Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why Tejas had no any chance?

Inside the same power consumption envelope, dual core chip shows 1,8 times better performance. For 80% better on muti thread tasks!. What about single thread ones, they are still majority of our practical needs?. Well, don't be with single thread application appetites. ! Why don't you use your computer say exclusively for special prepared multi threaded benchmarks by Intel?. Then, performance of your dual corer will flourish, check yourself!
Each next manufacturing process lowers supply voltage, thus, future 4 cored processors will again lower its clock frequency to keep the processor power consumption envelope inside in advance fixed practical overall margins.

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Man, your're really against Intel.
Lets talk about some bad stuff about AMD chips for a change. Every chance you get, you have to bash them.
OK, only read this first:
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