Friday, May 16, 2014

"Man, I would like to develop YOUR idea further,"

When Marchiori unveiled the breakthrough, was a student, four years younger than the speaker, who listened with rapt attention. 
The boy was Page, who then spent the day with Marchiori, discussing the future of Internet. When it was time to say goodbye, Page told his new Italian friend: "Man, I would like to develop your idea further," according to Marchiori. Page kept his promise.
I asked the university for 20,000 euros to develop a search engine, but instead, they financed a project about the history of copper metallurgy in Italy.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Well, the rest of story is history. Larry then got $100 000 from Sun. And Google was born.
Larrz has been obviously great developer since that year 1998. But Larry first established company and then announced his big idea. He simply tried to better understand future more than  the past like Italians.
"Of course, hardware experts are somewhat concerned Moore's Law may not continue to hold for the next 15 years, but there are certainly a lot of interesting centralized applications even if we only get part of the way to our hypothetical example of 100 billion web pages. " Well, after 15 years hardware experts are sure Moore's law is dead. Somewhat.
Two years ago, Marchiori began working on a new kind of search engine called Volunia. This was a "social search-based network" designed to share interests and queries using a three-dimensional interface.

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