Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Phenom-enal underclock !

Underclocking AMD's 45nm Phenom II X4 940 (4x 3,0 GHz) to 2,6 Ghz TDP drops to 70W only, and in idle mode using Cool and Quite to 15W only. That means 13% clock drop saves almost 50% in power consumption. And shows that Phenom is only power consumption limited.
Meaning that 3Ghz PhII Dual core will consume only 63W, and 3,4 Ghz dual core fits inside 95W power envelope, with the future PhII BE clocked even up to 3,6 GHz. Impressive.

USA falls apart in 2010?

Something like Challenger?
"There's a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur"

Has some sense IN EACH OIL CRISIS. And obviously stupid idea at the same time. Because, what would happen with
nuclear weapons control? To me, China is more endangered.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mr. Bush's prophecy to his main future presidency accomplishments

Prophecy video is given here. His finger belongs to war duty to serve in Vietnam?
You(tube) asked for it. Twice in a raw. Hope never, never again. The domestic and foreign collaterals of that goal are briefly given below.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New DRAM for new age

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mysterious blowout

Something blows out our life supporting ionosphere.
What worse, it jams our wireless blood line.

Both Intel and Apple feel some 3% lack of the Imagination

The world's largest chip maker Intel has increased its share in graphics chipset design company Imagination to 3.04%. The announcement comes just 48 hours after it was confirmed that Apple has acquired a 3.6% stake in Imagination to secure graphics chip blueprints for use in future iPhones.

Navy's Invisible killer robots

Start to kill as soon as in 2011.
Wow. Perhaps in Iran? What else, Iraq is almost completely destroyed. However, I bet more on the year 2013. You know, some time is needed to thoroughly test the technology in combat conditions .

Mac or PC, hilarious rap video


If not better, Phenom II is cheaper than i7 !

Well, finally we are sure about something.
Beside, 45nm Athlon 2 will follow briefly in a pretty small (and again dirty cheap) 80mm2 die.
Hmm, in recession years, its should be perhaps the most important item at all. Isn't it?

No recession for good shoes !?

No recession for Good Bad Evil shoes.

Monday, December 22, 2008

IEDM: 450mm wafer fab will cost $10B !

''Is the technology node progression slowing down? Not yet, but it soon will be,'' said Craig Sander, vice president of process R&D at Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and the company's foundry spin-off, dubbed The Foundry Co. At 22-nm, ''we are hitting the physical limits (of scaling). After that, things will slow down.''

BAD HARDWARE: If 22 nm is supposed in the year 2012, no more scaling down after that year?
450mm wafers will support Moore's law grow in terms of productivity some time, 3D device integration will help too, but essentially Moore's law will be dead. Provided it speaks about silicon substrate scaling.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

AMD ultraportable note and netbooks !

Congo Yukon Kite Refresh
CPU Code name Conesus Huron Sherman
The number of cores 2 1 1
Package BGA BGA mPGA (Socket S1)
Chip set Code name RS780M+SB710 RS690E+SB600 RS690E+SB600
GPU Radeon HD 3200 Radeon X1250 Radeon X1250
Animated picture playback support AVIVO HD AVIVO AVIVO
Target market It is low price note PC It is low the price note PC/net book Net book

Friday, December 19, 2008

Desktops to decline 27% in 4Q and additional 20% in 1Q 2009 !

Almost halved number in 2Q next year.

Bush: We are absolutely a guest in Iraq.

Absolutely fucking guests.
Recently welcomed with shoes. Wouldn't be better that instead of fuck Iraq adventure, that $1000B cache pile had been properly invested in a deeply fucked US economy?. Had been done so, today we wouldn't live in a global crash times. Seems that fucking target has been missed. Isn't it?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Toshiba, IBM and AMD develop smallest area SRAM up to date

The cell was developed using IBM's high-k/metal gate (HKMG) materials and process technology at 32nm. And whereas previous attempts to reduce SRAM cell size have required modifications to the doping agents used (impurities are put onto the surface to create desirable electrical effects), the new solution is undoped and greatly increases stability. This allows their cell size to be dramatically reduced (relative to other processes) while increasing stability.

According to IBM, projections indicate the cell size will remain stable even at a point below the projected 22nm process node, though products will first arrive at the 32nm process node (in 2010/2011 ??).

With or without right underfill: Nvidia jumps into the notebook arena

THe Inq reports.
What this looks like is that Nvidia traded a bump cracking problem for an inter-layer delamination problem. Both lead to a term that semiconductor people call catastrophic failure, something you don't need an engineering degree to understand.

Joke away, we hope NVIDIA notebooks will not suffer from delamination problems.

Fed rates are now close to zero.

What is the next? Negative interests? Is dollar worth more than average garbage? During the Bush reign seems that everything was false. Except the shoes, of course.

Next year will start a new performance race !

Microsoft blames users for its own failures

The scratching-disks problem was mentioned a few years back, too. I wonder whether more people would prefer a slight discount on the price of a console to the ability to reorient it while a disk was playing inside.

Well, this was quick: Hit Bush with the shoes game

Just as predited.

Play it here.

Or here.
Warning ! Those sites has no clearance in attitude towards terrorism!.

By the way, seems that shoes used in attack are currently worth $10M. If you own one look for your prize here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

64bit Windows and President Bush currently have the same approval rate: 7%

Nehalem not immune to TLB failures !

No work around still.
Nehalem would still run, though at lower speed without noticeable problems.
Something reminds me to phenom clock scaling trouble with this approach.

First dual core Stars

Too late, but AMD finally did it.
It is still hot in 65nm after its 95W TDP, thus no big perspective before 45nm ramp implementation .

Monday, December 15, 2008

Russia prepares Shoe 1 ballistic missiles for export into the Arabic states

Shoe 2 version with extended hit range, will follow briefly.
Thanks to anti ballistic shield in Poland, EU for now seems safe from that immediate threat.
Deja vue of Khurshov launched crisis in the sixties, see below? Famous shoe supported UN speech?

The best PC game scenario ever: Bush being almost hit by Iraqi shoes

An Iraqi man at Maliki's palace threw his shoes at Bush during the appearance.The shoes sailed right past the president's head. Displaying the soles of one's shoes is considered a deep insult in much of the Arab world. Bush joked about it, saying, "That was a size 10 shoe he threw at me." Well kicking video "We are finally safe and saved" is given here. Isn't that a reason why Bush's current approval rate in the USA is only 7%, the lowest imaginable ever, even among the dictators?

BAD SHOE HARDWARE VERDICT: I like Bush hiding style (mark 10 for speed and special collision avoiding effects), though his humor is desperately bad, as always has been. Anyway, future politicians should be aware of flying shoes danger, or on the contrary, we will see all the future journalists barefooted. This must be real, because it is on TV, isn't it, do you remember that movie motto about the search for soldier Shoemaker in Iraq , with Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro?

Anyway, we finally got the evidence.
Thus, we are eagerly interested in where the hell shoes are made? If they are made in Iran, we may got the final proof for you know what kind of link. Generally, beside some initial military successes in Iraq, seems that blitz robotic war fares are yet far distant future.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Intel's inside: Intel employed Israel Army stuff in its latest Kiryat Gat fab ?!

From Jerusalem Post, Jan. 5, 2006 :

His son, who was recently released from the army, to study computers at a local college in the hope that one day he will be hired by the Intel Kiryat Gat.
90% of those more recent immigrants in Kiryat Gat arrived from the Former Soviet Union and the remainder from Ethiopia and Argentina.
By the way, much smaller former Qiryat Gat Fab18 discharged about 1.5 million m3 of wastewater per year, allocated for reuse in agriculture ???.
Honestly, do you really know who is really bellow your Intel inside label ?
Beside,Intel is ready to shoot Palestinians whenever is needed?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Let be honest: It is time to devalue the US dollar $$$$$

In an absolutely stunning article, a writer in Forbes Magazine is suggests an "overnight currency devaluation" to help right the economy. The writer says that devaluing the US dollar by THIRTY PERCENT (30%) would do the trick.
Despite the trillions of dollars already expended recapitalizing banks, there is very little, if any, progress to show. Will a few trillion more do the trick? No.
In 2002, the US debt was $6 trillion against a gross domestic product of $9 trillion.
30% $ devalue would equal US debt and US GDP. Than unstoppable $ inflation spiral will start.

Let me warn you what after:
"An OPEC switch from the dollar to the euro would bring a quick and devastating dollar and Wall Street crash that would make 1929 look like a $50 casino bet."

Boeing delays 787 Dreamliner, again

Boeing today announced that will have to delay the first flight and delivery of its 787 aircraft once again. The first flight of the aircraft, also called “Dreamliner”, has been moved into Q2 2009 and the first delivery is now planned for the first quarter of 2010. Originally, Boeing had planned to deliver the first 787 to customers by May 2008.

BAD HARDWARE earlier noted that Dreamliner name is christened after the fact that the travelers only might dream about its soon line use. Trust us, we have long time experience with bad hardware matters.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

40 Years Ago Today, the World Saw Its First Personal Computer

In a convention hall 40 years ago today, a computer scientist took to the stage and blew the crowd away with a couple of screens and the world’s first computer mouse (above).

Great and expensive vision when only the first calculators (below) appeared as a product at HP, when first microprocessor had not been still invented.
Calculator RAM called magnetic core memory had capacity of 4416 bits. The feritte memory has an advantage - the calculator can be switched off and on without losing data or programs. The lowest IC integration geometry in 1968. was around 50 microns. Today is only 45 nm, that means 1M times more in IC packaging density. Wafers were in area 225 time smaller, too. Together, today there is 225M times more transistors in a single processed wafer. Stunning, that is why calculator is priced $4,99 only. Seems that product prices go down as a square root of packaging density, or even slower.
Product Number: 9100
Introduced: 1968
Price: $4900

How bad was 2008?

Very, very bad. Compared only to 1931.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Obama: I have a dream !

USA not to be ranked 15th in a broadband Internet.
"Right now, more than 40 percent of American homes are not connected to broadband. This digital divide isn't just costing us our ranking as global Internet leader -- its costing us jobs and money at a time when both are urgently needed."

Will that push up Web 2.0? YES.

Manufacturing costs on rise, but AMD definitely will not stop until 12nm

GPGPU accelerates Apple's Leopard OS

Windows 7 do not.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Intel demos avalanche silicon photodetector

Able to recieve at 340 Gbps through the fiber. Until now those heights were reserved for expensive indium phosphide detectors. Needles to stress its importance for optical buses use. Say in Intel's forthcoming Larrabee chip.
Of course, we need beside silicon based laser for fast data sending.
“Silicon Photonics is a critical part of tera-Scale computing as we need the ability to move massive amounts of data on and off these very high performance chips
- Justin Ratner, Intel Chief Technology Officer
Or, alternatively , the new device could be used to make highly sensitive infrared imaging systems and cameras.

Once was enough: Inappropriate SMS

What a software bug!
Why the hell there is no famous Microsoft's "Are you sure ???" message before sending it to critical names like Dad, Mom, or the most dangerous a backup boyfriend ? Bliss is frequently simply the state of blindness.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oil to sink to as low as $20 next year?

25% possible.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Most journalists currently have jailed are actually online journos

But what are their actual crimes? On line biased lying about products and performance?. No, not at all, that kind of sins is quite socially acceptable. Deja vue.
Consolation EDIT: Now you can get Pulitzer online too.

How Obama will sync his Mac with his Zune?

Q1 2008

Market Share

Apple iPod








We suggest MacZuneSync celebrity application.

If Obama don't want VMWare installation to be new administration priority, here is the direct link remedy:

BADHARDWARE suggestion: Wouldn't be simpler for Obama to simply pick up Ipod instead, see below, that hides real pleasure behind?

Of course it would be. Zune is yet another dirty Gates trick?

Well, not quite. Seems that Sir Bill forgave last democratic administration bad toughts against his (Zune) fortune.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

This year total semiconductor industry growth: -2%

Preliminary 2008 worldwide ranking of the top 20 chip suppliers

Breakthrough: Fast superconducting transistor !

With no electric field, there is zero resistance between the source and drain as the device is superconducting
Caviglia said that computers using such transistors would be much faster than the gigahertz speeds currently available

How much faster? Well, expect computer clock order of 100 Ghz. That will simply performance smash current up to 3 Ghz clocked microprocessor snails.

Drawback? Well, working temperature is so prohibitively low that is far from ordinary home use.
Beside, Josephson junction superconducting switch was invented 40 years ago.
The same hard request for low temperature and low voltage made superconducting
computers elusive.

However, if someone could make them working at 77K or above, that would trigger some niche industrial interest. Because, in ordinary transistors, in the mean time, leaking power problems during its off state will only rise.

BREAKING: Obama was not born in the USA ?!!!!

But seems on the planet Krypton. As a proof, below is given a cut from the local Krypton starpapers, Galaxy rotation 1961 :

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

3 Ghz Phenom II available on February 4, 2009

Although it is a launch, retail products won't be available till Feb 4, 2009. Pre-orders should take place in from Jan 8 onwards.

Model 920 is rated 2.8GHz (14x200) and is a Quad Core processor. It has a HT link of 1.8GHz. It will have 256KB L1, 2M L2 and 6M L3 cache.

Model 940 is also quad core and is rated at 3GHz (15x200). it also has a HT LInk of 1.8GHz, 256KB L1, 2M L2 and 6M L3 cache.

How to get a new body?

Look at here.

TSUBAME sustained 1PFlops GPU based supercomputer

Finally, a truth on bad hardware

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

GEorge Bush still will not get what deserved

The problem with political jokes is they get elected - Henry Cote

Turns out that San Francisco voters didn't think naming a local sewage plant after President Bush was a fitting tribute to the president—or the plant.

Voters on Tuesday rejected Measure R, which would have changed the name of the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W. Bush Sewage Plant. More than 69 percent had voted against the idea.

The measure's supporters said it was an appropriate way to memorialize the 43rd president, who they blame for a long list of national woes from the Iraq war to the slumping economy.

But some critics had pointed out the name switch would have been unfair—to the hardworking sewage plant.

Or perhaps Bush will get it in the end ?

Russian strategic missiles become intelligent !

Russia upgrades missiles to evade U.S. arms

Cyber-attack on Defense Department computers

The 'malware' strike, thought to be from inside Russia, hit combat zone computers and the U.S. Central Command overseeing Iraq and Afghanistan. The attack underscores concerns about computer warfare.

Microsoft pays $20B to striken Yahoo for miserable 29% search market share

Memo to Microsoft: Enough With The Bribery

April 2008 (before Microsoft launched Live Cashback)

? Microsoft: 9.1%

? Google: 61.6%

? Yahoo: 20.4%

October 2008 (most recent rankings):

? Microsoft: 8.5%

? Google: 63.1%

? Yahoo: 20.5%

BADHARDWARE: THis is important for cloud browsing trend.

Cool: Phenom II Black Edition is here !

Phenom II 940 Black Edition@3GHz in idle: 26C
Phenom II 940 Black Edition@3.4GHz in idle mode: 35.5C

45nm Opterons see tested here.

AMD plant approved in New York

Finally, a truth on "bad" hardware

As expected, New York state's economic development arm approved $1.2 billion in state incentives on Monday for an Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in Malta.

The state Public Authorities Control Board must also approve the transfer before it becomes official. That board’s next scheduled meeting is Dec. 17.

BADHARDWARE: Recession? What recession?

It's official: U.S. in recession all of 2008 !!

Bush: I did it in electoral year.

Many economists believe the current downturn could be the worst since the recession of 1980-1982, when the U.S. unemployment rate soared above 10 percent.

The bureau's cautious approach can have big political ramifications. Not until December 1992 did it declare that the 1990 recession had ended in March 1991 - well before Bill Clinton drove the first President Bush out office with his "It's the economy, stupid!" mantra.

"It took the National Bureau a long time to declare the recession was over," said Annelise Anderson, a Hoover Institution scholar who served in the Office of Management and Budget in the Reagan administration.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Windows 7 released to manufacturers !

Our confidential source says that Microsoft has dropped the Business SKU for Windows 7


Release Date


Wave 0


English, Spanish, Japanese,
German, French

Wave 1

RTM + 14 Days

Italian, Dutch, Russian,
Simplified Chinese

Wave 2

RTM + 28 Days

Brazilian Portuguese, Polish,
Turkish, Korean

Wave 3

RTM + 45 Days

Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong),
Czech, Portuguese, Hungarian

Wave 4

RTM + 59 Days

Danish, Norwegian (Bokmål), Finnish

Wave 5

RTM + 73 Days

Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Ukrainian

Wave 6

RTM + 87 Days

Thai, Romanian, Lithuanian,
Slovak, Bulgarian

Wave 7

RTM + 101 Days

Estonian, Croatian, Serbian Latin,
Latvian, Slovenian

Unknown knowns: Nehalem is TLB bugged too !

Nehalem TLB bug obviously moved from the unknown knowns to the next knowing level.
"In rare instances, improper TLB invalidation may result in unpredictable system behavior, such as system hangs or incorrect data. Developers of operating systems should take this documentation into account when designing TLB invalidation algorithms. For the processors affected, Intel has provided a recommended update to system and BIOS vendors to incorporate into their BIOS to resolve this issue."

Thus, bad hardware rumors are true.
See yourself below, no matter how many cores are enabled, no improved performance in many applications.
Actually, if there are three or more active threads though, the Core i7 processor will not overclock any of its processing cores. Thus, Nehalem is so weak that needs single core acceleration. And that is what helps most of the available applications.

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