Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Military to fund brain chip for treating PTSD !!!!

Work on DARPA’s Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies (SUBNETS) program is set to begin with teams led by UC San Francisco (UCSF), and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). The SUBNETS program seeks to reduce the severity of neuropsychological illness in service members and veterans by developing closed-loop therapies that incorporate recording and analysis of brain activity with near-real-time neural stimulation. The program, which will use next-generation devices inspired by current Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) technology, was launched in support of President Obama’s brain initiative.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK:  Now, why we shouldn't  implement that chip BEFORE (TM BAD HARDWARE WEEK) you join US Army ?? To all soldiers!! With additional subroutines ( yes, with mass UPDATE wireless option ) to kill all those who hate our idiotic way of life or Jews ? To be one invincible army together with our remote controled drone army ?


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New nothing about missing MH 370 airplane

"REGARDING missing Malaysia Airlines Flight  MH370: Australia has a very high-tech, early warning coastal security system formally called the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN).It can track surface craft as well as aircraft the size of a Cessna 182 at 3000 kilometres. If an unidentified aircraft, as suggested, came down our north-west coast, automatic alarms should have activated. If an aircraft the size of Boeing 777  with no identity response got through, what next? Or did it not enter our airspace?"
Curiously, a journalist named Peter La Franchi commented in detail, expressing his opinion that Australia, clearly has a lot more explaining to do, and on a wide number of fronts.
Ground Based Radar Network
DIGO satellites.
It makes it virtually impossible for any aircraft to enter australian airspace without detection - even if they are at sea level.OR EVEN ARE INVINCIBLE TO EARTH RADAR ! LIKE STEALTH !!
So far, the Australian radar has been used mainly to detect illegal immigrants, smugglers and fisherman poaching in Australian territorial waters.
Here is the  sound of sweepwing australian OTH radar ( no aliens there I swear )
Australia announced in December 2004 that it would join the American plan to build a missile defense system, calling the threat of ballistic missiles too grave to ignore.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK:  Great nothing again. The Malaysian government on last Tuesday released 45 pages of raw satellite data

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Samsung bids to outsmart Apple with phone-watch

Apple is attempting to get a permanent ban on the sale of several Samsung electronic products in the U.S. with the theory that they infringe Apple’s patents as their main argument.
Some of the Samsung products that Apple wants to ban: Admire, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch
The South Korean company will launch a new watch that can browse the internet and make phone calls.
The gadget, to be called the Gear 2 SOLO, will be announced on July.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Google's brand overtakes Apple's in decline

Apple, which dominated the top position for three straight years, saw its brand value fall by 20 percent to $147.88 billion.
"US search engine Google has overtaken rival technology titan Apple as the world's top brand in terms of value, global market research agency Millward Brown said Wednesday. Google's brand value shot up 40 percent in a year to $158.84 billion (115 billion euros), Millward Brown said in its 2014 100 Top BrandZ report. 'Google has been extremely innovative this year with Google Glass, investments in artificial intelligence and a range of partnerships,' said Benoit Tranzer, the head of Millward Brown France. "
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: No more iPad marketing magic ? In the same time Google is cool with its Glass and AI interfaces, where Apple seems failed. And that after law of high numbers must stroke concumers' brand perception. And shareholders' too.

On the other hand, Apple has no real answer for the cloud based services being offered by companies like Google. Apple maintains a rigid control over its own platform and gets to profit enormously from it, but it has little in the way of software value add itself to challenge its competitors who often have nothing but software.
In many ways, Apple is a victim of its own success. It has painted itself into a very big, well furnished corner of the tech world.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Number of GPUs in decline


Friday, May 16, 2014

Expect an 'Internet of Things' Explosion by 2025

Last year, Cisco counted 13 billion Internet-connected devices. By 2020, there will be 50 billion, Tucker said, tipping phones, chips, sensors, implants, and "devices of which we have not yet conceived."

"Man, I would like to develop YOUR idea further,"

When Marchiori unveiled the breakthrough, was a student, four years younger than the speaker, who listened with rapt attention. 
The boy was Page, who then spent the day with Marchiori, discussing the future of Internet. When it was time to say goodbye, Page told his new Italian friend: "Man, I would like to develop your idea further," according to Marchiori. Page kept his promise.
I asked the university for 20,000 euros to develop a search engine, but instead, they financed a project about the history of copper metallurgy in Italy.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Well, the rest of story is history. Larry then got $100 000 from Sun. And Google was born.
Larrz has been obviously great developer since that year 1998. But Larry first established company and then announced his big idea. He simply tried to better understand future more than  the past like Italians.
"Of course, hardware experts are somewhat concerned Moore's Law may not continue to hold for the next 15 years, but there are certainly a lot of interesting centralized applications even if we only get part of the way to our hypothetical example of 100 billion web pages. " Well, after 15 years hardware experts are sure Moore's law is dead. Somewhat.
Two years ago, Marchiori began working on a new kind of search engine called Volunia. This was a "social search-based network" designed to share interests and queries using a three-dimensional interface.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Strange correlation

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Since 1999. However after 2008 correlation is not quite correct. :( There is more suicides.

NSA reportedly installing spyware on US-made hardware

NSA documents reveal the agency is allegedly receiving or intercepting routers, servers, and other computer network devices to embed surveillance tools before international export. The US technology industry builds the most secure hardware and software in the world today. NSA relies on these products to help protect our nation's most sensitive information and, over the past decade, has turned to commercial technology to replace government-built technology. Given its own reliance on many of the very same technologies that the public uses, the US Government is as concerned as the public is with the security of these products. While we cannot comment on specific, alleged intelligence-gathering activities, NSA's interest in any given technology is driven by the use of that technology by foreign intelligence targets. The United States pursues its intelligence mission with care to ensure that innocent users of those same technologies are not affected.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Intel and NSA inside TM. Cisco is asking help from Obama.
No one wants backdored routers.

ERAM overloading exploit :)

Last week’s failure of a Federal Aviation Administration computer system handling air traffic in the southwestern US was caused by an error that filled the available memory to the system, Reuters reports. Security experts who evaluated the system told Reuters that the flaw could have been used by attackers to shut down the FAA’s En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) system, stopping air traffic nationwide.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

FAA: U.S. Airliner Nearly Collided With Drone in March

A U.S. airliner nearly collided with a drone over Florida earlier this year, a federal official said, a near miss that highlights risks posed by the proliferation of unmanned aircraft in U.S. skies.
The FAA said US Airways Flight 4650 from Charlotte, N.C., a 50-seat jet, was approaching Tallahassee airport when it passed the drone, which the pilot described "as a camouflaged F-4 fixed-wing aircraft that was quite small."
"Imagine a metal-and-plastic object, especially that big lithium battery, going into a high-speed turbine engine," he said. "The results could be catastrophic."

Friday, May 09, 2014

Snapchat Admits Its Photos Don't 'Disappear Forever'

Snapchat can no longer legally claim that photos sent over its service are "ephemeral," "disappear forever" and "aren't saved," after a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission today (May 8).
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Seems they disappear ALMOST. Photo illusreating that option in this article disappeared safely forever . HOW ? Well, by the only safe way imaginable. It wasn't published. Ever.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Every Country Will Have Armed Drones Within Ten Years

 Virtually every country on Earth will be able to build or acquire drones capable of firing missiles within the next ten years. Armed aerial drones will be used for targeted killings, terrorism and the government suppression of civil unrest.

ALIAS should present a high-level, latency-tolerant interface to a human supervisor to enable operation and foster effective human-machine collaboration.  For example, simple touch and voice interfaces may enable supervisor-ALIAS interaction.  ALIAS should also serve as a platform for enabling additional mission capability-specific automation or autonomy applications.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: What about fighter pilots role? They will get ALIAS.
Weaponized, Yes. Weaponized And Autonomous? Maybe. 



Saturday, May 03, 2014

Spy Plane Fries Air Traffic Control Computers, Shuts Down LAX

 A relic from the Cold War appears to have triggered a software glitch at a major air traffic control center in California Wednesday that led to delays and cancellations of hundreds of flights across the country, sources familiar with the incident told NBC News.

On Wednesday at about 2 p.m., according to sources, a U-2 spy plane, the same type of aircraft that flew high-altitude spy missions over Russia 50 years ago, passed through the airspace monitored by the L.A. Air Route Traffic Control Center in Palmdale, Calif. The L.A. Center handles landings and departures at the region’s major airports, including Los Angeles International (LAX), San Diego and Las Vegas.
The computers at the L.A. Center are programmed to keep commercial airliners and other aircraft from colliding with each other.
The U-2 was flying at 60,000 feet, but the computers were attempting to keep it from colliding with planes that were actually miles beneath it. Though the exact technical causes are not known, the spy plane’s altitude and route apparently overloaded a computer system called ERAM, which generates display data for air-traffic controllers. Back-up computer systems also failed.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Not convinced. What about Global Hawk from Northrop Grumman ?
In April of 2014, the ERAM system at the Los Angeles (ZLA) ARTCC failed causing a ground-stop that propagated [3] throughout the western United States and lasting as long as 2.5 hours.
Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor for ERAM, which will cost the F.A.A. more than $2.1 billion. The Government Accountability Office said in September 2012 that poor contract oversight had contributed to delays and cost overruns in the program. Deployment got off to a slow start when the system was first installed in Salt Lake City, because of software problems, but air traffic experts said it had been running better recently.

US nukes are under control of 8 inch floppy !

Please note 100 KBytes 8 inch floppy with launch software.
The last time many of us thought about our nation's big land-based nuclear missiles was probably during the Cold War. But today, there are nearly 450 of these giant Minuteman-3s, as they're called, tucked away in underground silos, ready to launch, on the president's command.
Why still nothing better ? Well,  it will cost hefty $350 B over next 10 years.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Will President send missile launch command on floppy ? That is extremely safe way of nuclear miss firing. However, in case of first attack from the other side it would be pretty late. :)
Well don't forget, that in the seventies even modem was high and unproved technology.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

NSA has collected 100s of billions of entries

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: More here

MH 370 : Official Report

Plans have been leaked about stationing unmanned surveillance drones on the Australian-held Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean. These moves flow from the agreements announced November 2011 between the Obama administration and the Labor government of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

A key US objective is to control the sea lanes between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, through which most of China’s exports and imports pass. The Obama administration claims its only concern is to keep the shipping lanes open, but US forces would also have the ability to mount a crippling economic blockade of China.  In Washington, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski have warned of the dangers of a US-China confrontation.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Cocos Island seem was the only possible goal. But missed. However then something should be awashed at the Australia West Coast. However, nothing is found. Without any debris we should doubt at this report. EXCEPT THE FACT MH 370 was allegedly flying at 600 kmph at  10.0000 meters. That is impossible. But not for Triton.
It had one crash last year
On 13 March 2014, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Australia's intention to buy the MQ-4C Triton and become its first foreign customer.

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