Friday, March 31, 2006

Conroe roadmap and prices

Intel Conroe Prices
Core Duo E8000 4MB 3.33GHz 1333MHz Q4 $1199
Core Duo EEdition 3.33GHz(L2 4M) 1333MHz Q3 $999
Core Duo E6900 4MB 3.20GHz 1066MHz FSB Q4 $969
Intel Core Duo E6800 2.93GHz(L2 4M) 1066MHz Q3 $749
Intel Core Duo E6700 2.67GHz(L2 4M) 1066MHz Q3 $529
Intel Core Duo E6600 2.40GHz(L2 4M) 1066MHz Q3 $315
Core Duo E6500 2MB 2.40GHz 1066MHz FSB Q4 $269
Intel Core Duo E6400 2.13GHz(L2 2M) 1066MHz Q3 $240
Intel Core Duo E6300 2MB 1.86GHz 1066MHz FSB Q3 $209
Core Duo E6200 2MB 1.60GHz 1066MHz FSB Q4 $179
Core Duo E4200 2MB 1.60GHz 800MHz FSB Q4 $169

Intel Celeron D 350, 3.2 GHz ( L2 256K) 533 Mhz NOW $99

Now, let compare Core Duo E6900 and Celeron D350
E6900 is better: 2X due to 2 cores
E6900 has 2 times higher FSB clock, but can dual cores communicate with memory simulatenously?
E6900 has 2 MB L2 per core, thus it is 8 times bigger than at Celeron D 350
But E6900 has price 10 times bigger !?

Conclusion for Corel user: You will pay 10 times more for the 2 times faster Corel execution.
Conclusion for both cores user: When one nice day, when Intel masters Hyper Transport, you will have 4 times more performance for 10 times higher prices. Well, let be correct, when Intel finally make it, E6900 price should be some $500 (Intel will not voluntarily lower its prices) and you will get 4 times more performance for 4 times more money, if you are black mailed with Intel. Otherwise, why to wait, when I can make higher performance boost per $ with purchase of any AMD64? Yes, but E6900 is Intel's next generation processor. Well, after the facts above, it seems me more like Intel's next generation fraud.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Can you guess which kind of organization is this?

Can you guess which kind of organization this is?
If you think you might know, let us know too, in your comment BEFORE you find the right answer, in the end of this post !.

All in the last year…
36 have been accused of spousal abuse
7 have been arrested for fraud
19 have been accused of writing bad checks
117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses
3 have done time for assault
71, yes I said and meant 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
8 have been arrested for shoplifting
21 currently are defendants in lawsuits
84 have been arrested for drunk driving.

Can you guess who are these guys?
Well here is a small hint: There are 535 members
Give up yet? . . . Scroll down, citizen!
They are some of the 535 members of the United States Congress !!!.
These ‘scholars’ are the same group of nitwits that sit behind their desks and have meetings in order to crank out hundreds of new laws each year designed to keep the rest of us in line. Perhaps someone should alert this organization of that age old saying: “Sweep off your own porch before you go to sweep off your neighbors”

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AMD chips get boost from the second source fab in June

Singapore Chartered Semi May Get Revenue Boost From AMD.
Fab 7, Chartered Semi's newest plant where it makes the chips for AMD, started operations in the second quarter of 2005.The Singapore- and Nasdaq-listed company will roll out initial production of microprocessors for AMD in June.

"We believe the market has underestimated the impact of the AMD64 microprocessor project," said UOB Kay Hian analyst Jonathan Koh in a research report released Thursday.

AMD vs Intel -- the stakes get higher For the last several months, Advanced Micro Devices has played David to Intel's Goliath. The No. 2 maker of chips for PCs and servers has grabbed a big chunk of the $9 billion market from its problem-plagued larger rival, all the while giving investors a remarkable return for their money: the stock's up about 130 percent over the last 12 months.

Interesting coincidence, Dell will be ready for AMD production just in June. But hmm, will that happen or not, what is your bet?

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Single core Opterons 256 and 856 hit 3Ghz on April 4th

They will be Socket 940 based, support 1MB L2 cache, 1GHz HT, Dual Channel Registered DDR400, 95W TDP. Seems that AMD split their universal manufacturing 90nm process to mobile one, and this one high performance, able to reach 3Ghz. Personally, I didn't belive AMD can make it. Dual-core Opteron 285 and 885 at 2.6GHz arrive in June and Opteron 290/890 at 2.8GHz in 2007, together with S. F Opterons.
Here is Intel's response: Price cut on April 23rd.

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Oklahoma asks for Internet switch off

Yet another creationists revolution from Mid-West. Seems that city manager of Tuttle, Oklahoma has seen something suspicious and he was (after all those "terroristic" threats) so afraid ,not without reason. However, the only problem was that this time the threat was serious just like that one from Iraqi's WMD. Mr. Tuttle might pull back promptly his claims, but solution for Iraq seems isn't so easy. Look yourself (at your own risk), how dangerous it seems in Tuttle.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AMD K9 Greyhound supercomputer breaks 1 Pflops limit

The Energy Department’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory will start to take delivery on a computer at least as three times more powerful than any now in operation. Well, it was generally concieved in 1996 for the year 2007, but the system should be operational by 2008. Please note that all proposals have failed since then, and AMD designers saved diginity of the US leadership role in computing, using 65nm SOI. Not the priviledged Intel . By the way, where disappeared much celebrated Woodcrest, Xeon and Itanium? I mean supercomputer is the max inflated baloon, where are very visible all the processor flaws and weaknesses. Beside, it is obvious that AMD has leadership in Hyperthreading bus technology that Intel will not match at least until 2008. And consequently, probably in the use of lower grained coprocessors. Just as we suspected earlier.

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Intel defends position in EU antitrust probe

Intel ably defends position in EU antitrust probe.

The European Union's top antitrust body had begun its probe about five years ago, but the case lay dormant until Intel's smaller rival Advanced Micro Devices pressured the Commission to make a move.

AMD argued to competition authorities around the world that Intel maintained a 90 percent market share of microprocessors for personal computers through threats and kickbacks such as unfair rebates.
In South Korea, authorities said in February they had not yet decided whether the company broke regulations.

Japan warned Intel last year that it had tried to stifle competition through offering unfair rebates to personal computer makers, bit did not fine the company.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

AMD reveals AM3 socket for future DDR3 !

AMD reveals AM3 socket for future DDR3 ! And a new 4 ciphers numbering scheme for the new Revision F Opterons. Is that why desperate Intel designers left sinking Itanium dual core designs?
We recently learned that Sam Naffziger, formerly an Intel Fellow and Director of Itanium Circuits and Technology, has departed from Intel. Before leaving, he was responsible for the design of Montecito (a dual core, dual threaded Itanium processor), which has been delayed by nearly a year due to problems with an extremely interesting and aggressive dynamic feedback mechanism, codenamed Foxton. Foxton integrated an on-die ammeter that measures current, and a microcontroller that can dynamically adjust voltage and frequency based on measured results. Naffziger joined AMD in late February or early March, and will help start a Fort Collins design center.
AMD Picks up 9 High Profile Itanium Engineers.
We wouldn't like that departure to be short lived, like previous one with Andy Glew was.
I mean, Naffziger too might pick up AMD's low power solutions and than turn back to Intel. : )

Yes Montecito was delayed, the whole Itanium family is bad concieved, but Intel still doesn't give up from Itanium. Something reminds me to famous Masada rock, when Zealots have chosen death instead of surrender to the Romans. Their most basic belief was that all means were justified to attain political and religious liberty. Yeah, when we are touched politics, lets remind you that low power Tukwilla - Itanium model for the next year is called Dimona, after Israel's nuclear center, where is located illegal nuclear weapon production.
The late discovery of Dimona was clearly a major blunder of the American intelligence community. In comparative terms, that failure was more severe than the 1998 failure of the CIA to identify the Indian test because of both the length of time involved and because it involved the misreading of many pieces of available information. From an Israeli perspective, however, this failure was crucial for the survival of the nuclear project. Had the U.S. discovered Dimona soon after launching, and exerted political pressure on both France and Israel, the Dimona project might have never been completed.

I knew that UK handled heavy water purchase for Dimona from Norway about that time, but I had no
idea that France was involved in Dimona construction, though France is famous (just like the UK) after their free masons (builders).
Dimona is located in Negev desert in Israel, and it is not quite clear what is Intel's motive (as a big multinational corporation headquartered in California) to call its striking processor model after this meaningless name in 2003-2004, except that computer intelligence will find it too late. Alas, computer intelligence this time was a bit better than the famous US intelligence community during the Cold War ???*, and Itanium has now only the two remainig choices: to surrender to X86-64 or ... Masada. Seems that not all are quite ready for this second option.
*Israeli Research Reactor 1 (IRR1), first inaugurated in 1960, was donated by the USA government in the framework of "Atoms for Peace" program of President Eisenhower, to foster the use of nuclear technologies for the advancement of Israeli economy.

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Dual Core AMD Turion X2 introduces a new mobile process technology

Actually, it was obvious immeditately after Badhardware reported on Turion X2. 1.075V of power supply voltage,
might be only due to a new mobile process technology applied at 90nm. Please note that DDR II clock goes to 800MHz only in the year 2007 with 65nm Tyler. Oh, yeah. Expect the first dual core Turion on the May 9th. 100Mhz granularity? Of processor's or HT clock?

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Twister over Redmond !

Actually not, but might be easily.
After another delay in the release of its Windows Vista operating system, Microsoft last week put a new executive in charge of future Windows projects and replaced several other managers. The changes are designed to better align Microsoft's desktop and Internet software teams and get products to market faster.

According to the news service of the german email provider GMX, Microsoft now changes its staff in response to the Vista delay debacle.

Steven Sinovsky is moved to the Windows Live and Windows department, and leaves the Microsoft Office department. Jim Allchin, the current CEO of the Microsoft Windows section, has already received his last task-he must get Vista out of the door together with Brian Valentine. Also, the managers of the security area will be replaced by the manager of storage systems.

According to GMX, Microsoft internally sees Vista as the biggest technology catastrophe ever…

VIIVA, viva la viva monopoly !?. Absolutely, it is the most fertile ground and secured way for the BADHARDWARE topics rise !!.
Yeah, we still remember happy times, when Intel and Microsoft could smoothly delay (aka Merced) without any personal or public consequence. That is called by definition a monopoly. But after Linux and AMD steady advance, something seems get screwed up. Face up the truth or the consequences.
What, I am lying?
Then, face yourself with this video:
Sep 1998, worried
Bill Gates in a very difficult position.

This is Bill Gates before Microsoft was declared an illegal monopoly in 1998. In this video Bill Gates is apparently being grilled by a tough government lawyer. This video was thought to be scrubbed off the Internet after 1998 -- so someone must be an insider to get this.

P.S. Do you know when work on Vista will be finally finished?
I have some exclusive news for you. Approximately about the same time when the USA will finish spreading democracy in Iraq. And when that will happen? Not during the current President mandate. I mean, new Windows CEO is known in the software circles as a specialist for delivering non completed software products. Then never? Eh, no. Well, then when, when man? In some hundred years perhaps?

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Direct X10 and Vista

Microsoft disclosed at Game Developer Day Direct X10 (D3D10) details.
Big changes, compared to current Direct X9.
But, don't expect it before 2H 2007 and Vista's first service pack.
More here, and at Wiki here. Microsoft Vista Reinvents Desktop Graphics.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

100-year-old decides it’s time to retire

Obviously durable, not a bad body hardware.
100-year-old decides it’s time to retire.

What’s Arthur Winston's recipe for success?
“I don’t smoke and don’t drink,” Winston says. “Never did.”

And, he advises, stay away from credit cards.

Arthur went about his work without much fanfare until Wednesday, when the media crashed his retirement party.
The 100-year-old surprised nobody by announcing that during his retirement, he'll stay busy — volunteering, he says, helping old people.

I don't drink too, and don't smoke and I am away from credit cards. But, hmm I am eagerly waiting
for retirement. Is that a crucial mistake for breaking his record? Beside, had you ever heretic thoughts that Microsoft and Intel people mainly don't drink,and probably don't smoke, but do eagerly accept credit cards?

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HD DVD delayed

After Sony's delay of PS3 for November, we have now competitive HD DVD format delay.
Is this one the latest delay because delay of Microsoft's Vista OS with HD multimedia support?
On the hardware side of the equation, its clear that Toshiba has simply dropped the ball. Had the company met its original dates of September 2005, HD DVD would now have had a six month head start on Blu-ray and been able to establish its format as the HD leader. (Details on the often delayed Toshiba HD-XA1 and HD-A1 HD DVD models.)

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Was Einstein a Space alien? Part 2

Although just 100 millionths of the acceleration due to the Earth’s gravitational field, the measured field is a surprising one hundred million trillion times larger than Einstein’s General Relativity predicts. Initially, the researchers were reluctant to believe their own results.
We can create gravitation, if I understand well? Einstein, where are you? Why you didn't tell us? IT IS ONLY ONE HUNDRED TRILLION TIMES LARGER EFFECT THEN YOUR THEORY OF ALMOST EVERYTHING PREDICTS.

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Democritus, more actual then ever

Democritus, was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher (born at Abdera in Thrace around 450 BCE; died in 370 BC).

Here are his some very actual thoughts, some 2400 years later:
"Nothing occurs at random, but everything occurs for a reason and by necessity."

Compare that with many times citated Einstein, some 2300 years later, in his attitude towards quantum mechanics principles:
" God doesn't play dice"

But where? Well , this seems true on macrosopic scale, but not in the nano quantum world.

What Democritus says about the other worlds?
Democritus was among the first to propose that the universe contains many worlds, some of them inhabited:
"In some worlds there is no Sun and Moon, in others they are larger than in our world, and in others more numerous. In some parts there are more worlds, in others fewer (...); in some parts they are arising, in others failing. There are some worlds devoid of living creatures or plants or any moisture."
Lets compare that with the latest findings of Science.
In some worlds there is no Sun and Moon.
Not ignited stars, with not enough mass?

In some worlds they are larger.
Red giant stars are much, much bigger then our Sun.

In others are more numerous.
Compare number of satellites at Jupiter, Saturn, Uran, Mars

There are some worlds devoid of living creatures or plants or any moisture.
Comapare the Moon. No mositure, though still something might be at its poles.
Compare Mars latest robotic findings. No living creatures, or plants and liquid water.

Democritus identified the two types of knowledge:
There are two forms of knowledge: one legitimate, one bastard. To the bastard sort belong all the following: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. The legitimate is quite distinct from this. When the bastard form cannot see more minutely, nor hear nor smell nor taste nor perceive through the touch, then another finer form must be employed.
—Democritus, Fragment 11, The Symmetry of Life

Seems that legitimate knowledge blossoms with democracy, and bastard knowledge with teocracy.
Do you know what Catolic church did to Giordano Bruno, philosopher teaching on many worlds
in the year 1600? Burned him alive at the Florence square in Rome!. No democracy in teocracy.
But, the fire purifies, that both sides have to accept.

However paradoxically, Democritus, creator of atomism idea , couldn't accept that his moving miniscule atoms are not each time governed by necessity reasons.

In Democritus' own words, "By convention sweet, by convention bitter, by convention hot, by convention cold, by convention colour: but in reality atoms and void."
But, senses repond: Poor Reason, your final victory means your fall. What you can create at all without us?

Ok, lets try to apply this reasoning on computing. What use of powerful general purpose computing without right data and sensor nets?

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dell Alienware acquisition starts AMD relationship

Dell has 15% of global PC market and up to 30% of the USA market. Its tie with AMD might weakened long time established exclusive relations with Intel . Alienware high performance AMD systems.
To put things in perspective, Freedman said that he and his colleagues estimate that Alienware currently ships about 85,000 systems per year — less than one half of one percent of the overall PC market. Alienware's systems, he said, are basically for people who used to build systems of their own but now can afford to buy them.

"It's very similar to the way that Dell got started," Freedman said of Alienware's business model.

Thus starting on June 6th, we can expect at least some 6-7000 AMD processors based systems each month from Dell. End of monopolistic story. Dell rises its market share in Japan, where its ties with Intel are no effective any more, after latest Intel verdict. To still keep its position there, Dell needs someone to offer competitive processor in Japan and soon in the others countries. Alienware.

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Was Einstein a Space Alien? Part 1

Was Einstein a Space Alien, ha? Eh, no.
Detailed studies of Einstein's brain are few and recent. In 1985, for instance, Prof. Marian Diamond of UC Berkeley reported an above-average number of glial cells (which nourish neurons) in areas of the left hemisphere thought to control math skills. In 1999, neuroscientist Sandra Witelson reported that Einstein's inferior parietal lobe, an area related to mathematical reasoning, was 15% wider than normal. Furthermore, she found, the Slyvian fissure, a groove that normally extends from the front of the brain to the back, did not go all the way in Einstein's case. Might this have allowed greater connectivity among different parts of Einstein's brain? No one knows.

Well, lets Badhardware investigate this kind of
extreme symbolic computing hardware. Especially Einstein's abnormal Slyvian fissure groove, that might be the result of some alien lobotomic brain surgery. : )
Lets go back in 1896 when Slyvian fissure supposedly still was there in EInstein's brain. And Einstein was at his matura exam
in Aargau, Switzerland (see enlarged picture at by clicking on it). Previously Einstein was a few months in Pavia, Italy preparing for that Argau exam, because he failed enter exam on Technical faculty (that is nothing abnormal). By the way, learning for Aargau matura, Einstein made his first scientific paper on electromagnetism based on widely accepted... aether. Still nothing alien INSIDE his thinking hardware.
But let look at his matura marks left: Good in Italian, math and physics, not bad in other topics ( except French, that was very important after later dispute on stealing Special Theory of Relativity from great French scientist Henry Poincare who was publishing in Italian and French). Had Einsten better mark rank later at the High technical School?No, not at all. Than, what actually made Einstein so exceptional individual ? His special designed brain, perhaps? No, obviously not.
But, the rocks in the the other brains probably yes
. And alas, that wasn't topic of the brain investigations of his contemporaries. They were almost all assured in aether existance: Lorentz, Tesla and the others leading scientist. Amusingly enough,Einstein revealed source Ernst Mach wasn't aether supporter, but he didn't believe in atoms !!!.
Maxell alone wasn't quite convinced in aether and in 1870 made hypothesis that light has a momentum, that Lebedev experimentally confirmed in 1901, in the same journal where Einstein published his theories.

Light, what Einstein's contemporaries knew about it? Before Roemer in 1677, people though (even Newton) that speed of light is infinite. Roemer found it was close to 300 000 kilometers per second. And finally, Bradley gave a final experimental proof in 1729: very close to 300 000 kmps. But, is
light speed variable under some circumastances? No one knew until Maxwell, who made after his electromagnetic theory in 1865, a proof of constancy of light speed related only with permeability and permittivity of the vacuum. If those two parameters can be changed, only then speed of light will be changed. But, vacuum is by definition has the lowest those values and its changing would mean change of vacuum properties.
However, after that another new question has arosen. How two light beams coordinate their movements without any p
hysical substrate?. Can they together add speed to one bigger than speed of light? That question still remained untested and unconfirmed, until Michelson-Morley experiment in 1878 that gave negative answer: Light speed is constant (invariant) under any condition inside the experimental level of accuracy and tollerance.

But until the 1902 year, no one had enough evidences to make a consistent theory about. For example, electron itself was dicovered only in 1897. Year 1902, let me remind you, Einstein has started to work in Bern as the Third Class Clerk star child. Thus, after rocky brains around ,Third Class Clerk produced that revealing theory about the space and time, that later will be called the Special Theory of Relativity. However, after above facts, yes,
any Third Class Clerk might do the same provided, no rocks in their heads. Why there were no other one than Einstein?
Einstein later admitted: As an adolescent I rejected Christianity. And that was actually what produced rocks in the brains of the other scientist. After that, his "miraculous" work are actually "ridiculous" works at such a level, that for example for Special Theory of Relativity Einstein has hided his sources !!!. Maxwell hismself was devoted Christian of Victorian Era. Do you can expect from him to find something against established Christian dogma? No, of course not. And what were Einstein's "miraculous" year 1905 papers, all against that dogmas: No aether, but atoms exist. But let think what is that in essence: THE MATERIALISM, not Christianity. The Materialism formulated in the same words some 2000 years ago by Democritus : Mater consist of the atoms and empty space (vacuum?). THERE IS NOTHING EXCEPT THAT.
So if Einstein wasn't a Christian he was a materialist , at least in h
is early years culminating in 1905.His revolutional miraculous year 1905 was hand in hand with the first Russian Revolution 1905.

Sculpure left from the year 1905 is called: THE cobblestone, the weapon of the Proletariat. Amazingly, as you know, Einstein in German language (he was a born German) means literally :ONE STONE. The Cobblestone, perhaps? ONE Einstein alone? has fighted against widely established scientific blunders, like Russian revolutinaries have fighted against millenium old social unjustice and rotteness.
It is amazingly too that nobody until now didn't recognize this revolutionary aspects of Einstein's miraculous scientific theories. However, Einstein himelf didn't find them revolutionary (except one exception). Well, perhaps the revolution wasn't quite suitable word for wider use at that time? :)

Let me conclude: No aliens weren't needed about Einsten's brain. There is no physical evidences that he was exceptionally clever (but, due to the basic principles of the theory of relativity, the others were seems exceptionally stupid) , thus probably he was only right clerk at the right place in the right moment. : )

What is Badhardware specific conclusion about Einstein's anomalous Slyvian fissure groove?

Einstein's will specifically stated that his brain was not to be used for research after his death and was to be cremeted along with the rest of his body.

However Dr. Thomas Stoltz Harvey, the pathologist who performed the autospy on Einstein, did in fact remove the famous physicist's brain prior to the cremation. Dr. Harvey was promtly fired over the incident.

However Dr. Harvey was a pathologist, not a neurologist so there was a limit to what he could learn from the brain. The brain sat in a mason jar in a Harvey's office in Kansas City for many, many years until finally be rediscoverd in 1978.

In 1999 a team at McMaster University ran a series of tests on the brain, which was of normal size, and a portion of Einstein's brain appeared to be missing, specifically the operculum a part of the brain that is believed to play a role in speech. It was also discovered that Einstein's brain had 73% more glial cells then an average brain. He also had a shortned Slyvian Fissure, a brain anomaly often associated with autism or Asperager's Syndrome.

Yeah seems correct, genetic failure that disabled Einstein to start speaking before his 3rd year, reminds me to the same one Aaron (Moses' brother) had, when was ordered to him by God to speak with Pharaoh to let the Jews out of Egypt. Big coincidence is that the same year 1905
Dr. Chaim Weitzman from the Manchester University, the leader of World Zionistic movement, was very eloquent speaker
at Basel Congress of establishing Israel state in Palestine and leave of all Jews there before some bad forthcoming events. The same Dr. Weitzman will establish in charge UK Premier and will help production of synthetic gun powder that will help UK to win WWI.

As the sign of et(h)ernal gratitude, Lord Balfour declaration in 1917 (The second Russian revolution year too) announced right of the Jews to establish their country in Palestine. Pharaoh's permission finally arrived? (Pharaoh in Egypt wasn't a man but in borader sense ruling house too). Parliament house intentinally didn't wait first for possible 7 God's troubles sent from Dr. Weitzman (like have happened in ancient Egypt), after his micro snakes (microbs) have eaten thrown UK cellulose to make artificial gun powder ,and thus proved its superiority in "
magic" (Enough advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic?- Sir Arthur Clarke).

By the way, what has happened with a million of British soldiers who were directed by the Parliament to fight towards Russian revolutionaries in 1917?
They were instead abruptly redirected to Palestine, were they have been providing protection for Jewish settlers to rise their number from virtually 0 in the year 1905 to enough percentage in the year 1948, so that way NEW Great Israel state might be established. 20 years later after settling the war in 1967, another investment seed was put in ground far away, for the future use. The name of that anonymous startup company was Intel. Perhaps you have heard for it, it still produces chips, but not those one from potatoes.

What has happened with Dr. Weitzman (Moses II?) in the end?. He became the first President of Israel in 1948. And what has happened with Einstein? After establishing The Hebrew University in Jerusalem in the year 1923 , it was offered in 1952 to him to become the second President of Israel (After Moses's death err. Wietzmans'), what Einstein refused. So Aaron II? never became the ruler of his people. But, Einstein remained the ruler of many scientific minds since then .

And what has happened with Einstein's children, his flash and blood? His first, illegal child Lieserl, was secretly adopted, after being
born mongoloid . That kind of genetic deformation could not be atributed to Einsten's genes in any case, because it's cause is mainly connected with the late age of mathernity. Einstein's younger son get schizophrenic and died in asylum, but again probably nothing with Einstein's heritage, because sister of Einstein's wife Milena (named Zorka) was schizophrenic what was inhereted form Mileva family gene heritage. And finally, Einstein's oldest son became professor. The third class professor of hydraulics at L.A. California, achievement quite expected after his father genes clark heritage and Einstein's unique alien brain design?

Thus, please, do you see any aliens' work above, because I don't, regardless of how hard I have tried?

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sun opens T1 Niagara processor specification

Sun opens T1 Niagara processor at Santa Clara Convention Center , Look here , Free C, C++
Making good on a promise made last year, Sun Microsystems announced the release of open-source hardware and software specifications for its multi-threaded UltraSparc T1 (Niagara) processor, now called OpenSparc T1, Tuesday (March 21) at the Multicore Expo.Specifically, Sun released Verilog RTL code for the processor design, a verification suite and simulation models, an instruction set architecture specification, and the Solaris 10 operating system simulation images.

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AMD roadmaps, click on for bigger maps

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Microsoft Vista postponed for January 2007

Preliminary, its launch schedule was some 3 months earlier in October this year.
What the hell is the reason behind? Delay of new architecure of their principal hardware partner, perhaps?
Ooops, is that a reason why AMD delayed its AM2 processors launch for 3 months too? Or AMD is now Microsoft's principal partner?

Seems that this Vista delay will help a lot of AMD, because it should launch in January 2007 its first 65nm processors. The new,
K8L ones ?

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ATI Intros First 1GB Graphics Accelerator

ATI Intros First 1GB Graphics Accelerator
The high clock rates of these new graphics cards, combined with full 128-bit precision and extremely high levels of parallel processing, result in floating point processing power that exceeds a 3GHz Pentium processor by a staggering seven times, claims the company.

7 times faster FPU performance than on 3 Ghz Pentium? I still remember well the times when general purpose processor was faster than graphics card.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tejas failed because of Terahertz transistor

Tejas, the biggest failure in Intel's history that happened last year, was the most mysterious
failure ever. No details, no explanation, only a kneeling of Intel's CEO and an excuse : We are in the transition towards a new architecture. In that moment that should be enough apologise, but actually, Intel's "new" architecture is not a new architetcure at all, but old one optimized for low power consumption.
Lets go back why Tejas Failed? Intel had plan to transit to Low-K based Terahertz transistor
in 2005 and demoed that achievement at IDF in 2001. However, Low-K had many integration problems and though it reduce leakage by more than 100 times it introduce its own ones. I think other things might be solved, simulations for Tejas have been done and everything was ready except the most important thing: reliably functioning Terahertz transistor.

Kneeling New Architecture was only Intel's backup move after Tejas failure. But is it Intel really
ever able to produce functioning Terahertz transistor? Yes, but not before 2009/10. Because
it missed its latest term target to do it in 45nm technology. We could see Terahertz transistor
even in 2008, but only in SRAM test designs . Yes, SRAM leakage can be reduced by switching off unused blocks of cache memory, like it was done with Yonah, but hardly with processor and still keep its performance.
Leakage current can rise by a factor of two to three for each process generation. "The next generation 0.10 and 0.065 micron looks horrible from a leakage point of view. We almost have to employ sleep transistors at 0.065," said Desmond Kirkpatrick, a CAD researcher with Intel.

Lets make a brief chronology: first made an red alert on
Feb 10 2003
10Ghz CPU aren's that far away.

However, instead of 10Ghz CPU, after that we have seen only
Intel's CEO Mea Culpa on October 9th 2004. And finally, New Kneeling Architecture revealed at the latest IDF: Merom, Conroe, Woodrest.
The whole 2 years
after Barrett's famous purifying kneeling gesture in 2004.
And what has happened in the meantime? Only one day later Dell corporation screamed:
Dell CEO says people don't want AMD chips

But, as destiny frequently turns events in reversed, instead of above statement,

Let me instead of any conclusion. one famous historical citation:
Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power - Benito Mussolini

Remains to be answered which one state exactly in this case?
After kneeling, we have seen
Intel's new architecture development
departure to Intel's
design center in Haifa, Israel and gargantuan $4,4B investment in a
new Intel's 45nm fab in Israel ($500 on average per each citizen of Israel).

No chance for more SCREW UPS
at Intel?
And vice versa?
That is the task BADHARDWARE blog should resolve in the future.
Because so much people actually don't want good chips, quite justified
I expect a lot of my blog fans.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

What has happened in the first picosecond ?

Picosecond, trillionith of second, is the speed of Intel's future TeraHertz switching transistor.
Intel has expected to introduce it as early as 2005, but now the best target is the year 2010.

Unthinkable speed? Well, according to the latest scientific findings, God created the whole this world just in one switch of Terahertz transistor, during the Universe inflation phase, some 13,7 B years ago!.
What is yet in common between those two?
Both had a monopoly on their creation! .

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Intel says will fight AMD on quality

Intel says will fight AMD on quality, so it will not need to reduce its prices. However, it is hard
in reality to do it, because big OEMs like Dell and HP are already full of unsold Intel's chips.

However, here is a hint to do it: Intel at recent IDF showed AMD only board as a way for its future strives.
You can't believe? Then check THE QUALITY of AMD mobo above. I think it is actually clever move, because Intel can't compete with Opterons tide until 2009/10, due to its proprietary quite uncompetitive Front Side Bus.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why XP operating sytem will never work on a Mac ?

Distuinguished The Inquirer just one month ago was quite reluctant:
XP will never work on Mac (x86 one without use of virtualization)

Bad hardware was very suspicious on such a claim:
This way for Linux on Apple Dual Core

And finally, just one month after that The Inquirer settled all explaining that the
real meaning of word never is actually somewhat changed: NEVER= 1 MONTH

Intel MacInteltosh now runs Windows XP

RELENTLESS HACKERS attempting to get Windows XP running on an Intel Macinteltosh and to win a prize for their efforts have succeeded, it appears.

Download it and boot in XP

The moral? Well, that might be for example relativity of time. Worm that lives only a few days, might think on a month in term quite close to never.
You want to know more on other OS on Apple X86?
This way or this way or EFI-Vista or XP way

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No any .NET in Microsoft's new .NET Vista !

Surprisingly or not?
Microsoft appears to have concentrated their development effort in Vista on native code development. In contrast to PDC03LH, Vista has no services implemented in .NET and Windows Explorer does not host the runtime, which means that the Vista desktop shell is not based on the .NET runtime. The only conclusion that can be made from these results is that between PDC 2003 and the release of Vista Beta 1 Microsoft has decided that it is better to use native code for the operating system, than to use the .NET framework.

However, requesting some 800MB DRAM for idle run, Vista has some new requests on hardware: There is as a nice remedy with a new Vista hardware rating system that will tell you Will your PC keep pace with Vista?

Luckily, new Intel's architecture
(Merom, Conroe, Woodrest) will be ready in time, like it was the case earlier (if someone remebers 486 processor announced immediately after 386), to help if your hardware fail this test above. But, double crossed Intel Merom will not initially support 64bit too, so it will work really fluently with no .NET Vista based on .NET !!. WITH SUCH A MODERATE HARDWARE REQUESTS, MEROM IS A MUST THAT WILL PASS ALL VISTA HARDWARE TESTS ABOVE, WIDELY SHOWING ITSELF AS A MIRACLE OF VISTA COMPATIBILITY AND STABILITY. OF COURSE, ALL THE .NET NEWS, THAT VISTA WILL OFFER JUST AROUND THE CORNER (AFTER ITS ANNOUNCEMENT IN OCTOBER), WOULD BE IN THE VISTA NEXT SERVICE PACK BY MID OF 2007. Like a DirectX 10 support for example. Beside, it is a bit hard to run in the very beginning extreme low power consumption Merom notebook with Vista on top of it, that requires 800MB DRAM only to run it idle !?!. Luckily squared, this time we have ready Linux and AMD64 too.

Who is schizophrenic? Intel's "monopoly" is at an end
Schizophrenic John Nash, the Nobel laureate, noted that duopolies create production to maximise their profits with each of the firms adjusting to the other's strategy.
Intel and Microsoft plan to maximize their profits again, regardless of The Inq's above story.
Leading notebook vendors slash orders with Intel due to weak demand, say sources.
In addition, the planned year-end launch of Microsoft’s Vista OS is also a concern as consumers are worried that the notebooks they buy now might not be able to run with the 64-bit enabled Vista OS, the sources stated.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sun's Rock goes 16 cores

The Rock processor - due out in 2008 - will have four cores or 16 cores, depending on how you slice the product. By that, we mean that Sun has divided the Rock CPU into four, separate cores each with four processing engines. Each core also has four FGUs (floating point/graphics units). Each processing engine will be able to crank two threads giving you - 4 x 4 x 2 - 32 threads per chip.

Bad hardware comment: As you know Sun Rock is successor of current T1 (Niagara) processor.
It should be based on Ultrasparc architecture and shows the way where future clustered architecture will go, AMD has another but similar approach. It will use Clearspeed (or something similar) coprocessor, able to run 25 Gflops per chip even now. Here
And here.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

PS3 launch details next week?

According to Mydrivers' source, COMPEQ will begin building printed circuit boards for PlayStation 3 in June or July - implying that the assembly of the console won't begin until mid-summer at the earliest, and making an autumn launch seem all the more likely.

Bad hardware question of the week is: Will success of PS3 hit Intel's multimedia ambitions with Conroe about the same time ? Add 800 MB DRAM memory request from Microsoft Vista to run an MP3 file. Is it a bit too clumsy, too complex, too expensive to be competitive with one multimedia console like PS3 is? But X86 is compatible architecture and Playstation is not. Well, was not.
Nintendo made big news last year with the news that its next-gen console, Revolution, would be able to download and play games from most of the company's past systems, including the NES, SNES and the Nintendo 64. A new report out this week suggests that Sony could be looking to do something similar for the PS3.


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Monday, March 13, 2006

K9 Greyhound resurrection: AMD's 65nm core G

AMD slows down manufacturing pace and introduce new generation after 3 years. But simultaneously, makes faster products ramping and differentiation, as you can see from this picture at left. Seems more profitable path than Intel's that will attract many investors after big ROI (Return Of Investments, Intel invests $10B in Itanium with unknown ROI). At this moment AMD has the 2 90nm fabs that will run at full steam and yield until 2H 2007. That is quite enough for AMD to grab much bigger market share than it was possible until now. After that new radical core will push it further. K9 seems resurrected. 2 FPUs? Faster clock, of course. 65nm SOI can reach 4,4Ghz like IBM Power 6 recently indicated.
In 2H 2007 . Quad core version will take top of AMD's offer by then. Oh, by the way, when K8L? That will enable AMD to fight with Conroe and Woodrect until Greyhound arive. On 6th June, it will be announced like Core F with 10M transistors more than current Core E. Quite simple, isn't it?

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