Thursday, December 21, 2006

AMD stops clok rise starting with Star family !

Now, AMD seems quite Intel compatible. No more PR ratings too. Why? Well, there is no anymore Pentium after Pentium rating is given. :) Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Are you suffering from 'Mouse Rage Syndrome?

A phenomenon as monumental as the Internet should have an ailment of its own. Indeed, the Web appears to be breeding its very own disease, a medical syndrome recognizable by a quickening of the heart, profuse sweating, and furious clicking and bashing of the mouse. In extreme cases, the ailment can be identified by loud screaming at video screens. It's Mouse Rage Syndrome, and it infects all Internet users sooner or later, according to a study of 2,500 Web users that was released Tuesday.

How to call user syndrome that is caused by use of bad hardware?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Intel price strategy against AMD's K8L

Still, I am not quite mad to pay $851 for 2,4Ghz clocked, two heads performance "monster".

However, AMD K8L strategy is different. Not simple scaling up the prices,threads and cores. That pushed recently AMD's shares 8% up in a single day. Yeah, it is not easy to keep simulateneously inovating from palmtop to petaflops level.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Intel's Bloomfield faster than 4Ghz

Based on the 45nm Nehalem architecture, Intel aims to bring Bloomfield clock speed above 4GHz in 2008. It is a speed that Intel never get to hit with their previous generation of processors where the highest clock speed reach is 3.8GHz with their Pentium 4 570 & 670. Bloomfield will contain 8MB of shared L2 cache which is smaller overall in comparison to Yorkfield 2x6MB L2 cache. As we have previously reported, Bloomfield is Socket B based, quad core and is capable of 8 threads. It is still within the 130W thermal envelope.

OK, 4 cores at 4Ghz+ give overall 16+Ghz.
By 2005, according to the link, Intel had been able to deliver 10.20GHz desktop CPUs codenamed "Nehalem" using 65 nanometer technology.

Yeah, Intel's 65nm technology was on time, but where is the rest of the upper story? Instead of single core Intel will deliver 4 cores at half initially envisioned Nehalem clock and at least the whole 5 years later. Lies, sweet lies. Please note that upper story was paid for by INTC.
Anyway, Intel should ban use of Skype VOIP and its lie detecting gadgets for reporting at their own IDF and financial forums.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

K8L roadmap

AMD updates Opteron, Turion roadmaps
But, Intel will try to thwart analyst predictions of AMD taking as much as 40 per cent market share in the server processor segment (currently only? 25%) from coming true.
However, latest independent tests doesn't support Intel's claims.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

AMD's market share

Each fourth X32-64 deskop and server in 2006 is sold with AMD inside.
With improving perspectives in 2007. And performance. Though, 60% FX performance boost seems modest, but its price is set consequently.

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