Friday, July 21, 2006

Why Dell takes an alternative to processor provider?

Well, just arrived some new, carefully hidden evidences on exclusive pretty hot relations with Intel (inside only) .
Click on picture to enlarge. And please, don't try to reproduce the problem cause in an airplane.

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Ops, Google doubles its profits

Invest there.
Google (Mountain View, Calif.) said Thursday (July 20) it earned $721.1 million during the second quarter, a $378.3 million jump over the same period last year. Net income in the first quarter of 2006 totaled $592 million.

Second quarter revenues totaled $2.46 billion, a 77-percent increase over the same period in 2005.
Compare with Intel's earnings in the same time frame.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Intel Declares War

Its offical claim now.
Investors weren't shocked by Intel's second-quarter net income of $900 million, off 57% from the same quarter last year.

But, as always, rotten fish starts to stink from its head. Clean it first.
The moves, part of a plan to achieve "faster and better decision making," will bring the number of executives that report to Chief Executive Paul Otellini down by two. As part of the reorganization, two Intel executives have announced plans to retire, including Bill Siu, the general manager of the channel platforms group.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush Blocked Internal Justice Probe of Wiretaps

The Office of Professional Responsibility, which is the Justice Department's internal ethics unit, had been asked by congressional Democrats in January to review the role that department officials played in the creation and operation of the program that intercepted millions of overseas telephone calls and e-mails originating in the U.S.

The reason? I don't need stinking OPR. What more, in the end, I don't need any ethics at all!
Question for the President: But, terrorists themself don't need ethics too, when they are killing innocent. What is the difference?
By the way, never have been so many terrorists and terrorism BEFORE Mr. Bush arrival in the Oval Office, after hmm quite unethical decision of the Supreme Court on his election victory with overall less number of voters than Presidential candidate from Democratic Party. Some idiot that don't regularly watch TV might say that Bush himself intentionally produced all this mess around. I mean, some 6 years after the 9/11 event, President is still unable to capture or kill Osama !?. But he eliminated all those others who bother Great Israel in any way! Perhaps he wouldn't like to (sp)oil still? warm and friendly relations with Osama's oil family? Or with ZION RING FAMILY? What if Osama is only their's latest negative role character from the Hollywood production sequel?

In my humble opinion, ethics is the basis of all: Our Laws, our society and administration, our religion, and our future. Without it, what will left in the end of all?
Well, seems that some court people who make those stinking orders don't agree with theirs President.
In a setback for the Bush administration's secretive Terrorist Surveillance Program, a federal judge in San Francisco on Thursday denied a government motion to quash a warrantless-wiretapping lawsuit against AT&T.

U.S. Northern District Judge Vaughn R. Walker rejected the government's claim that allowing the suit to proceed would compromise state secrets.

In a 72-page order, which attorneys for the plaintiffs called a victory, Walker wrote that dismissing the case at this early stage ``would sacrifice liberty for no apparent enhancement of security.''

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After cut of 1000 managers, Intel cuts 2006 profit estimates for $3B

Finally, a truth on bad hardware.
Intel is hoping to boost profits by slashing costs and inventory. Growth in PC sales is slowing and Intel predicts annual profits will be $9.3 billion, which is significantly lower than the $12.1 billion earned in 2005.

Oooooooops, some $3B less than in 2005 ! ! !. But price war with AMD yet really didn't start !.
That is it. If no more manager cuts at Intel, seems that each manager has made for its company average LOSS of some $3M per year. No more profits, no need for the managers. But ,being nothing has been cut in Israel, percentage of Jewish managers at Intel jumped significantly. Seems Intel goes to Israel, AMD goes worldwide. (Can we say so?)
It is even worse.
"I think they are going to do worse than this. There is a pricing dynamic in the industry. AMD and Intel are in a price war. Intel is probably going to underperform these numbers," Ross said. Intel shares fell 3 percent to $17.97 in extended trading on the Inet electronic brokerage.

Proving again,again and again badhardware's predictions right.
Sell Intel's shares quietly, recommended.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

AMD unbelievably slashes AM2 prices


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Merom designers work from underground

As badhardware reported first. And now Reuters.
Staff at Intel Corp's Haifa research centre have been forced into bomb shelters as Hizbollah rockets rained on the northern Israeli city, but they are still working, thanks to the fact it's also wireless underground.

The U.S. chip giant's R&D centre in Haifa has equipped its bomb shelters with a wireless network, said Kobi Bachar, a spokesman for Intel Israel.

8 dead in Haifa. So, if you find some design flaws in Merom soon, find too some mild understanding. You see how hard (underground) work conditions those people have.
What, Intel might know that their main design center is in war zone, why shouldn't find safier place? I mean, I am only stupid ordinary hardware user, not interested in anyway in politics and noble Zion goals. You ungreatful terrorist supporter !. There is no so clever people on Earth like in Israel. Beside, those people after hard work couldn't relax better in any other place in the world. Say with shooting Palestinian children like a rabbits ( or like VP Dick Chaney shoots ducks and his friends in orange jackets), during the weekend. You know that is not like in computer games. Nothing compares with a feeling of real killing. But, what with forgotten Old Testament message: Don't kill, not to be killed?

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Ooooooooops, Intel gives up from optimized 64bit X86 ! ! !

Confident Hiroshige Goto confirms.

When you look at such background, Intel with Core MA, the reason which excessively stops emphasizing 64bit it is well understood. Intel, temporarily, with the opposition to AMD64, pushed out EM64T with NetBurst to the front. But, it has stopped emphasizing 64bit recently excessively from Intel side. With current mounting which is optimized in the efficiency of 32bit, perhaps that 64bit is emphasized it judges that it is not profitable step.

Though, because either Microsoft, with "Windows Vista" does not push out 64bit to the front excessively unlike the expectation of beginning, you can call balance that you have taken. Because Microsoft information of the micro architecture of Intel with the expectation which is being inserted in the hand at rather quick stage, knew the weak point of Core MA, very there is also a possibility tone of knocking down 64bit

Intel is optimized for 32bit not for 64, that is the reason. But who found it first? Badhardware, at Merom first. Generally, for Intel's "new architecture" .
More details on Intel's radical new SUBOPTIMAL 64bit architecture find at badhardware. Smiley surprise for AMD and new Itanium. P4 has some boost with 64 bit, but Core Duo no any. Sell Intel's shares quietly, recommended.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Intel Merom's Santa Rosa 2007 chipset can't address more than 4GB DRAM

What a 64bit support.!
Although, eh, oh, Crestline will consume 13,5 W. Close to unbeatable low power consumption Merom, or even more ! Generally, what a global warming reduction achievement !. Normal hardware people will never take Merom in consideration after pure 64bit Turion long time at disposal, but David Copperfield dudes may buy it. Then, it would be nice for them to know what they actually bought INSIDE TM.
Thus badhardware optimism on Merom systems in 2007 remains unsubstantiated.

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Mercury clock loses only a second after 400M years

Mercury clock loses only a second after 400M years.
Let me remind you, some 400M years ago. Earth's surface was completely deserted land. No single plant or animal on it, though some had been in the oceans.

If we could start our Mercury clock even then, it would be only one second late today. ! Now, latest atomic clock might be as small as the box of matches. How stable our computer clocks might be with such mother of the clocks!.

So who or what was created the first? God probably created first time to run, and the space where it have to run. With a precision of single second to locate the things and creatures, that have been created only later.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Being unable to make a radical architecture improvement , Intel changed the way we see it !

If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, you will only see one color, pink. If you stare at the black + in the center, the moving dot turns to green. Now, concentrate on the black + in the center of the picture. After a short period of time, all the pink dots will slowly disappear, and you will only see a green dot rotating if you're lucky! It's amazing how our brain works. There really is no green dot, and the pink ones really don't disappear. This should be proof enough, that we don't always see what we think we see.
Illusionism again !

The same thing is with processors, we don't always get we think we get.

So there are two TDPs... or, at least, there used to be, six years ago. Anyway, AMD's claim is that its 125 watt number represents the FX-62's TDPmax, and Intel's 75 watt number represents Core 2 Extreme's TDPtyp. If Intel represented the maximal TDP instead, the numbers might look much different.


P.S. David Copperfield ( name taken after the Charles Dickens novel ) was quite possible special advisor for the famous Tejas design team. Oh, how that illusion has been convincing. I don't know anyone who could resist. Anyway, my favorite one ( however, let's see first how "the new architecture" illusion will advance, but many are already immersed in) . Intel itself gives us a hint after once noniventively called its new weapon Coppermine. Of course, David Copperfield was in 1999 Intel's secret weapon only for some future designs. P III itself was a quite decent processor I still use, but Intel was even then aware that hit the wall in the dead end Pentium street. So, David was its cheapest answer against the booming AMD.


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Saturday, July 15, 2006

AMD X2 at 2Ghz faster than Kentsfield at 2,4Ghz

AMD X2 at 2Ghz is faster than Kentsfield at 2,4Ghz with two cores.

So much about some unbeatable benchmarks on unbeatable Kentsfield processor.
Just as badhardware found somewhat earlier.OK. Now some latest benchmark findings on Conroe.

As you can see from the results, Intel takes a decisive lead in all categories but one: memory bandwidth. In Sandra 2007, Intel lags by astounding 100% when compared to the AMD products.

Just as badhardware found long time ago. Conroe is cache optimized. So when cache miss happens, unbeatable Conroe stalls. The role of Intel's carefully chosen benchmarks is to do just that: best in cache only.




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Intel, PC Makers Sued Over Processor Performance

Intel, PC Makers Sued Over P4 Performance. And I asked myself why Intel changed the name of P4 family to Core duo? Well, until I red that in archive article above.

A small group of PC owners has quietly filed a class action lawsuit against Intel, Gateway, and Hewlett-Packard alleging the companies misled them into believing the Pentium 4 was a superior processor to Intel's own Pentium III and AMD's Athlon.

However, situation with performance widely change. Core Duo has excelent benchmarks.
Even if *real* benchmarking comes back to our daily papers, remember the old saying: "There are lies, lies, and benchmarks."

Lets check the claim. Anand proudly founds:

"Intel's Core 2 Extreme X6800 didn't lose a single benchmark in our comparison; not a single one."
Congrats. Conroe is simply unbeatable. But the question is against whom?
P$4 perhaps?

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Shoot the Moon

Rocket needs 4 days to reach the Moon. But, bounced photon hunters don't need a rocket.
Laser beam can reach the Moon in a second and half.A picture from the June 2006 run showing the back of the telescope, the APOLLO laser enclosure (left), the beam heading moon-ward, and the moon intself. The moon is actually a crescent, but so terrifically overexposed (16 seconds) that it looks rather round.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Bush OKs secret court to review agency spy effort

After some plausible objections from badhardware, President Bush changed his course.

I mean of course, on bad use of top hardware from good guys intended against the bad guys.
The only thing strange to me in all these secret operations is the secret court. That is obvious contradictio in adjecto. Court have to be public and open, or otherwise, it is not a court. I mean democratic one. And the USA once were democratic country, isn't it?

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Intel cuts 1000 managers worldwide.

Intel cuts 1000 managers worldwide. Perhaps only those not sworn on Zion brotherhood?
"Our analysis has shown that we have too many management layers," Mulloy said.

Hmm, I though at Intel were too many management LYARS.

After that, yet another 15K notices of termination will be probably delivered. But, this rest up to the optimal 16K work force reduction goal will not be asked for anything. I swear. HP did the same. Folsom campus will open the termination season. The others will follow.

"AMD is not going away so Intel will have to adjust its size and costs to reflect a smaller market share than they have had in the past," he explained. "The days of Intel being the only credible supplier in the market are history."

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Conroe and Merom design center in Haifa, Israel attacked by rockets?

Yesterday, Merom and Conroe design center perhaps was damaged, after rocket attack on Haifa. Haifa residents told to remain in protected areas. What will be with Intel production in huge 45nm fab in Kiryat Gat, only 30kms from Gaza strip, if attacks escalate? The complete hardware publicity is suspiciously silent about. But, their silence tells all about their's objectivity. They don't read news, or what? Beside, that roque North Korea, has 6-8 nukes on their rockets. Those might be smuggled who knows where. Personally, I would invest in AMD only.
My future servers, even PCs will be AMD's. Just in case. Because, if Israel lose this war, Zionist world supremacy project is dead. And companies that finance it. AMD seems quite safe longterm option.

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Congress: Buy Intel TM energy-efficient servers now

Eh, for the past 4 years, when Intel hasn't had anything energy efficient else than ill fated Itanium, this kind bill haven't had any chance?
I mean it could hurt Xeon and Dell badly.
Does that show who is the real boss in Congress?
I mean in the USA. The same those who systematically exported Intel's main design and production centers in Israel? Seems so. By the way, seems that AMD first started campaign:
STOP GLOBAL WARMING AT YOUR DATA CENTER. More on global warming at badhardware.

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Castrato more popular than Maddona Johnny Depp and David Beckham combined

"Farinelli was more famous than Madonna, Johnny Depp and David Beckham combined," says Nicholas Clapton, curator of a London exhibition on castrati at the Handel House Museum.

His body, originally buried in 1782, is to be exhumed on 12 July and studied by researchers in Italy to see how childhood castration, performed on prospective singers to stop their voices breaking, affected bone structure.

Well, the secret of his alien voice is obvious, but applied solution is hmmm, pretty painful, at least for me. Anyway, we can't say that all his hardware is properly shaped, though (s)he was the mega star. Right?

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The main cause of death statistics

Would you expect the following order among these 3000 famous deaths:
1. Cancer
2. Heart attack
3. Stroke
4. Pneumonia
5. Murder
6. Suicide

Follow: Car accident, Drug overdoze, Assassination, AIDS, etc.
Lets suppose the first 4 most frequent are from God, than the next 6 are from Devil. Actually, you can easily avoid those 6 causes. Possible even those 4. Then, you will probably live over 100.

However, among the all, my favorite is this one cause of death: vulcanic eruption.
The most striking hit is without any doubt of course The-death-of-the-american-republic

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AMD Torrenza Initiative

If you asked yourself what are the ways AMD's 4x4 Initiative will be implemented,
here is the convincing visual explanation:
(Too much ado about nothing?). Well, not quite. Read this first.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

AMD's response to Kentsfield: FX-64 5200 at 65W only

4x4 strategy based on low power consumption FX-64 will put AMD's top performance ahead of Kentsfield's in Q4 this year !. Thus, 2 AMD's FX-64 at 65W each could fit into advanced BTX board 135W TDP !.
Two 65W FX-64 at US$541 each is some $1082. Quite price competitive to later Kentsfield.
And performance competitive to ill fated Nehalem. Two times 5200+ is 10400+. Equivalent to Nehalem clock in Mhz, right? 4 issues per clock and that is some 40 000 MFLOPS at 2.6Ghz , better than Kentsfield Whetstone of 37232 at 2,9Ghz.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Intel Core Duo E6600 is crippled 4 core Kentsfield !

So where are the 4 cores detected?
Well, see the bottom picture . Only you need is to unlock 4 core mode on mobo.
Default freq : 2.4GHz, 8MB/L2 cache / QuadCores
Default Vcore:1.26V
Intel release day :2007 Q1

Kentfield is tested on INTEL D975XBX R302t mobo. 4 cores are detected, but not Kentsfield ID. Drystone is unbelievable 54093 MIPS, Whetstone 37232 MFLOPS ! ! ! !
CPU:INTEL Kentsfield XE
Mobo:Intel BadAxe R302(mod support conroe)
Vga:Nvidia Quadro Fx4500
Ram:GeIL PC2-8500 1.8V
HD:WD Raptor 150G

However, super Pi 1M sluggish, due to frequently blocked FSBs .
Kentsfield overlock at 3,9Ghz .

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U KILL palestine people, we KILL Israeli servers !

U KILL palestine people, we KILL Israeli servers.
Pro-Palestinian hackers shut down Israeli Internet Web sites as Israeli troops invaded southern Gaza after the abduction of an Israeli soldier, an Israeli newspaper reported Thursday. The Jerusalem Post reported that about 700 Web sites were shut down in the campaign.


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Intel prepares 32 cored Keifer for 2010

Intel prepares 32 cored Keifer for 2010.
Five years ago, Intel envisioned processors running at 20 GHz by the end of this decade. Today we know that the future will look different. CPUs will sacrifice clock speed over core count: The "Gulftown" processor, Intel's first "many core" CPU, will run at only two thirds of the clock speed of today's fastest Xeon CPU - but achieve 15x the performance, thanks to 32 cores.

So what is new here? Badhardware already knew before that why 10Ghz Tejas had no any chance.
Please note Keifer max clock: 2,6Ghz !
Was I right? Performance up, clock down. But, hmm not for the all applications. Only for those able to extract inherent parallelism INSIDE.
Anyway, I hope that AMD will not promptly respond with 32 core Yoghurt processor. Like responded with early AM2 3600+ X2 against Conroe launch.

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Motorola launches non wear-out MRAM

Nice chance even for bigger systems. 8 of 4 Mbit MRAM chips give 4 MB of 35ns nonvolatile storage. Now, when your system hang out simply reboot the the OS microkernel from ist last state. Without the need for POST and reboot.
Sort of micro reboots. Finally something useful for our buggy OSs. By the way, 4MB is the L2 size of Intel's latest Woodcrest and Conroe processors.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

All our current computing models are based on representation of electron as an particle

Since, its discovery in 1897. And on idea that we must have a bulk of substance for each of them.
But, no any more. What if we can make a single atom sheet of graphene?
We could get computer based on wave computing. And wave oriented computer architectures. With a quantum entaglement property as a benefit.

Seems, though quite counter intuitive, we even didn't start with real computing opportinities.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Design flaws in Intel and AMD microarchitecture

Design flaws in Intel and AMD microarchitecture.
Anything new for Badhardware?
Do you think here is so many hits without any reason?
Then, check this Bug Hall of Fame.

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65nm AMD64 is exclusively dual core

Confirming badhardware earlier findings.
That will run only on a new BIOS.
However, as its BrandID has been increased from 8 bits to 16 bits, new bios is a must for recognition and function enabling.
That means todays mobos will not recognize 65 nm AMD processors.

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Google becomes a verb

Google, a verb.
WinFS becomes a drop out.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

USA goes Petaflops

And nobody else, except Japan.

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Happy Birthday to you, dear President

Click on the picture to enlarge. Happy Birthday to you dear President Bush.
Happy Nintendo bithday game party dear President.
I hope you will get out as a winner in the end, as it is usually the case, from every possible combat.

P.S. Provided no use of Nintendo cheats as usual, or Nintendo tricks help from your Big father.
However, You have to do it alone this time Mr. President, to be credible for us, hardware people.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A closer look at AMD's next generation architecture

Click on picture to enlarge. Click here for more details.

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Why Tejas had no any chance?

Inside the same power consumption envelope, dual core chip shows 1,8 times better performance. For 80% better on muti thread tasks!. What about single thread ones, they are still majority of our practical needs?. Well, don't be with single thread application appetites. ! Why don't you use your computer say exclusively for special prepared multi threaded benchmarks by Intel?. Then, performance of your dual corer will flourish, check yourself!
Each next manufacturing process lowers supply voltage, thus, future 4 cored processors will again lower its clock frequency to keep the processor power consumption envelope inside in advance fixed practical overall margins.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bush started with US citizens wiretapping 7 months before 9/11 ! !

Well, that is called event anticipation.
But, I thought after Bush's brainwashing rhetorics, that democrats were indirectly guilty for 9/11 attacks? Seems that theirs security misses were wiretapped and available for blackmailing if they would dare in any way to doubt in Bush's official 9/11 event version or argue against the carefully planned Iraqi adventure, as a part of broad, only rising anti muslims media campaign, something similar in reach only to anti Jewish Nazi propaganda.
OK, enough with conspiracy theories, lets just look in court's tapping order and abandon forever those stinking accusations.
Hmm, that is exactly the core of problem. This president doesn't like any stinking court order (they painfully resembles him on honest man Nixon) !! Or perhaps on then close elections 2000 , he won with minority of overall voters number, by Supreme Court decision? So far, no written record on cause and need for pre 9/11 wiretapping !. Now, speculations will blossom.
The only thing left unanswered so far in this story is how Bush actually might know in advance for 9/11 event and Iraqi endless war, except if he was himslef quite close with confident, 9/11 and later Iraq campaign planning circles ???. On the contrary, he would be impeached for Nixon style mass wiretapping. Isn't it? What else his EARLY wiretapping could be abused for?

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