conroe's , up to 3Ghz in November 2006 ? What Intel did in the meantime? Producing and well selling some processors? High clocked and bed performanced, that produced only a lot of heat but not a lot of crunching INSIDE? That I call bad hardware. Will Merom and Conroe be bad hardware successors ? We need to see their performance first. Lets wait for the Spring IDF forum, when some details on Conroe and Merom should be announced. To see is Intel's new microarchitecture 40-50% better in comparable clock performance than the previous one. That has never happened, AFAIK, in the recent history. But, if you want to believe in bad hardware as the good one, why not. Given money is yours.

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