Friday, February 29, 2008

Terabit Ethernet by 2015?

Sounds stupid, but check yourself. “new fiber, new lasers, new everything.”
I say: what about latency and transport efficiency?
Currently, the IEEE 802.3ba task force is working on 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet. Work is fairly early on, and some projections indicate a standard by 2010.

SAN DIEGO--Terabit Ethernet networks are coming, said Bob Metcalfe, a partner at Polaris Ventures who is credited with having invented Ethernet more than 35 years ago. But it’s not clear exactly when, he said. And it’s less clear what network architectures will be needed to enable them.

Addressing the OFC NFOEC show today, Metcalfe said terabit-per-second Ethernet networks might be deployed by 2015, adding, “I’m not sure.”

IBM creates green optical network for Petaflops computing

IBM researchers today unveiled the fastest and most highly integrated optical data bus ever developed. The prototype technology could bring massive amounts of bandwidth in an energy-efficient way to all kinds of machines—from cell phones to supercomputers. This could revolutionize the way we access, use and share information across many different applications.

AMD's triple cores are four cores in power consumption.

The same applies to power consumption results. Although individual cores were switched off, the overall system power consumption remained almost the same - this is an indicator that the motherboard BIOS cannot physically shut down cores. Hence we have to wait for final version of AMD's Phenom triple core to make a final conclusion.

AMD's 4 core vaporware sequel continues. SOlution is always just in the next revision, just around the corner.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Israel invests $1.4B in Intel

Finally, a truth on green hardware.

"Thanks to Vista I now have a $2,100 e-mail machine."

Finally, a truth on bad hardware and software. Here.
Some background is flushed here.

Finally something new: Itanium 2 becomes Itanium !

The manufacturer told vendors that it is getting rid of the “Itanium 2” brand and will be replacing it with “Itanium” beginning March 2, 2008. “In order to comply with our new branding strategy, [Itanium 2 parts] will undergo a part mark change. The part will no longer be marked with Intel Itanium 2 but will now be marked Intel Itanium,” the company wrote in a recently published product change notification.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AMD's triple core only to OEMs.

Dell and HP precisely.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Phenom B3 to be shown at Cebit

AMD plans massive showcase of Phenom B3 revision at Cebit and that most of AMD’s systems will be powered with these CPUs. We are talking about almost 200 computers that will be spread all around the show. Samples of Phenom B3 are finally out and we've also learned that Phenom 9700 at 2.6GHz is now possible and that it will launch with the B3 revision.

Thus, we might expect B3 availability in April. After Phenom experience I bitterly hope not on April the 1st.

AMD may transfer its production

NEW YORK -- Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the world's second-biggest maker of computer processors, may announce plans to transfer more production in the next two to three months to reduce costs, a Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. analyst said.

But, where?
In the next 3 months AMD should start to get rid off 65nm Phenom troubles and switch as soon as possible to 45nm.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Trying to Put New Zip Into Moore’s Law

Mr. Edelstein is leading a team of researchers from inside and outside I.B.M. in developing a new way to solve the problem: using “self assembling” nanotechnology to make better insulators, raising performance. In this case, self-assembly involves creating so-called airgaps, vacuums a few nanometers wide that keep the billions of tiny copper wires in a chip from touching one another, instead of putting down a layer of insulating material and trying to align it effectively at the nanoscale. It’s more efficient, and it means that I.B.M. won’t need to spend $50 million on photolithographic equipment.

Microsoft President on Micro-Hoo: We Can Do It

We can do it. We can mesh our technologies and our cultures. And we’ll keep the Yahoo name alive.

Those may be the highlights of a letter sent Friday to Microsoft employees by Kevin Johnson, president of the company’s platform and services division, addressing his company’s offer to acquire Yahoo. The letter, the first missive to employees to come to light since Steve Ballmer, the chief executive, wrote to them on Feb. 1, has no new information on the fate of the proposed merger.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sandia thinks on Exaflops


Friday, February 22, 2008

MIT broke the power consumption wall !

3 times lower voltage, 10 times lower power consumption.
Think in those terms: Their processor is 3 times slower and consumes 10 times less power.
Lets redisgn triple core AMD Phenom to low power. 3 cores should be equally fast in processing,
but will consume 3 ties less. Say, instead of 20 watts only 6.5. Then, no need for fan and you will get
fine tablet PC. Nice. Until now we thought that 0.9 volts is the lowest power supply limit.
Please note that in the seventies power supply was 12 volts and computer mobos were desk sized.
Now it is 70 times lower. And consequently power consumption is some 5000 times lower.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phenom test in the last detail


Phenom is faster in reading, significantly better in latency and in SSE2 tests. But, is it worth its money?
Hmmmmm. We expected more.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AMD fans gaze at Deneb 45nm star.

AMD fans gaze at Deneb 45nm star.
I frankly hope AMD's Deneb is not light years away. And that it would be visible by naked eye at least at 3.0 Ghz stellar performance magnitude.As you know, up to now, Barcelona had remained to be globally recognized only as a dark star.

Toshiba 3D Crossbar on chip Bus

Sunday, February 17, 2008

AMD to launch triple core on February 19th !

However, still no B3 revision inside?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is UK now Afghanistan's Western counter part ?

Seems so.
But, hmm, UK is democratic country and it is simply its democratic right. Right? Of course, Afghanistan isn't and they have no any right to ban download. Right? Or this kind of explanations simply stinks, being the same thing is in the both cases. Right?
Five British muslim students jailed for downloading extremist material from the internet were released today, after the Appeal Court ruled their convictions were unsafe.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Intel has stolen Centrino logo from Jesus !

Click on the pic to see in detail.
Jesus from Hagia Sophia Church mozaic 1000 years old, keeps his notebook in left hand with Intel Centrino logo TM on! Blessing Intel by his right hand!

Intel's Core architecture is stolen !

See this patent.
PhD is here.

A New Mach 5 Concorde

To complement the Scimitar engine, Reaction Engines has proposed a suitable vehicle configuration (A2) that attains the necessary subsonic and supersonic lift/drag ratio for efficient commercial operation. The airframe is designed to have adequate control authority about all axes to handle engine-out and to achieve pitch trim over the full Mach range. In addition the airframe configuration is an efficient structural shape with circular cross section hydrogen tankage and uninterrupted carry-through wing spars. The vehicle is sized to carry 300 passengers since this is typical of future supersonic transport designs and thought to be the minimum to achieve a competitive seat/mile cost.

London - L.A. in a two hours? Or London - Johanesburg. Or London - Singapore. Sounds appealing. But, don't expect it too soon. If ever. Because new advanaced ,not yet announced homeland security measures would require minimum 4 hours at the airports. GOP congrats.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

China is looking for a new Earth in a new Heaven

The observatory will search for planets around other stars using an array of four 14.5-centimetre telescopes called the Chinese Small Telescope Array (CSTAR).

Seems that China definetely gives up from the Earth's Global Warming challenges?
The New Heaven would belong to former Communists not to brethens ? Oh, what an irony.

1,6TB SCSI Flash


It was only September when BitMICRO made us want a pile of cash just so as to buy a 416GB 2.5-inch Altima solid state drive but now, the company has upped the stakes and has doubled storage space faster than OLPC can say - Get out of my house, Intel! The new 832 GB solid state drive is by far the biggest of its kind around and it utilizes multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash chips which double the number of bits stored per memory cell compared to the single-level cell (SLC) NAND.

Thanks to the EDSA and LUNETA controllers the new E-Disk Altima monster will be able to deliver sustained rates of up to 100 MB/s and up to 20,000 I/O operations per second while the SATA 3.0 Gbps interface will also make sure the drive has "hot pluggable" capabilities and all-round compatibility with today's hardware.

Fit nicely with IBM Kittyhawk Tflops racks.

IBM creates Kittyhawk 67.1M processors global computer

One day it should take off to the stars. Right? 32 Petaflops seems really a lot. Even now.

Only in 45nm Cell finally jumps into everyone's console

In 45nm Cell runs at only 0.8V at high yields 115 mm2 square. Should be pretty cheap.

However, do not expect it before the end of this year. Thus, 2009 should be the games year.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

16 Cores Sun Rock !

Exclusive Sun Microsystems has promised a great deal with its futuristic "Rock" processor line but, thus far, failed to back up the promises with any technical details on the chip's design. That situation changes now that The Register has obtained exclusive information pertaining to the Rock chip - or should we say chips - and its related server family. The information in this story has been corroborated by multiple sources.
My own ones suggest 384mm2 die area.
BAD HARDWARE Verdict: Nehalem will rock this year? My arse will !

Monday, February 04, 2008

AMD to showcase triple-core CPUs at CeBIT

However, no faster models. Why? 13% faster performance means 70% higher power consumption.
Who needs it?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Afghan journalist sentenced to death after Internet download

Because of women rights. Therefore, not because of porn? Well, when you already have woman
rights, you will have a porn too, as a consequence. Right?

$7B fraud using Excel !

Assuming all of this, there are several classical ways he could have hidden what he was up to armed only with VBA, Walkenbach ( and the right passwords. Marking trades as having been done by someone else is the most obvious, yet not entirely trivial to stop. A critical requirement of trading systems is to allow others to handle your position when you are off sick or on holiday, creating a set of vulnerabilities. My information is that he may have exploited this, and avoided being away from the office in a way quite atypical for French workers ( to avoid being caught.

ONFi 2.0 flash drive 5 times faster !

Finally, a truth on bad flash hardware.

Intel (NSDQ: INTC) and Micron Technology (NYSE: MU) on Friday said they have developed technology for a high-speed solid-state drive that's five times faster than current products used in consumer and professional devices ranging from handheld computers and notebooks to digital cameras and camcorders.

The NAND flash memory chips developed jointly by the two companies can reach speeds of up to 200 MB per second for reading data and 100 MB per second for writing data, the partners said. Current memory chips have maximum read-write speeds of 40 MB and 20 MB, respectively.

Friday, February 01, 2008

AMD delays again. This time 2.6Ghz Phenom to Q3

2,6Ghz part is already at least 6 months late. Again. Wow. No help. Only 45nm can make Phenom any faster. By lowering high TDP thermal limits. Let me remind you. 2.6Ghz part was initially speculated for Q3, but the year 2007.OMG, the whole one year ago.

Now we should expect B4 to finally get 2,6Ghz ? Or a bit more.What a disappointment.

Microsoft to buy Yahoo for $44B !

No more Internet defeats from Google.

Yeah, 30% profits from 2007 have helped Microsoft a lot. Microsoft should earn this acqisition in two years only.
Who will now stop its monopolized single race? Sheesh.
Police? HA.

Vista Lite: Bosnian refugee puts fat Vista on a diet

That has made Vista thinner from 15GB to 1,4GB.

Nice idea. However, I would like to know how high Vista DRAM memory appetite left?
512MB only to start up? 2+ GB , as currently has been recommended form Microsoft for optimal work?
Or something much less, in this special case?

The less things running, the more responsive the OS.
"To be frank, I don't need 90% of Windows. But that 10%, which guarantees that you can run [the] majority of games out there, is what is worth isolating."

Gateway takes AMD 4 Core instead of Intel's

Is that trend of the future?
B3 "clean" revision starts to strike?

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