Friday, October 30, 2009

China-U.S. Group Plans to Build Texas Wind Farm

Will that help to diminish US budget deficit?

USB 3.0 support is finally on mobo

USB 3.0 and SATA 6G Performance Preview

Moon landing before and after the spot lights

Malware bug cure

ClearView works without assistance from humans and without access to a program's underlying source code (an often proprietary set of instructions that defines how a piece of software will behave). Instead, the system monitors the behavior of a binary: the form the program takes in order to execute instructions on a computer's hardware.

Nvidia Exaflops design

A "system" will contain 128 cabinets of 384 nodes, or 49152 GPU Nodes.
The performance? 2 Exaflops.
Thanks to vr-zone.

Are you more likely to be killed by a falling airplane part or by an attacking shark?

It is approximately 30 times (!) more likely that you will be killed by a falling airplane part.

Man hit by airplane part.

"If you look at the statistics, one black bear out of a million kills somebody. With grizzly bears it's one in 50,000. Among humans it's one person out of 18,000 kills somebody."

Iranian airplane: gentlemen start praying

A worried Iranian airline pilot asked passengers to start praying after his plane was hit by a technical glitch early on Thursday, highlighting once again the notorious record of Tehran's aircraft.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Memory goes to 3D stacking

"A 10-year cycle to take a brand new memory concept into production is actually very aggressive," Fazio said. He said there have been very few new memory technologies introduced since the 1960s, when DRAM, SRAM and EEPROM were developed.

Fazio said PCMS could enable a future class of memories that combine the attributes of memory and storage, offering DRAM-like features, NOR-like features and the cost attributes of NAND for a variety of applications.

BAD HARDWARE question: When the integrated logic gates will move along the 3rd dimension ?. Should start the next year, 2010. However, when at your laptop? Well, that is big, radical change that will need years to be implemented. Integrated 3D logic and stacked memory ? Bingo !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are chip makers building electronic trapdoors in key military hardware?

Last September, Israeli jets bombed a suspected nuclear installation in northeastern Syria. Among the many mysteries still surrounding that strike was the failure of a Syrian radar--supposedly state-of-the-art--to warn the Syrian military of the incoming assault. It wasn't long before military and technology bloggers concluded that this was an incident of electronic warfare--and not just any kind.

Post after post speculated that the commercial off-the-shelf microprocessors in the Syrian radar might have been purposely fabricated with a hidden ”backdoor” inside. By sending a preprogrammed code to those chips, an unknown antagonist had disrupted the chips' function and temporarily blocked the radar.
French defense contractors have used the chips in military equipment, the contractor told IEEE Spectrum . If in the future the equipment fell into hostile hands, ”the French wanted a way to disable that circuit,” he said.
The US DOD also maintained its own chip-making plant at Fort Meade, near Washington, D.C., until the early 1980s, when costs became prohibitive. But these days, the U.S. military consumes only about 1 percent of the world's integrated circuits.

Ex-AMD CEO Ruiz reportedly linked to insider-trading case


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Has AT&T Wireless data congestion been self-inflicted?

Note: if you don't want to read all the list messages the short summary is: >8 second pings times! What's more the effect was bymodal: either ping times under 200 ms, or over 5 seconds.

It appears AT&T Wireless has configured their RNC buffers so there is no packet loss, i.e. with buffers capable of holding more than ten seconds of data. Zero packet loss may sound impressive to a telephone guy, but it causes TCP congestion collapse and thus doesn't work for the mobile Internet!

Asus and NVIDIA work on ESC 1000 supercomputer

Finally, a truth on bad hardware

OMG: The pilots told that they missed their destination because they had taken out their personal laptops in the cockpit

Collateral of desktop dethroned ?

The airline bans pilots from working on personal computers in the cockpit, where they are supposed to concentrate on the multiple gauges and controls required in flight.

Video: Google data center

Finally, a truth on Google hardware

Video: Vodafone Data Center Floods in Istanbul

On Sept. 9, torrential rains in Istanbul,Turkey flooded much of the city’s Ikitelli section. Among the buildings flooded by the rising waters was a Vodafone data center.
Note that in Slavic languages Vodafone literally means underwater phone.

Great: Intel's SSD trim recommends to start your files from scratch

"If you are overwriting an existing file, Trim doesn't help and you'll get the same write performance degradation as without Trim," said Savill.

Moon landing !

Armadillo scooped $350,000 – the top prize for the first level of the competition – last October for being the first team to launch a rocket vertically to 50 metres and hover and turn for 90 seconds before landing, and repeating the process within hours. At Goddard, there was no record of where the Moon landing footage had gone.

BAD HARDWARE suggests: Land on Moon using the winner design, launch it again up to 50 meters high and take a great Moon panorama video for 90 seconds. Provided they are at the Apollo Moon landing site. We will curiously get first Moon video ever from that height. To see Moon shadows were they really belonging.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Silicon Valley engineers on trial

Two engineers in California went on trial this week on charges they were economic spies for the Chinese government.

Space ecology, what the hell is it ?

Most of space rubbish is created from Mir Space station rubbish bags.

Friday, October 23, 2009

U.K. Economy Unexpectedly Shrinks in Longest Slump

The fact that the economy is still contracting despite the huge amount of policy stimulus supports our view that the recovery will be a long, slow process.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lunar Olympic high jump in year 2020

10 years are left only for 14 meters high Lunar jumps, following year 1979 visions.

Seems that those were science fiction not not a fraud like astronaut's half meter jumps on Moon, a few years earlier, though his total Lunar weight was only about 65 pounds (30 kg) . He should jump higher up to 30 times more, if he was really on Moon. Anyway he should easily jump over the flag ! That should convince everyone that astronaut really was at Moon in the moment. Think about astronaut skipping over the LM and taking a photo !

Who is singing there behind ?

An assistant at a grocery store in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, was ordered by the Performing Right Society (PRS) to obtain a performer's license and to pay royalties because she was informally singing popular songs while stocking groceries.

Peace, unemployed brother

U.S. has shed 7.4 million jobs since December of 2007. U.S. unemployment could hit 15 million, perhaps 23 million. U.S. must create 140,000 new jobs per month.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Touch sensitive mouse

Apple mouse.

We see 2010 becoming a much more risky year than 2009 !

China and the Gulf countries which have their oil pegged to the dollar "would like to see some other currencies, maybe the euro, playing a more dominant role," he said.

Samsung Computers Gain Instant-On Technology in 2010

“As the world’s fastest growing vendor in the ultra mobile computing market, Samsung is committed to bring to market innovative technology solutions that simplify consumers’ lives. Working with Phoenix, we plan to deliver to our mobile consumers innovative and intuitive next-generation mobile computing devices that fit their emerging needs and desires.”
The added benefit of the lightweight Hyperspace environment is that less computer resources are used, which can gain precious battery life — Phoenix Technologies claims a 30% gain in battery life over using Windows on the same device.

ASUS CrossLink Cable is all you need to data sync two PCs


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canon 1D Mark IV camera: sensitivity 1000 times higher than normal

Normal sunny day camera sensitivity is ISO 100.
OMG. Special noise reduction is implemented.
With stunning HD video.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Director of strategic investments at Intel Capital arrested !

Also charged in the scheme are Rajiv Goel, 51, of Los Altos, Calif., a director of strategic investments at Intel Capital, the investment arm of Intel Corp.

Wiretap: “I’m dead if this leaks. I really am. ... and my career is over. I’ll be like Martha (expletive) Stewart.”
Robert Moffat, 53, of Ridgefield, Conn., senior vice president and group executive at IBM Corp.’s Systems and Technology Group, was among those charged. That IBM group is the one that oversees the plants in Poughkeepsie and East Fishkill.

AMD advisor Kumar obtained inside information about pending transactions involving AMD and two Abu Dhabi-based sovereign entities, which he shared with Rajaratnam. Rajaratnam then traded on the basis of this information on behalf of Galleon.

Otellini was at pains to stress that insider-trading problems were ‘extremely rare’ during his time at Intel and that the company has procedures in place to prevent them.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Computers have computation limit as unbreakable as speed of light

A pair of physicists have shown that if processors continue to accelerate in accordance to Moore’s Law, we’ll hit the wall of faster processing in roughly 75 years.

Using their equation, Levitin and Toffoli calculated that, for every unit of energy, a perfect quantum computer spits out ten quadrillion more operations each second than today’s fastest processors.

Sensational discovery: Lunar helmets !

From the Eetimes article on 20th July 2009:
Bubble helmet under their familiar gold-visored shell, otherwise known as the lunar extravehicular visor assembly. The “over-helmet,” made by LTV, included two visors: one for micrometeorite
and UV protection, andthe iconic exterior visor, made of polysulfone with a 24-carat gold coating
to reduce the visible light entering the helmet and thereby, minimize heat buildup inside the suit.
Young said six of those helmets are left on Moon.
Helmet lunar weight was 0.2 kg only, and it was too heavy for NASA to lift off back into Moon orbit ?

Bad hardware comment: Only six helmets confirmed left from the six Moon missions and 12 people have been walking on Moon surface? Thus, on Moon were accomplished actually 3 missions, not 6 as commonly has been believed up to now. The only question left is which ones Moon missions are fake.

Now why the hell NASA made that forgery? What is that driving inspiration behind? Here is the simple answer: Good luck Mr. Gorsky :

Everybody was curious to hear the first words of the first man on the Moon. Neil Armstrong uttered two famous phrases: "The Eagle has landed" and "One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind".But there is a legend that after a pause he suddenly uttered a strange phrase: "Good luck, Mr.Gorsky!"

For some time he had been constantly asked what those words meant and who was that Mr.Gorsky. But the first man on the Moon had kept everything in secret. And only many years after his famous Moon mission, Neil Armstrong confessed that when he was a 10 years-old boy he heard how his neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Gorsky quarreled and Mrs. Gorsky cried out: "You'll get oral sex when the kid next door walks on the moon."

OK, lets ask ourself what is the probability rate of Mars mission fail?
There's no comfort in the statistics for missions to Mars. To date over 60% of the missions have failed.

However, Moon missions hit staggering 14% low fail rate. Four time "better" result than expected in the most optimistic scenario, showing obvious studio forgery inside. Helmet counting theory compared to that seems merely optimistic. At least double. So, only one or two Moon walking missions were possibly successful !? If tried at all.

AMD exported its loss

We think it made a profit although it reported a net loss.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now Intel sued AMD

No horizon in the end.
Err. sorry, no end on the horizon.

Nobel Peace Award to G. Bush !

Actually, why not? He killed though some 1M Iraqis, but had only 2 wars. President Obama has currently 3 and Iran war in the wings. Not to mention domestic health reform war.
Peace is War, George Orwell 1984.
Next year, for the first time ever, the Pentagon will buy more unmanned aircraft than manned, line-item proof that we are in a new age of fighting machines.
Drop me softly, on the left.

Celebration: 2000 bad posts ! !

Odyssey in blog space 2001.
150K views, close to 100K unique readers. Is actually now bad good ?, war is peace ?, democracy is tyranny ? (Big Brother) etc.
Cheers !

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ASUS ATOM based keyboard

Using Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (512K Cache, 1.60 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 2.5W TDP).

BAD HARDWARE: 1.6 Ghz is not too much, but seems quite enough for a keyboard :)
36W power adapter seems too much for a keyboard. However, provided with a new Phoenix BIOS booting instantly , the concept might have some niche market. Say, to be multimedia and Internet front end, connected with home server, network booted for the heavy loads.

Dell Focuses On Energy-Saving Initiatives for 2009

Dell Focuses On Energy-Saving Initiatives for 2009

Bunnies dump radioactive waste at Hanford !

A helicopter equipped with radiation detecting equipment has been used to scan almost 4000 hectares of the USA's Hanford nuclear reservation in search of radioactive rabbit droppings. The helicopter was able to map each of the slightly radioactive stools with GPS coordinates.

Household freezer superconducting

Superconductors.ORG herein reports the observation of record high superconductivity near 254 Kelvin (-19C, -2F). This temperature critical (Tc) is believed accurate +/- 2 degrees, making this the first material to enter a superconductive state at temperatures commonly found in household freezers.

Intel Caught Cheating In 3DMark Benchmark

3DMark Vantage developer Futuremark has clear guidelines for what sort of driver optimizations are permitted with its graphics benchmark. Intel's current Windows 7 drivers appear to be in direct violation, offloading the graphics workload onto the CPU to artificially inflate scores for the company's integrated graphics chipsets.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Win 7 better than Vista, but slower too?

Contradicting Microsoft’s claim of improved start-up timing, PC-tuning company iolo Technologies has revealed that software giant’s new Windows 7 operating system, scheduled for launch on Oct. 22, boots slower than its predecessor Vista.

Bad IBM ?

Air New Zealand is threatening to ditch IBM as its main information-technology provider after a massive failure caused its computer system to collapse, delaying up to 10,000 travellers, according to an internal e-mail leaked to the media Monday. The failure knocked out the airline's computers for five hours Sunday, forcing check-in staff to write boarding passes and luggage tags by hand and preventing potential passengers from making bookings online. Bruce Parton, the general manager of Air New Zealand's short-haul airlines group, told Radio New Zealand that the problem was caused by a power failure followed by a delay in getting a back-up generator running.

What the hell IBM has in common with power failure and backup generator ?
Air New Zealand is responsible for power supply.

However the following has something with IBM.
The Justice Department is looking into allegations that IBM Corp. has abused its dominant position in the market for mainframe computers

One of the companies that received a request from the Justice Department was Tampa, Fla.-based T3 Technologies Inc., which in January lodged a formal complaint against IBM with European antitrust regulators and is suing IBM in the U.S. alleging antitrust abuses.

Deep hole: The US unemployment rate is now 17% !

If you add in people who have stopped looking for work, or who are working part time when they want a full-time job, the unemployment rate is a whopping 17 percent, according to the Labor Department.
Rob Shapiro, an economist who was a top official in President Bill Clinton's Commerce Department, sees "substantial, continued job losses" for some time if the government doesn't take more aggressive steps to foster job growth.

BAD HARDWARE: Nobel price for working peace seems quite adequate.

Windows 8 is 128 bit OS !

Working in high security department for research and development involving strategic planning for medium and longterm projects. Research & Development projects including 128bit architecture compatibility with the Windows 8 kernel and Windows 9 project plan. Forming relationships with major partners: Intel, AMD, HP and IBM.

BAD HARDWARE: 64 bit is not enough ? Future seems cloudy.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lenovo prepares ultra thin CULV

1.3 Ghz dual core.

Microsoft, EU Reach Accord on Antitrust

Finally, a truth on bad browser.

The US to become fabless?

Part of
inevitable killing inovations process.

Taiwan hardware industry takes the same transition. In the end all world manufacturing should end in the China ?

First Pittsburgh and parts of N. Carolina were shipped overseas, then Detroit, now it is Silicon Valley that is being packed-out one container at a time. High tech manufacturing in the US will likely be restored at some point once it becomes clear to the political class that being hollowed out is not a formula for success of the US economy and it becomes clear to overseas companies that US plants are an inoculation against protectionism. The pendulum will swing. It always does. The question though is once the plants come back who will own and control them.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

MoD' secret order leaked: How to stop leaks !

The Defence Manual of Security is intended to help MoD, armed forces and intelligence personnel maintain information security in the face of hackers, journalists, foreign spies and others.

A new way to get 10K of your Hotmail accounts publicly available

We are happy to announce that POP3 technology is now available to Hotmail users

Yes, but some 10 000 Hotmail accounts too.

I like this one the best: Password:LOSINGmyRELIGION2387
His password seems so secure with 20 characters used. :)

This one: is born on Saturday, February 29th 1964 ?
Confident that volatile date 29th February no one will try to attack by brute force. Wrong !

Netbooks are ready for 17% of mobile computer market next year

Netbooks with Intel chips will account for 17 percent of the mobile-computer market next year, according to Forward Concepts. About 79 percent will be full-sized notebooks that use chips from either Intel or Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

21-year-old computer geek makes £1m with online game

Finally, a truth on bad games.

Intel has stolen Core Duo patent from the university researcher

Finally, a truth on bad hardware

Patent No. 5,781,752, entitled "Table Based Data Speculation Circuit for Parallel Processing Computer."

A predictor circuit permits advanced execution of instructions depending for their data on previous instructions by predicting such dependencies based on previous mis-speculations detected at the final stages of processing. Synchronization of dependent instructions is provided by a table creating entries for each instance of potential dependency.

The university, however, had decided not to inform Intel before it sought the 1998 patent after an internal review found that the company did not have a valid claim to the discovery.

The foundation asked Intel in 2001, 2006 and 2007 to pay annual fees in exchange for using the technology but filed the lawsuit after those talks stalled.

BAD HARDWARE: Let me calculate. Billion of Intel processors used the patent illegally. $10 per processor fine means $10B total. Intel payed, though only $90K up to now.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Microsoft sees strong IT recovery in 2013

IT future is after Microsoft full of clouds. Though seems rosy ones.

Sony Develops High Frame Rate Single Lens 3D Camera Technology

Single eye 3D.

Sony Develops Highly Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System


What is the cost of fabs and R&D at 22-nm?

R&D cost : $1.3 billion for the 22- to 12-nm nodes
Fab cost $4.5-to-$6 billion for the 22- to 12-nm nodes.

Together, some $7B. Seems too much for a small chip production. The same sum as for one Las Vegas big Casino house?
Sounds like big gamble ! Isn't it?

California is like a patient on life support

The state that was once held up as the epitome of the boundless opportunities of America has collapsed.

Unemployment in Silicon Valley topped an unprecedented 12 percent in August and is likely to get worse.
Microsoft and Intel, once significant contributors to the high-tech expansion only seem to grow now by buying smaller firms, then laying off all but a few engineers and sales staff, and, inadvertently, I suspect, stifling innovation to build support around their legacy systems.
High-tech's salad days are over and with them any hope for a quick end to the current Great Recession.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Intel has no smartbook processor, Freescale has. Lets buy it !

And here.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Facebook should pay for hate talks on bad video games

Finally, a truth on bad games.

How to upgrade to Win 7

If you need it at all.
For now there is 3 times thumbs down more.


3D prints.

ORNL prepares for 10 PFlops supercomputer in 2011 !

Oak Ridge National Labs plans Fermi-powered supercomputer

The machine - which will be used to research topics such as energy and climate change - is expected to be 10-times more powerful than today's fastest supercomputer.

Well, I asked, is the early architecture based on a particular vendor?

"Ummm," Mason paused, "I think I'll stop talking."

BAD HARDWARE: That was on June 24 2009. But, seems not for long. :)

Atom is not Win7 compatible !!

Microsoft's Win7 compatible sticker that will be affixed to nearly all Windows computers around Windows 7 launch doesn't seem to include current Atom Netbooks.

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