Monday, May 31, 2010

Intel's Knights Corner

Intel Unveils New Product Plans for High-Performance Computing

Yet another Obama smudge: Japan plans $2 billion moon base by 2020

A Japanese government panel has produced a draft paper outlining how humanoid rover robots will begin surveying the moon by 2015. This is REAL HD photo, not faked by Photoshop.

Friday, May 28, 2010

PLA details how they achieved peta flop with Opteron + Radeon !

Initially, they could only get 20% of the performance of the GPUs. After months of work, they attained 70% of the FP power of the GPUs. The super computer named "Xingyun", has been developed in Tianjin. Nebulae supercomputer.

BAD HARDWARE WEEK: EU, where are yEU? 
The Tera 100 contains 140,000 Intel Xeon 7500 processor cores and 300TB of memory, while the file system will have a throughput of 500GB/s and total storage of 20PB, Bull said.

Political fights inside AMD ?

Look at here.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Google is hiring

Thank you for your interest in Google Site Reliability Engineering!

We’re hiring bright and innovative Software Engineers for our site reliability engineering team – from recent graduates to seasoned industry veterans – to work at our offices in Europe.
We are hiring in several locations across Europe:

Apollo 13 inconsistencies

Accident happened when the ship was shaken in a standard procedure of sensor checking. However, the same procedure  previously applied on Apollo 11 and 12, and nothing has happened? Hilarious.
Seems that Apollo 13 was actually the first landing space ship moved out of Earth orbit to the Moon trajectory without early return possibility at all. That's is why Russians never made even a circle around Moon.
Nor anyone else, even 40 years later. Here is actually why.

The actual re-entry plane of Apollo was about 5 degrees, I think, as opposed to 0.5 degrees of the Shuttle. The faster, steeper approach of Apollo brought the temperatures (under the protective insulation of compressed air molecules) to about 2,750 C (5,000  F) degrees as opposed to the 1,650 C (3,000 F) degrees the Shuttle is designed handle. This is the primary reason thermal tiles prove so impractical for the Orion, and why it is so challenging to design a reusable outer surface for the Shuttle follow-on. The difference between 1,650 C (3,000 F) and 2,750 C (5,000  F) degrees is not a measure of subtraction but rather of exponential complications and challenges.

About the crew: The Apollo 13 crew were weakened like this for days. They were extremely sick and every activity took extreme mental will power to complete. I can only imagine what they went through after my brief exposure. Getting that reentry window right and being so close to death health-wise was a super human feat that amazes me every time I watch the Apollo 13 movie.

BAD HARDWARE: What kind of  cold propulsion used Apollo 16 during Moon lift off ? Though  I saw here ascending lunar module jettison from the Moon like launching pad,  however without  lift off engine ignition? Lunar orbiter was thus shot by ascending module only by  jettison blast? Any physical explanation ? No, obviously not.  The faked moon landings (and ascendings) actually have taken place at Langley on the moon crane. Apollo 13 module returned with fictional descend stage rocket even complete mother ship back to Earth using rule of thumb navigation? Hahahahha. This science fiction story should only convince us that Lunar module however  had functional descending stage, thus Apollo 11 landing might happened. Oh yeah.

CONCLUSION: Energy in each pound of anything in orbit is enough to melt and vaporize a pound of iron four times over ! Launch out of orbit, and add a lot to that energy ! Remember that iron boiling point is 2750 C . Apollo capsules had shields made of phenolic epoxy resin, a form of plastic. Apollo heat shields were nearly 7 centimeters (2.7 inches) thick and weighed 1,360 kilograms (3,000 pounds).

Look at below Mars Phoenix lander. One descending retrorocket? Obviusly not.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Intel Demos Working System Based on 48-Core Chip

Intel Demos Working System Based on 48-Core Chip

However, too little to late for graphics card product.

Cray Unveils "Baker" AMD based Supercomputer

Cray Unveils "Baker" Supercomputer

Watergate mother: In event of Moon landing disaster

The following speech, revealed in 1999, was prepared by Nixon's then speechwriter, William Safire, to be used in the event of a disaster that would maroon the astronauts on the moon , please note Haldeman (call Watergate) button on Nixon phone:

Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace. These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice.
These two men are laying down their lives in mankind's most noble goal: the search for truth and understanding.
They will be mourned by their families and friends; they will be mourned by their nation; they will be mourned by the people of the world; they will be mourned by a Mother Earth that dared send two of her sons into the unknown.
In their exploration, they stirred the people of the world to feel as one; in their sacrifice, they bind more tightly the brotherhood of man.
In ancient days, men looked at stars and saw their heroes in the constellations. In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood.
Others will follow, and surely find their way home. Man's search will not be denied. But these men were the first, and they will remain the foremost in our hearts.
For every human being who looks up at the moon in the nights to come will know that there is some corner of another world that is forever mankind.
 However, after Moon landing had been "accomplished" President turn out his speech:

Hello Neil and Buzz, I am talking to you by telephone from the Oval Room at the White House, and this certainly has to be the most historic telephone call ever made from the White House.
I just can’t tell you how proud we all are of what you have done. For every American this has to be the proudest day of our lives, and for people all over the world I am sure that they, too, join with Americans in recognizing what an immense feat this is.
Because of what you have done the heavens have become a part of man’s world, and as you talk to us from the Sea of Tranquility, it inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquility to earth.
For one priceless moment in the whole history of man all the people on this earth are truly one—one in their pride in what you have done and one in our prayers that you will return safely to earth.
ASTRONAUT ARMSTRONG. Thank you, Mr. President. It is a great honor and privilege for us to be here representing not only the United States, but men of peaceable nations, men with a vision for the future. It is an honor for us to be able to participate here today.
THE PRESIDENT. Thank you very much, and I look forward, all of us look forward, to seeing you on the Hornet on Thursday.
ASTRONAUT ARMSTRONG. Thank you. We look forward to that very much, sir.

25 TB optical disk

We could need such one in  say 5 years. And use it about year 2020. Though 25TB is a lot of storage, do you remember pioneer days when 360KB, 100M times less, was a lot of storage ?. You simply hadn't enough available DOS software to fill it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adaptive HD

Performance Summary: The Seagate Momentus XT produced some interesting performance results. In the purely synthetic tests designed to look at raw throughput, the Momentus XT generally performed like a high-end, 7200 RPM hard drive--transfer rates typically fell between the WD Scorpio Blue and Seagate Barracuda desktop drive. In the system level benchmarks like those employed in PCMark Vantage, however, once the Momentus XT's adaptive memory technology learned the usage patterns and copied over the most commonly accessed bits of data to the solid state portion of the drive, performance improved dramatically. The Momentus XT was never able to truly match the performance of a true SSD, but its performance when the adaptive memory technology was used was far superior to a standard HD.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Municipal Bonds: The Next Financial Land Mine?

As Wall Street nervously watches the sovereign debt crisis unfold in Greece, another potential landmine is looming closer to home, one that could bring U.S. cities and towns to their knees, force the federal government to cough up another bailout package, and potentially send the unemployment rate much higher. The danger this time? Municipal debt.

BAD HARDWARE: Something like financial flip-flop. After Greece bailout  , US municipals, then EU municipals, then China inflation and crash, then ....

Friday, May 21, 2010

100 K years are needed Earth to get rid off half of the atmospheric CO2

Thus, stop making it. 
At this moment 1000 times faster than Earth able to dissolve it  itself by natural means.
What about methane release? Don't ask please, don't scare me.

We are God: Artificial life is here

Scientists Create Synthetic Organism

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ballmer: Microsoft wasted time on Vista !

Ballmer: Microsoft wasted time on Vista
In a chat with fellow CEOs at Microsoft's 14th annual CEO Summit, Microsoft boss  Steve Ballmer came close to admitting Vista was a (frozen) dog.


What after the end of oil supply?

10,000 Cows Can Power 1,000 Servers

US Antimissile Shield 90% useless !

That mean 90 of 100 launched attacking nukes will hit US ground.
Nation remains vulnerable, 9/11 commission chiefs say.

A review of the actual state of missile defense technologies reveals that this new vision put forth by the report is nothing more than a fiction and that the policy strategy that follows from these technical myths could well lead to a foreign policy disaster.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google TV

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google's interactive TV software, which will be powered by a tailored version of its Android operating system, is expected to be officially announced at its "I/O" event on Thursday.

Voyager nonvolatile memory slips from 0 to a 1 after 33 years

Voyager 2's initial mission was a four-year journey to Saturn, but it is still returning data 33 years later
"A value in a single memory location was changed from a 0 to a 1," said JPL’s Veronia McGregor.
Voyager 2 and its twin, Voyager 1, are both expected to enter interstellar space -- the first human-made objects to do so -- in the next five years. Computer Command System (CCS) - 18-bit word, interrupt type processors (2) with 4096 words each of plated wire, non-volatile memory.The construction is very sensitive and error-prone. While the wires could be replaced in the former storage systems, typical plated wire storages were completely stuck together so they could not be repared later on. This was a disaster for the companies which made use of this storage.

BAD HARDWARE: Seems we got a new definition of memory's non-volatility.Long term magnetic storage? Forget about it. SSD? Hahahahaha. Provided that we inside the Solar system are not immune to above kind of events.

Security bug bites 64-bit Windows 7

The vulnerability stems from the Canonical Display Driver's failure to properly parse information copied from user mode to kernel mode. Malicious hackers could exploit it by tricking a victim into viewing a booby-trapped image file on a website or in email.

BAD HARDWARE: The only way to get usable 3TB disk is with a bug bite, isn't it? Thus your long term backup disk archive might be volatile in the end with right image file.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exclusive: Seagate confirms 3TB drive

After a few weeks of rumours, Seagate’s senior product manager Barbara Craig has confirmed to Thinq that “we are announcing a 3TB drive later this year,” but the move to 3TB of storage space apparently involves a lot more work than simply upping the areal density.
Only some operating systems, like 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Vista, actually support the Long LBA addressing system required to recognize more than 2.1TB of storage capacity. To complicate matters further, a new partition table system is needed to make the drive bootable—that means saying goodbye to the BIOS and hello to UEFI system firmware, which few hardware makers have done.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pentagon: Cyber attack could prompt US military response

A senior defense official has confirmed that cyber attacks against the United States could prompt a deadly military response. The Defense Department has about 90,000 employees and troops using computer networks, with about seven million computer devices, he said. One DoD employee controls thus on average 70 computer devices ! Thus Dod networks are empty, or 70 times currently under used from its full use capacity (I presume war one).

BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Oh great. Say against China, from the most of attacks until now have been originated. I prefer nuke militray attack.  And the same nuke counter response from China. However, what if someone taking that possibility in account, intentionally  launch false attacks on US Cyber security, using China servers? Our world is obviously full of idiots.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New attack bypasses EVERY Windows security product

The attack is a clever “bait-and-switch” style move. Harmless code is passed to the security software for scanning, but as soon as it’s given the green light, it’s swapped for the malicious code. The attack works even more reliably on multi-core systems because one thread doesn’t keep an eye on other threads that are running simultaneously, making the switch easier.

BAD HARDWARE: One miss, and you are dead from virus?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Phantom Ray

Finally, a truth on stealth hardware.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

USB 3.0 Falls Short in New Laptop Tests

USB 3.0 Falls Short in New Laptop Tests

Monday, May 10, 2010

First look inside Apple's Ipad A4 processor

According to information provided by ARM, a Cortex-A8 core implemented with 65nm process technology is capable of achieving 1GHz operation. Given that the A4 is a 45nm process part, the processor appears to have been optimized to strike a balance between performance and power consumption. Also it was confirmed that the A4 processor has support for ARM's Neon media instruction set extensions.

Wireless Gigabit spec published, gains Cisco support

The group developing a super-fast wireless data technology that can transmit data up to 10 times as fast as today's fastest Wi-Fi published its initial specification on Monday and named Cisco as the latest backer of the technology.

E.U. Details $957 Billion Rescue Package

European leaders agreed on Monday to provide a huge rescue package of nearly $1 trillion in a sweeping effort to combat the debt crisis that has engulfed Europe and threatened markets around the world.

BAD HARDWARE: Bad euro money, nothing better then dollar.

Friday, May 07, 2010

US Navy: Yes, we need 11 aircraft carriers through 2045

"Do we really need 11 carrier strike groups for another 30 years when no other country has more than one?" Gates asked the annual conference of the Navy League, a supporters' group.
Gates stirred the waters on Monday with a speech in which he asked whether the United States could afford "a Navy that relies on 3- to 6-billion-dollar destroyers, along with 7-billion-dollar submarines and 11-billion-dollar carriers."

What is 3D extraction ?

At the end of the day, the electronics industry needs an accurate 3D electrical circuit model that supports the goal of achieving a quality design. Adopting the latest 3D EDA technology is one way to achieve this goal.

BAD HARDWARE: Well, not only 3D circuit model, but the 3D circuits themselves. Currently, 2D circuit layoffs are quite out of steam.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

AMD settles OPTi patent suits for $32 million

Sunnyvale-based chip designer AMD has last week reached a settlement and signed a licensing agreement with OPTi Inc. which will see the latter dismiss the two patent lawsuit filed against AMD in the Eastern District of Texas in 2006 and 2007.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Intel shows off first Light Peak laptop

Intel shows off first Light Peak laptop
Works with fiber optics at 10Gbps. We expect Intel to increase that speed dramatically. Interestingly enough my current  Internet connection is fiber optics at 3 Mbps. 30 Mbps is available too. However, 40 Gbps connection (IPv6 I assume) should be 10 000 times faster. Download in a second instead of 3 hours? Hush. That is the difference like between current 30Mbps and forgotten 2400bps dial up. Thus, we are still at Internet beginnings regarding IPv6. Thus, there is enough place for hardware optimism.

New Ubuntu eats more power than Windows 7 !

"Out of the box" Ubuntu 10.04 LTS consumed 56 per cent more power than Windows 7 Professional
Didn't bad hardware tell you how Win 7 is power efficient?. That is actually why Win7  runs my notebook keeping it so cool.

AMD wins a big victory as HP adopts its chips in 14 new laptops

Handing a big victory to Advanced Micro Devices over Intel, Hewlett-Packard is announcing today it is launching 14 new laptops with AMD microprocessors.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

CPU slowdown

Moore's law is not valid. Actually we can see some  improvements in the future CPUs, but it is not mainstream option for now.Current  processor clock can be pushed to 5Ghz in the future,  and  additional 25% boost could be obtained in number instructions per clock. But that is all. In the next 9 years only 2 times overall faster CPU. Seems like we are in a deep CPU performance saturation.
Intel's Turbo Boost vs AMD's Turbo Core

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