Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Phenom GP9600 details

Agena B2 Revision.
Socket 940 pin micro organic PGA AM2+
Clock initially 2.3 Ghz (only)
HT 1Ghz (only)

Pretty unimpressive. December's 2,5 Ghz Phenom Christmas edition should be much better.
EDIT: Seems no 2,5 Ghz Phenom on December. BAD.

Blue screen of death smashed 4,5 tonnes UAV into residential area

A mix-up between fuel and camera controls caused a 4.5-tonne uncrewed aircraft to smash into a residential area near the town of Nogales, Arizona. No one was hurt but the incident raises serious questions about the safety of flying uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) in civilian airspace and could hamper plans to use them more widely.

On 25 April 2006, a Predator B surveillance UAV belonging to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was patrolling the Mexican border when the ground pilot's radio-control console froze, prompting him to switch to a back-up. Last week the US National Transportation Safety Board released a damning report into how the change caused the plane to crash.

Now comes the best:

When the pilot switched consoles, he failed to notice the fuel supply difference, which caused the engine to cut out.

BAD HARDWARE comment: Seems we put our national security level to the highest ... deeps. Yesterday one military airplane dropped the bomb into the East coast beach. Might seem interesting option to make a bet during its approach will the bomb explode ... or not.

Anyway, seems that everything is this time quite ready for forthcoming Iran invasion. We must not make yet another screw up ( remember choppers collisions debacle the last try).

Here is the latest on airport security:

WASHINGTON - Abandoning its secrecy claims, NASA promised Congress on Wednesday that it will reveal results of an unprecedented federal aviation survey which found that aircraft near collisions, runway interference and other safety problems occur far more often than previously recognized.

AMD Phenom OverDrive to 3,3 Ghz !!!

K10h architecture brings split clock and power planes architecture. AMD uses it in Phenom to overdrive one core up to 3,3 Ghz. Why not all?. Hehe. At 3,3Ghz at the all of 4 cores, it should start melting, though such things we might see even in Intel's 45nm quad core Yorkfield. Has the Yorkfield split power plane option?
Hardly. That is why its TDP goes immediately to 150W. That's all folks.
P.S. What is bad here? I can't see Agena revision. And that might mean B2 should run with HT 1600 MHz.
That should cripple its max performance (take in account 3,3 GHz clock) , but anyway, AMD has already showed the bunch of radically new technologies.

Intel's Q2/Q1 2007 sales went down, AMD's up

Next year, AMD will move one place up, ahead of Sony, with the shiny perspectives for further move up.
BAD HARDWARE question. What would happen with AMD, without "perfect storm". Think about it.
As you can see, only a few semi manufacturers don't show heavy quarter dependent sale fluctuations.

Intel is among fluctuating companies.

That is why they need a pack of confident "journalists" before any decisive event and why not necessarily AMD. Quite simple and obvious. Isn't it?

PS3 is now in 65nm

PS3 40 GB will have a 65nm CELL processor ( 90nm at the 60GB PS3 ) ,
so it will be cooler and the power consumption Increases from 200W to 135W

Sony adds too a new heat sink, the new PS3 to be quieter.
And that's not all , the main board changed too, now the PS3 got a small battery. The console will not shutdown immediately when the electricity cuts.

Two years behind Intel, IBM-AMD's complex SOI 65nm manufacturing process is finally in volume production.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google becomes cellular

WEB search leader Google is expected to announce advanced software and services enabling handset makers to bring Google-powered phones to market by mid-2008, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

The announcement is expected to come within the next two weeks, the newspaper reported.

The software will be open.

China's Dawning prepares 1 Pflops supercomputer for 2010

Spokesman, Mr. Sun revealed that a more advanced and speedier version of the supercomputer, the Petaflops level one named 5000L, would be released sometime in the year 2010.
Let me remind you. USA will have it in 2008/9.
Japan in 2011 , but something much more powerful.
And EU? Seems never.
This China supercomputer might be composed of 10K PC clusters.
Which kind of processor will be used in? AMD's (like in a 4000A supercomputer) or Intel's?.
Neither. They will use their own one.

AMD Phenom launch on November 19th !

Phenom launch is on November 19th.
The Inq reports.
Just as BAD HARDWARE reported: in a 2-3 weeks.
And a week after Intel's Yorkfield on November 12th.
Please, note that Phenom from the pic above is HT crippled to 1600 Mhz.
Real K10h processor revision B2 should support HT 3.0
However, seems that option is left for Q1 2008. Or even later.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The lie of the year !

"Unfortunately, what it looks like we're seeing here today is an artificial slowing of Intel's roadmap in response to the competition."

This is the lie of the year, without any doubt !
Yes, we all know that Intel slows down, however, not because of competition , but because of 150W TDP fire wall ahead of Yorkfield. We will have to wait till Nehalem in Q4 2009, to see anything better in Intel's performance. And in Intel's power consumption redux. We all know how the last time finished Intel's "care" about weak competition. With product named Prescott, after two years of stall in clock rise and year profit slide from $36B to $5. $5B is still a big profit, but nothing special compared to Intel's yearly $100B of revenue.

"Today we're looking at a damn good Intel. "
BAD HARDWARE comment: Seems that we today are looking damn laying Anandtech.

EDIT: Wait a bit, here is yet another serious candidate:
"Intel achieves between four and eight times higher peak CPU and FPU throughput in two years. Yet only 25 per cent higher memory bandwidth and 15 per cent lower latency.
As far as we hear from other testers, the performance is same or better, so 4GHz Yorkfield desktops might not be uncommon."

But, the dude in his own article gives 3 Ghz Yorkfield picture, where everything is water cooled !.
So, 4 Ghz Yorkfield desktops might not be uncommon?.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. TDP for the air and water cooled systems is not the same, you fool.
They might be common only in the fraud musems. Even being water cooled. Beside, that dude should know the crucial difference between prefetch hit success and system overall throughput.
Thus, in quad core design Intel is born sucker, for the whole year, until Nehalem arrive. In Q4 2008.

Family Core Model Clock Speed (GHz) Core / Thread L2 Cache FSB (MHz) Socket TDP
Core 2 Extreme Yorkfield QX9775 3.2 4/4 12MB 1600 LGA771 150W
QX9750 3.2 4/4 12MB 1600 LGA775 136W
QX9650 3.0 4/4 12MB 1333 LGA775 130W
Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 4/4 12MB 1333 LGA775 95W
Q9450 2.66 4/4 12MB 1333 LGA775 95W
Q9300 2.5 4/4 6MB 1333 LGA775 95W
Core 2 Duo
E8000 Series
Wolfdale E8500 3.16 2/2 6MB 1333 LGA775 65W
E8400 3.0 2/2 6MB 1333 LGA775 65W
E8300 2.83 2/2 6MB 1333 LGA775 65W
E8200 2.66 2/2 6MB 1333 LGA775 65W
E8190 2.66 2/2 6MB 1333 LGA775 65W
Core 2 Duo
E4000 Series
TBD TBD 2/2 3MB 1066 LGA775 65W
Conroe E4700 2.6 2/2 2MB 800 LGA775 65W
E4600 2.4 2/2 2MB 800 LGA775 65W
E4500 2.2 2/2 2MB 800 LGA775 65W
E4400 2.0 2/2 2MB 800 LGA775 65W
E4300 1.8 2/2 2MB 800 LGA775 65W

Intel's 45nm YORKFIELD benchmarks

3 Ghz, 12MB L2, SSE 4.1 , FSB 1333 Mhz. TDP 130W
Faster, 3.2 GHz Yorkfield will consume even 150W.
The benchmarks are here.

To be competitive against AMD's Altair, Yorkfield should run 3,5 -3,7 Ghz. But, it literally melts in every sense at 3,2 GHz and 150W TDP. Luckily, AMD's Altair will not reach 2,9 Ghz soon so, Intel could run still a bit.
Adjusted clock from the table above gives Yorkfield's corrected max clock ever : 3,2 Ghz
3Ghz Yorkfield launch is on November 12th.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Asus demos AMD Phenom AM2+ board

HT 3.o is enabled. Chipset is RD790. We might expect Phenom launch in a 2-3 weeks.

Friday, October 26, 2007

45nm Penryn: bigger cache + faster bus = huge dissipation

In a nice presentation, Penryn main architect explains its main benefits : faster bus plus bigger cache.
However, seems that he missed to stress one very important thing: Penryn's TDP of 150W.

He forgot too that with faster buses latency rises too, so that is why Penryn L2 is more associative and its cache is bigger. "so they aren't really hiding or controlling latency, just making it less important by preloading data so latency is basically "hidden" since the data is already fetched."
And that made Penryn's power consumption huge.Intel's shows obvious and inherent inability to make things any better before the Nehalem appearance, in a year or so.

Even with Nehalem, Intel is still a full year behind the AMD

AMD is with 2,5Ghz Barcelona just around the corner. When about this time but the next year Intel proudly announce Nehalem at 3Ghz , AMD might have one similarly clocked Barcelona too. Because 20% clock rise in a year is a common thing, especially after AMD's transition to 45nm, though we might not be quite sure about AMD's announced timing. However, on Intel's design timing too. Anyway, after AMD 6 month Barcelona delay, AMD is still in innovations apply leadership for a whole year.
And what brings Nehalem? SSE4-2 with 7 new instructions. Higher clock? No, not at least initially. So, what are its advantages? Higher IPC? Hmmm ... no. I don't see anything special there, and I really don't understand all this lying hype on Nehalem. The only innovation there I see is introduction of new high K manufacturing technology that will slash its 45nm leakage to acceptable level (45nm 2 dies Yorkfield consumes 150W ) and consequently Nehalem's 8 core TDP to half of the Yorkfield 8 core analog.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Intel's new HOT products will go on sale November 12th

Intel's new 1-million-square-foot factory, with more than 1,000 workers, is so big more than 17 football fields could fit inside it. Its products will go on sale Nov. 12.

Two dies HOT 130-150W 45nm bullshit.
Their 3,2Ghz would hardly beat 2,5 Ghz Barcelona, to be launched about the same time.

Intel's 45-nm process is said to result in a 15 percent reduction in global warming emissions

Intel's 45-nm process is said to result in a 15 percent reduction in global warming emissions.
Does that mean that we now know whose 65nm manufaturing process made global warming 15% up?

Intel settles, pays $250M to Transmeta

Transmeta recently filed a lawsuit against Intel. The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, alleged that Intel infringed upon ten of Transmeta's patents. The patents cover computer architecture and power efficiency technologies.
Recently, Intel's rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc., invested in Transmeta.

Seems that beside Transmeta, this settlement would make AMD's finnancials better too. Oh, by the way, seems too that Intel's designers don't steal only from AMD.

1 Billion suspected in 2018 ?


The number of terror watch-list records [1] more than quadrupled over roughly a three-year period:

June 2004 158,374
May 2005 287,982
June 2006 515,906
May 2007 754,960

[1]: One record reflects one name but not necessarily one person.
Source: Julie Snider, USA TODAY;

Well , seems 200 000 new suspected each year up to now . The next year, about election time, we might expect celebrated millionith suspected? Right? That is called won war on terror. Let me guess further. In 2009 2 millions suspected, in year 2010 4 millions, in 2011 8 millions, in 2012 16 millions, in 2013 32 millions, in 2014 64 millions in 2015 128 millions, in 2016 normal President or 256 millions, in 2017 512 millions, and finally in 2018 1 billions suspected, or namely all muslims over the world.Thus in 10 years we will have more likely Global war insted of Global war against the terrorism. Congrats.

Microsoft pays (again !) big monopoly fine to EU

Some $399M.
Before the July 2006 fine, Microsoft had paid a 497 million euros ($613 million) penalty — the largest ever imposed by EU regulators on one company.
In late morning trading in the United States, Microsoft shares dropped 8 cents to $30.82.

What will happen with Intel's shares after possible monopoly fine of $3,2B?

One Turing machine with 2 states and 3 colors is universal ?

That perhaps proves hypothesis the father of universal mechanical computer Konrad Zuse from the sixties, that the whole our World is computer.
See the Wolfram's blog. One of some 3 millions, 2 states 3 color machines just proved to be universal.
It is the simplest possible HALTING? universal computer.

BAD HARDWARE coment : If so that one of those 2M machines is proved universal, why should God bother with the rest of them creating the same, and what is their real purpose in this world?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Intel blames EU for sluggish profit margins.

Intel (INTC) Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini has had a bumpy two and a half years at the helm of the chip giant. He has fought a pitched battle against rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which last year picked up its first orders at Dell (DELL)—previously an Intel stronghold. He also faces an antitrust battle in Europe, where in the worst case, the penalty could top $3 billion. A former marketing executive, Otellini is the first nonengineer to head the chip giant. (He has a bachelor's degree in economics, and an MBA from Berkeley.) Despite widening margins and 15% revenue growth in the third quarter, Intel's stock price is hovering at the same level as in May, 2005, when Otellini took the reins at Santa Clara headquarters from current company chairman, Craig Barrett.

Intel seems blames EU for sluggish profit margins? :

"Their basic argument is that we sold under cost." That argument, Otellini says, "is flawed. I think if that's the central part of their argument, we'll fare fine." He adds that he finds statements by EC Competition Commissioner Neeley Kroes about Europe's role in regulating "dominant" companies "very troubling. If they take that position with us, or Qualcomm (QCOM), or Microsoft (MSFT), which are all American, I might note, you wonder where they're going long-term.… They could redefine what 'success' means." Otellini says that if the Europeans do not broaden their case against Intel, "the worst case is to write a check."

AMD's real problem is to tune the design to the technology

AMD's problem is to tune the design to the technology.

Yeah, just as BAD HARDWARE found. K10h (K10 in hurry) is actually 45nm design in mind and its actual 65nm version is only its crippled, slowed down bastard. Intel was that one responsible who has screwed AMD's initial plans with its Core launch. Beside,
AMD said its "Spider" platform is on track to launch in November. Spider will combine Phenom processors, RD790 chipsets, and RV670 graphics processors, so the statement essentially confirms that both Phenom and the RV670 are due next month.
The problem isn't yields, which Meyer said are "right where we expected them to be."
The company expects Barcelona to become widely available by the middle of this quarter.

Well, seems that fast production ramping will solve the yield problems by the middle of this quarter. AMD had two problems, one of them is to be solved soon, and the last one introducing 45nm somewhere in 2008. Thats all folks.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Intel's investors cry: And where are our gross profit margins?

Yeeeeha, we smashed AMD profits , though as you see, with some collaterals.

-2007 Q3- -vs. 2006 Q3- - vs. 2007 Q2-


$101 Billion



Operating Income

$22 Billion



Net Income

$19 Billion




31 Cents



Results for the third quarter of 2006 included the effects of divestiture gains of $129 million.

Scandal: Nehalem-EX completely stole AMD's Montreal design

MCM based, Montreal processor are actually two 45nm Shanghais on a module, each with 6MB of L3. Of course, G3MX memory buffer extenders enables 16 DDR3 registered memory modules. That is actually deployment of HT 3.o and memory unganging, so each of 8 cores has its own memory channel or two. Actually we have that way 8 independent servers, without memory congestion. That will make AMD virtualisation fly.
AMD Montreal is in Q1 2009. Intel Nehalem-EX Beckton is in 2H 2009. Of course copy can't be announced before the original. Here is the thief name. Click on the picture below to enlarge and compare.

And here is what has happened to Intel's own design creativity, just at the Montreal F1 racing ring:

More details on Montreal race here
Phenom's future AM3 socket is given below:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nehalem delays to Q4 next year

As Bad Hardware predicted, Intel became with Nehalem design delays. Formerly broadly in H2 next year, now its launch target is only Q4 2008. However, by then it will face fierce competition of AMD.
Seems that AMD Shangai will be by then already in volume 45nm production. What might be the benefits of Intel's 45nm against AMD's. No benefits, no advantages. Oh, by then AMD will complete ATI aquisition and go out of red.

In case of attack, Iran will retailate with 11000 rockets

The United States has never ruled out attacking Iran to end its defiance over the controversial Iranian nuclear programme, which the US alleges is aimed at making nuclear weapons but Iran insists is entirely peaceful.
Iran warned on Saturday it would fire off 11,000 rockets at enemy bases within the space of a minute if the United States launched military action against the Islamic republic.

"In the first minute of an invasion by the enemy, 11,000 rockets and cannons would be fired at enemy bases," said a brigadier general in the elite Revolutionary Guards, Mahmoud Chaharbaghi.

This volume and speed of firing would continue," added Chaharbaghi, who is commander of artillery and missiles of the Guards' ground forces, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

US President George W. Bush said Wednesday that he had warned world leaders they must prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons "if you're interested in avoiding World War III."

Though not specified, do you know what is one of the main rocket targets?
Intel's new 45nm fab in Kiryat Gat - Israel.

BADHARDWARE verdict: Buy your processors until they are cheap.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

70 military airmen punished after nuclear warheads tourism

As BADHARDWARE recently reported seems we get ultimate security, when someone can enjoy warheads tourism. What would happen if that B2 shot a warhead?. To Russia, say. Or to Washington?
Of, course we all know who might be blamed instead. And another crusede should start.

WASHINGTON - The Air Force said Friday it has punished 70 airmen involved in the accidental, cross-country flight of a nuclear-armed B-52 bomber following an investigation that found widespread disregard for the rules on handling such munitions.

Barksdale Air Force Base," said Maj. Gen. Richard Newton, the Air Force deputy chief of staff for operations.

"There has been an erosion of adherence to weapons-handling standards at Minot Air Force Base and Barksdale Air Force Base," said Maj. Gen. Richard Newton, the Air Force deputy chief of staff for operations."

Military investigators have confirmed to The Hal Turner Show that
President Bush's personal Presidential authorization code authorized
the removal of five 150 kiloton nuclear warheads from their secure
nuclear storage safes.

Those Investigators also confirmed that the cruise missiles in which
those warheads were placed, were mounted on the wings of the B-52
and not placed in the belly of the plane with other missiles headed
for decommissioning.

When those nuclear cruise missiles arrived at Barksdale AFB,
Investigators say plans were made to move those warheads off the
base, allowing them to be used for what was to
be a massive,
nuclear "terrorist" strike against
five U.S. cities
. They speculate the attacks would have been blamed
on AL-Qaida and used as an excuse to impose Martial Law in the U.S.

Government officials are scrambling to silence this investigation
becuase it proves definitively that President George W. Bush was
personally complicit in planning terrorist attacks against his own
country for the purpose of declaring Martial law, merging the United
States with other countries after we've been "crippled" by massive
nuclear attacks, implementing "one world government" to "prevent
anything like this from ever happening again" and, of course,
remaining in power forever as absolute Dictator.

Elements inside the U.S. Military are aggressively seeking to arrest
President Bush while top Brass in the military is doing everything
possible to quash the crisis

Nuclear strike on US averted !!

Those who trade their sovereignty for security, doesn't deserve both in the end.
Here is an weaker version of this breaking story:
B-52 Nukes Headed for Iran, Not For Decommissioning: Airforce Refused.

WMR has learned from U.S. and foreign intelligence sources that the B-52 transporting six stealth AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles, each armed with a W-80-1 nuclear warhead, on August 30, were destined for the Middle East via Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

However, elements of the Air Force, supported by U.S. intelligence agency personnel, successfully revealed the ultimate destination of the nuclear weapons and the mission was aborted due to internal opposition within the Air Force and U.S. Intelligence Community.

BADHARDWARE verdict: No comment.

Friday, October 19, 2007

2,5 Ghz Phenom in November !

Although we still haven't seen the native quad-core Messiah known as Phenom, AMD is already starting to talk about 45nm processors which, according to CTO Dirk Meyer, are already being made in Fab 36 in Dresden.

The 45nm production ramp is (still) planned for H1 2008 while the first 45nm CPUs are set for a release in H2 of 2008 with the first arrival being the server processors codenamed Shanghai.

As for the things closes to our hearts and pockets, the Phenom processors, they are set to arrive next month, at speeds that top 2.5 GHz.

HAL, don't kill us, please

Wired blog reports:
The South African National Defence Force "is probing whether a software glitch led to an antiaircraft cannon malfunction that killed nine soldiers and seriously injured 14 others during a shooting exercise on Friday."

Electronics engineer and defence company CEO Richard Young says he can't believe the incident was purely a mechanical fault. He says his company, C2I2, in the mid 1990s, was involved in two air defence artillery upgrade programmes, dubbed Projects Catchy and Dart.

Angry cannons? Well that is what we desperately need, to win the Iraqi victorious war.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Opteron 2,5 Ghz benchmark blows away Intel's STALLion

hw_avail           = Dec-2007
hw_cpu_name = AMD Opteron 8360SE
hw_cpu_mhz = 2500

Date Sponsor Operating
PGI version
SPECint_ rate_ base2006 SPECfp_ rate_ base2006 Files
Oct-2006 Intel
SLES 10-64
Xeon 5160, 3Ghz DC
15.8 15.8 INT config
FP config
Jul-2007 AMD SLES 10-64
Opteron DC 2224SE 3.2Ghz
52.1 56.2 INT config
FP config


SLES 10-64
Opteron DC
2350 2Ghz





SLES 10-64
Xeon 5355,
2,66Ghz 8C
Intel C++ Compiler




SLES 10-64
Opteron 16C
8350 2Ghz



SLES 10-64
Opteron 16C
8360SE 2,5GHz

pgcc 7.1-0
Yep, just as AMD promised in "simulated" benchmarks a few months ago.
Opteron 2,5 Ghz
throughput is at least 40% greater than the Xeon's

AMD responds to Intel's delay with 45nm delay ?

The most interesting aspect noted by Meurice was that logic manufacturers would be 12 to 18 months behind DRAM, putting the mass ramp at 45nm somewhere in 2009!

Considering that Intel is using dry double patterning 193nm ArF for its 45nm ramp now underway, immersion volume production ramp for the major foundries and the likes of AMD could well be a 2009 affair!

Provided, of course, that AMD will unconditionally wait immersion up to 2009. More likely, AMD will use hybrid 65/45 nm manufacturing on the current facilities starting in August/September next year.
And (w)holy immersion technology in 2009. On Intel's design delay look at here.

Exclusive: Intel's 6 and 8 core MPU

In Q4 2008 and H2 2009, respectively. Congrats. But, I prefer AMD's multicorers, that will by then collect the years of working experience.

US top 5000 patents kept secret

Figures released by the US Patent and Trademark Office last week show that secrecy orders, granted under the US Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, were applied to 128 patents in the year to October 2007 - taking the total number to 5002. Of the new orders, 53 were on private inventors, against 29 in 2006.

"I suspect that the oldest secret patents date back to the early days of nuclear weapons," says Steven Aftergood, who tracks government secrecy issues for the Federation of American Scientists. "It would be nice to think [they] had the answer to global warming or some other miracle energy-generation technology, but it's more likely to be a nuclear-powered can opener," he says.

The NEW WORLD ORDER ? Free trade and globalisation ? That is alas, only another name for global DOMINATION.
No real future without your own creativity.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot breakthrough : Intel's "low power" 3,2 Ghz Yorkfield consumes 150W

Right, 150W. And 3.2 Ghz Yorkfield still will not be better in performance than say 2.6 Ghz Opteron, that will too consume hefty 120W.
P.S don't forget to add 20-30W for Yorkfield external memory controller and add some excessive consumption of its accompanied FDIMMs and then try to compare their overall performance/consumption ratio. AFAIK, last time something like this has happened at Intel (and everywhere) with Tejas engineering samples. But Yorkfield will not be withdrawn dead born baby like Tejas was. Thus, we have obviously Intel in troubles. It rises clock to counter Opteron higher IPC . And rises that way power consumption, but not linearly. Let me conclude,
Yorkfield is BAD HARDWARE HEAVYWEIGHT champion for 2008. And of all times.
Here below is what has been promised in 2006, and up is what is actually delivered. 3,73 Ghz Yorkfield in Q3. HAHAHAHAHAHA. The Emperor has nothing of its shiny clothes.

All hype was actually based on overclocks like this one below.

US Patriot attacked Qatari farm

WASHINGTON - A U.S. Army unit mistakenly launched a Patriot PAC-3 anti-aircraft missile from an American base in the Persian Gulf country of Qatar, U.S. military officials said.

The PAC-3 missile, an upgraded version of the Patriot, landed nearby on a farm and caused no damage, the Qatari military said, according to a statement carried by the Qatar News Agency. The land, about 4 miles north of the base at Camp As Sayliyah, may be owned by Qatari royal Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, said an official at Central Command, the U.S. military headquarters for the Middle East.

But Army Lt. Col. Holly Silkman, a spokeswoman for the Central Command in Qatar, said she didn't think the land was owned by al-Thani.

No damage? Well, we would like to see next time Patriotic miss firing of nuclear war heads to see some collaterals. Let me quote further:

Military officials credited the Patriot system with intercepting all nine Iraqi ballistic missiles that it went after during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. But, the system also was blamed for the downing of a U.S. F/A-18 Navy jet, killing its pilot, and of a British Tornado, killing its crew of two.

IBM's Z6 processor in 65nm counts 991M transistors

IBM's SOI manufacturing process is virtually the same as that one AMD uses. Thus, lies on superiority of Intel's manufacturing are only the lies and nothing else. And please note that in 45nm next year AMD could squeeze 1B transistors in much less die area than this IBM's.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nock, nock, HAL please open the doors , HAL I beg you do it

nock nock nock on heavens Space Lab door

In the weeks that followed the crisis and apparent recovery, station commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and his fellow cosmonaut Oleg Kotov disassembled the boxes and cabling and inspected every angle of the hardware, occasionally assisted by their American crewmate, Clayton Anderson. Multiple scopes and probes had failed to find the flaw, but their eyes and fingers eventually did.

The connection pins from the power-monitoring device they'd bypassed earlier, they found, were wet—and corroded. The final report described the “change in appearance” of fasteners on one box's connectors and noted “the presence of deposits and residue on the housings, and residue and spots on the contact surfaces.”

Continuity checks found that specific wires, called command lines, in the cable coming out of the device had failed. And one of those lines had short-circuited. Also, in a shocking design flaw, there was a “power off” command leading to all three of the supposedly redundant processing units. The line was designed to protect the main computers, which are downstream of the power monitor, from power glitches too great for normal power filters to protect against. It does so by turning the computers off when it senses trouble. But in a failure unanticipated by its designers, this one command path itself was able to kill all three processing units due to a single corrosion-induced short.

That discovery was a great relief to spacecraft controllers in Houston and Moscow. The bypass jumper cables were exactly what really was needed to circumvent the false “power off” command, because they forced that command line to remain dormant. Using the cables did expose the computers to damage from real power surges, but by then the power system had settled into a benign and steady state.

But what caused the corrosion? The source was quickly identified: water condensation, one of the most frequent culprits in avionics problems. The NASA report says the damage “presumably” was “the result of repeated emissions of condensate from the air separation lines” of a nearby dehumidifier. Air flow and power usage were supposed to keep the computer cables warm enough to prevent water from condensing on them, but the dehumidifier had been malfunctioning, and its frequent on-off cycles led to surges of water vapor. Also, a stream of cold air from another location on the dehumidifier helped drive the cable temperatures occasionally below the dew point.

Another cause for dismay is that when trouble did develop, the Russians' first instinct was to blame their American partners.


On Intel's double (crossing) clock lies

Low-Voltage Swing circuit technology utilizes custom tools and methodologies to implement random small signal logic at an unprecedented scale. Our 2x frequency integer core implementation on Intel's 90nm process meets the present Pentium® 4 processor product demands. With process and post silicon optimizations the design will support increasingly higher frequency processors.
From Intel's technology journal volume 8, February 2004.

Next year Intel abandoned 3,8 Ghz Prescott. Its double clocked integer core should internally hit 7,6Ghz.
By the end of 2007, Intel top processor is still unable to hit 7,6 Ghz, even being cooled down do -123C degrees, as todays report finds. Double core, proved to be much better price/ preformance solution.

Intel's 8 pistons engine humvee, at 5,8 billion cycles per second

This Intel's engine, using light materials, at 200 pounds only is still better than the other hardware manufacturers. The only other essential part to get ultimate mobile machine is of course humvee frame. Fugger, owner of , did the job this time with the same 200-pound cooling gear, and broke the 5.8 giga cycles per second barrier. Not bad for a (still) pre-production engine.

Here is 6Ghz Yorkfield Turbo boost:

Mainstream goes 3D packaging, not towards EUV flatness

Unable to significantly break through a bottleneck in the technical development of the key photolithography in the 32-nanometer-and-below production process, semiconductor makers worldwide have been eager to seek new alternative solutions in packaging technologies, resulting in a delay of their upgrading the 32-nano and below process.

Recently, at the International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology (IMPACT) Conference 2007, which took place in Taipei from Oct.1 to 3, quite a few attendees reached a consensus that 3D packaging technologies will become the mainstream solutions in the future.

Processing Capacity of Stacking and Packaging Companies Unit: One million Chips



















AMD K10h Opteron will not reach 2,6Ghz until March 2008

Consequently, Phenom will not reach 2,8 Ghz before March too.
Only processor called Shanghai in 45nm, with 768Kb-1024Kb of L2 cache and 6MB shared L3, will finally be clocked at 3GHz. In August 2008. Thus; 2,8 Ghz Opteron should be launched in May 2008, to fit in that launch hole. And three cored Phenoms in March too, as a collateral repair to 2,8Ghz Phenom spin. Obviously, 65nm Opteron is pale product compared to its initial design goal in 45nm. Seems, no secrets for Bad Hardware. Right? Interestingly to note 1 Tflops limit broke Intel, in the year 1996.
1 Petaflops limit will brake Cray with AMD ,probably with low power Opterons 12 years later. Another 12 years, another company? and new limit will be broken? For now we know only Intel's response for January 2008. Ans in H2 2008 Intel's Nehalem might be ready. Because Core2 QX9775 is literally hot stuff at 135W no leakage technology TDP . And no likely any clock improvement in future clock. If you desperately need it, than suck it.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Gphone will be Linux based

Analysts believe Google wants to extend its dominance of online advertising to the rapidly growing mobile internet market and is hoping to persuade mobile providers and phone manufacturers to offer phones running its software.

The cost of those phones may be partly subsidised by Google-managed advertising appearing on their screens. The company is also expected to integrate its full suite of applications into the new OS and develop its own mobile web browsing software.

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