Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sony announces PS3 on September 22

Sony announces PS3 on September 22
10:00 ~ 11:10 "Next-Generation Entertainment Created by the PS3" 
Speaker: Mr. Ken Kutaragi, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Sony Computer Entertainment's next-generation PlayStation3 (PS3) will appear on the market this fall. Built around the concept of real-time computing, the PS3 makes possible an unprecedented level of realism and intensity. PS3 father Ken Kutaragi shares his views on the entertainment of the future.

27 game titles will be announced too.

PS3 Shipping is on November 17th.

However, here is under the construction magnificent performance answer from the PC manufacturers. Please note somewhat enlarged and strenghtened BTX case !. LATEST! PS 3 DELAYED out of Japan.

Intel's CIA (not a CEO) officer boosts new security architecture worldwide

An Intel Corp. executive and cyber security strategist has been tapped to head the CIA's investment and research arm.
So, Intel's CIA (not a CEO) officer boosts new, secure micro architecture worldwide.
Exactly on the CIA field of operation, and that is by the definition - worldwide.
Intel is sometime under direct control of Jewish state Israel. All new architecture designs are located in Israel. Their names are Jewish. And finally, Intel's current investment in manufacturing plans are solely concentrated on Israel. So, why shouldn't CIA operatives in Intel management be revealed to publicity? And that is what exactly has been done today.
Now, when CIA give to your government offer to buy say some new Intel architecture chips, think twice before you refuse. Salvador Allende refused such an CIA offer that can't be refused, and hmm, he was soon after that shut down. Thus, we got a nice way for rise of Intel's future market share. ! With garanted CIA enabled security hole INSIDE the Intel chips , for future anti terrorism needs only (of course). At least in the parts of Intel's XML middleware software products, where he have had access, as Intel's vice president.

And, in the book The Myth of Secure Computing, InQtel new president finds:
Few senior executives pay much attention to computer security. They either hand off responsibility to their technical people or bring in consultants. But given the stakes involved, an arm's-length approach is extremely unwise. According to industry estimates, security breaches affect 90% of all businesses every year and cost some $17 billion. Fortunately, the authors say, senior executives don't need to learn about the more arcane aspects of their company's IT systems to take a hands-on approach. Instead, they should focus on the familiar task of managing risk. Their role should be to assess the business value of their information assets, determine the likelihood that those assets will be compromised, and then tailor a set of risk abatement processes to their company's particular vulnerabilities. This approach, which views computer security as an operational rather than a technical challenge, is akin to a classic quality assurance program in that it attempts to avoid problems rather than fix them and involves all employees, not just IT staffers. The goal is not to make computer systems completely secure--that's impossible--but to reduce the business risk to an acceptable level. This article looks at the types of threats a company is apt to face. It also examines the processes a general manager should spearhead to lessen the likelihood of a successful attack. The authors recommend eight processes in all.

Congrats to all Intel customers. You are now on, more than 90% secure!.
Oh b..t, now all customers have Mr. Darby name and the picture. What a hardware, such a cyber security.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests

NBC News has learned that U.S. and British authorities had a significant disagreement over when to move in on the suspects in the alleged plot to bring down trans-Atlantic airliners bound for the United States.

British officials knowledgeable about the case said British police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to obtain more evidence, while American officials pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner.


The suspects in Britain had obtained at least some of the materials for the explosive but had not yet actually prepared or mixed it.

In contrast to previous reports, one senior British official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. In fact, some did not even have passports.

After that finding, NYT became unavilable to Britons?

some suspects were known to the security services even before the London subway bombings last year. So, they were known to police, they hadn't passports nor all the needed parts for explosive, but they were arrested just now? Why? Because they were imminent threat!
But, without passports, how they planned to jump into UK? Well, UK police should give them passports, though they were known to be terrorists, even before the last subway bombings??
OK, lets stop with all those idiotisms , benefits of whom might obtain only two men: Bush and Blair.

Honestly, did Pakistanis plan it at all?. Arresting has happened just in the moment when US judge banned George Bush right to tap all without any permission. Now, that court decision might be questioned. Only what you need for that is a properly activated fake plot. Of course, UK would be ideal, because:
1. It is a country from antiterrorism coalition.
2. Yet another plot in the US might make questions on Bush's leadership in anti terrorism at home, because that is all what he actually does at home in his mandate.
3. Only 8 % of US citizens have passports. Thus, Bush need to tap only flights abroad, not the people inside the US.
4. Thus, all those fake plots are actually needed to keep tapping and control of people inside the USA.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Intel reveals Mitosis multiplexing microarchitecture!

For now only for extreme computing in the Far East.
Generally, on the future computing find here.

The results obtained by the Mitosis compiler/architecture for a subset of the Olden benchmarks are impressive. It outperforms single-threaded execution by 2.2x. When compared with a big out-of-order core, the speedup is close to 2x. We have also shown that the benefits of Mitosis do not come only from reducing memory latency since it outperforms an ideal system with perfect memory by about 60%. Overall, this work shows that significant amounts of thread-level parallelism can be exploited in irregular codes, with a rather low overhead in terms of extra/wasted activity.

Some year old pictures.
I sincerely hope that practical promises of its future use have nothing in common with sclerosis multiplex.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


AMD is opening an R&D center in China to be closer to its notebook PC clients, most of which are in the region surrounding the city. By the way, China each year produce a few millions of engineers (US new ones are mainly Chinese too). Seems natural to establish its R&D center there, contrary to Intel, who has concentrated almost ALL R&D in Israel. Recently, Intel's R&D Center in Haifa was under rocket attacks of Hamas.
The last one Intel's main R&D center out of Israel in Bangalore, India might be easily shut down.
Like the production of Intel chipsets from recently bought ATI.

By the way, full HDTV playback will not be supported in 32bit Vista.

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The Inquirer made laptop version of 9/11

The inquirer is now very loud on Dell misses.
Where The Inq were all those Intel monopoly years?
Dell abruptly spoiled only after has taken AMD hand?

Dell notebook burnt man a house. Sad thing. Until now, hardware has made unenjoyances of other types. It could even burn a DVD or two, but this time 843 of them were literally melted. Well, hardware in Florida simply likes to malfunction, lets remember only mistakes in voting machines that gave win in Presidential elections to lovely brother of the Florida governor !.
Dell, the world's largest PC maker, said the lithium-ion batteries were made by Sony and were installed in notebooks sold between April 2004 and July 18 of this year.

So, when Dell was exclusive Intel's player, seems everything was OK with lithium-ion batteries, but the same very moment when Dell announced its dual source processor strategy, its batteries simply went mad. Firstly, in a famous Intel monopolized country Japan. In the mid of important conference Dell lithium suddenly exploded. No where else first, but just there? Intel's bingo !.
What more, miraculously, The Inq reporter was ready in the right moment with his camera to catch the flames in situ. What he was looking in Japan ?, I never heard for any of their visits there without strong fair reason behind. Thus, The Inq man just went there to catch the fire. Right? But who would pay him his trip, when until then were no anywhere Dell lithium-ion flames for 2 years? Lets imagine the last Intel - Dell talk: Take AMD and you will regret, just as we will. Who will accept our blackmails if you refuse? Thus, if our monopoly burns in flames, your products will too, be sure.
Anyway, miraculous picture can be only compared with immediately found passport of 9/11 hijackers. No matter how it remained intact after the explosion of airplane, and collapse of 100 stories building. But the miracle has happend and consterned publicity immediately knew who did it. So no need for lenghty and slow investigation. Lest go stright on Iraq. They have proven WMD. Only thanks to one finding, that one of single passport???

And what to say? Intel was especially sensitive to its rising notebook market monopoly. And Israel country, who is the real owner of Intel, is extremely sensitive to its cache flow (last year $3B lacked). And Israel military readyness is quite sensitive to the lack of money. And rise of terrorism is sensistive to their weakness. So lets make a small version of 9/11 that will turn the events in right direction. US airport security is driven by private company famous on its support of Zionism. Though they failed to prevent 9/11 (just like the USA minister of defence) , they somehow kept their government contract and firmly decided not to lose any plane again. So, immediate ban on Dell laptops in all USA flights emerged.
Who would purchase Dell notebook, if you can't transport it on plane to your urgent business meeting?

In other words, no one would buy Dell notebook, and consequently AMD -Turion, so Dell should collapse , because it refused offer that can't be refused, and will be punished as an flagrant example for the others AMD maverics. Not to mention requests of Wallstreet for Dell CEO resign (quite unusual isn't it) or some others coincidences.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Why Tejas failed?

It simply wasn't competitive. Beside, whould you like to pay $1,172 each at a single quantity for its 10Ghz clock supporting socket?
But Fig 6 shows even worse restriction. That one where Prescott failed. No more reduction of power consumed per logic operation !.
Thus, We have to search for a technological way to jump over that latest road block. However, one trivial solution, Intel did, is to adequately reduce processor clock. That will keep rising power consumption bill in tolerable margins. Thus idea on rise of core number with new generations is simply a new Intel's blunder.
Number of cores will rise, but their clock will fall. How your single thread applications performance needs will fit in that calculus?
No way!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

FBI knew on Twins tower attack the whole year earlier !

I couldn't believe to my eyes. Read yourself:
In the course of the trial it was revealed that the FBI had an informant, an Egyptian man named Emad Salem, who was involved with the bombing conspiracy. Salem claims to have informed the FBI of the plot to bomb the towers as early as February 6, 1992, information he was privy to possibly because he himself initiated the plot !!. Salem's role as informant allowed the FBI to quickly pinpoint the conspirators out of the hundreds of possible suspects. Salem asserted that the original FBI plan was to supply the plotters with a harmless powder instead of actual explosive to build their bomb, but that an FBI supervisor decided that a real bomb should be constructed instead. He substantiated his claims with hundreds of hours of secretly-recorded conversations with his FBI handlers, made during discussions held after the bombings. Salem said he wished to complain to FBI headquarters in Washington about the failure to prevent the bombing despite foreknowledge, but was dissuaded from doing so by the New York FBI office. The FBI has never contradicted Salem's account.

And to this one:
But Manhattan's own nightmare could recur!.

In the second attack I know at least 5 foreign services knew and nothing again has been done to prevent those attacks??. I don't have any firm clue on FBI's knowledge this time, but why should the others, foreign secret services, know and FBI not?

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally, why monkey can't become a man

On the contrary, reversed is quite possible, and you see it each day. : )
Team Finds Gene Separating Brains of Man and Monkey.
Yeah, gorilla has bigger brain than the early men, but became nothing cleverer. So it didn't evolve staying the same clever like a few million years before. All is in brain hardware , driven by man mind genes. That is what enabled man do distinguish from the animals. Brain genes. All the other is the same.The HAR1 stretch of DNA is designated using 118 letters of code, and all but two were the same in chickens and chimpanzees, Haussler said in an interview yesterday.`Not by Chance'
``But if you look at humans, there are 18 changes,'' Haussler said. ``That could not have happened by chance.''
The region was virtually identical in humans and other animals for 300 million years, until the changes began in humans about 2 million years ago, Haussler said.
Life nothing more clever than the chicken for the 300 million of years?
Than , genetically engineered? Programmed to destruct the Earth?
Brainy man is only 2 million years old, but already destroyed Earth old 4+ Billions years. By the way, only 30% of US citizens knows that evolution exists, but 99,99% confidentially knows that Hezbollah attacked Israel !. That is called brain washing. If you still have it, of course.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

K8L or K9 ?

What we could expect at AMD say in April next year? Processor named K8L or K9 processor?. Intel recently announced its "new" core that started with Carmead team as I remeber in February 2002, or even earlier.
Mike Ma(c)gee noticed competitive K9 action at AMD started in August 2002. Thus, we should have a new core at AMD in 2007. At least radical new as current Intel's is compared to Pentium from 2002. Will it be K8L or K9?.
K9. K8L might be only shrink of K8 architecture in 65nm. WIthout K9, AMD will be without new core after full 4 years. Too little, too late for survival against the hard competition.
Thus opposite must be true: 2Q2007.
Unlike current AMD mobile CPU offerings, Bulldozer will be completely redesigned from the ground-up to feature high performance while increasing its battery life.

What I said? Bulldozer in April?

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Iranian President announces his blog !

Ops, is that acceptable by strict religious rules?. The man who push for Israel destroy seems try a new weapon in that goal. So, lets look at his blog engine, below the hub:
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.1 !

Holy .... ! Intel is now completely Israel's company, and Wintel duopoly should be still ruling worldwide!.
I don't know what to say. Microsoft supports terrorism's heart!.
I should look to see what processor is behind. If not Intel's, Microsoft's firm ties with Intel are seems broken forever and new allies are on in the game? Why the hell Ahmadinejad didn't use Linux and the open web tools? Well, Iran is still pretty some closed country. (Did you get the joke, the best one is always on our own account?)
Or just reversed is true? Iran is not a terroristic country at all , as the main world opinion feeders want to stress in every occasion?
Will it be the 16th web site that changed the world?
Ok, let read Ahmadinejad first post together:

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Oh Almighty God, please, we beg you to send us our Guardian- who You have promised us- soon and appoint us as His close companions.

During the era that nobility was a prestige and living in a city was perfection, I was born in a poor family in a remote village of Garmsar-approximately 90 kilometer east of Tehran. I was born fifteen years after Iran was invaded by foreign forces- in August of 1940- and the time that another puppet, named mohammad Reza – the son of Reza Mirpange- was set as a monarch in Iran. Since the extinct shah -Mohammad Reza- was supposed to take and enter Iran into western civilization slavishly, so many schemes were implemented that Iran becomes another market for the western ceremonial goods without any progress in the scientific field. Our Islamic culture would not allow such an infestation, and this was an impediment in front of shah and his foreign masters’ way. Thus, they decided to make this noble and tenacious culture weak gradually that Iran be attached strongly to the west as far as its economy, politics, and culture was concern. After the implementation of this policy and the unreal and outward of upswing, the villagers began to rush to the cities. Upon the enforcement of the land reform, the status of the villages became worst than the past and villagers for earning some breadcrumbs, they were deceived by the dazzling look and the misleading features of the cities and became suburban and lived in ghettos.
My family was also suffered in the village as others. After my birth -the fourth one in the family- my family was under more pressures ...

Written by Mahmood Ahmadinejad at 04:12

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Fall of the Israeli Empire

The same sad year when Intel proved not to be unbeatable, the same has happened to another big hardware : Israel's Merkava tank.

At around 1:40 P.M., an IDF Merkava tank was struck by an explosive device in the village of Aita al-Shaab in the western sector. The tank's four crew members were killed instantly. The IDF is still investigating the source of the explosion. The kind of damage sustained by the tank (its turret was blown off) appears to indicate that the vehicle was hit by a large explosive device, but a senior Northern Command officer told Haaretz on Wednesday night that it was more likely that the Merkava had been hit by an anti-tank missile.
Turrets blown off, crew killed instantly.

Will that hurt more Isarel's military industry and some future war expansion plans than the families of those poor 4 buried men? I am afraid so. Again, superior technology proved obsolete against the brave (AMD) heart.

AMD is here to stay! .

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Friday, August 11, 2006

AMD hits 30% of market this year !

Opteron Clock TDP $Price
8220 SE 2.8GHz 120W 2,649
8218 2.6GHz 95W 2,149
8216 2.4GHz 95W 1,514
8214 2.2GHz 95W 1,165
8212 2.2GHz 95W 873
8216 HE 2.4GHz 68W 1,832
8214 HE 2.2GHz 68W 1,340
8212 HE 2.0GHz 68W 1,019
2220 SE 2.8GHz 120W 1,165
2218 2.6GHz 95W 873
2216 2.4GHz 95W 698
2214 2.2GHz 95W 523
2212 2.0GHz 95W 377
2210 1.8GHz 95W 255
2216 HE 2.4GHz 68W 786
2214 HE 2.2GHz 68W 611
2212 HE 2.0GHz 68W 450
1220 SE 2.8GHz 125W 899
1218 2.6GHz 103W 749
1216 2.4GHz 103W 593
1214 2.2GHz 103W 438
1212 2.0GHz 103W 335
1210 1.8GHz 103W 255
Yes 30%, depending on what Intel will do in the rest of year. AMD will rise its production 50% in the same period, so Intel should do the same to stay competable.
I am sure Intel could do it!. But, the only problem is could it sell them? I mean currently, there is a lot of surplusses at Intel. To make the new ones? Pretty risky?
Anyway does 50% higher production at AMD means up to 50% lower prices? Seems so.
But, who would buy Intel's 150M processors this year, under the same assumptions? No one. Thus, Intel have to reduce the prices keeping the production constant or even lower. Its annual profits might suffer. AMD's seems not. So, still don't buy Intel's shares and stories .
EDIT: Check here whether I am right .

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19000 Opterons under the Hood

The contract also provides options for future upgrades that would quadruple the size of the system and eventually boost performance to one petaflops (1,000 trillion floating point operations per second) and beyond.
No any mention of Intel's forthcoming unbeatable Woodcrest? Seems that people at DOE would like to have Opteron designers at hand, not at Lebanon war or underground in Haifa, like is currently the case with Intel designers (search for more at this blog). Beside, perhaps DOE scientist has to deliver complex crunching results to their chiefs, not only a benchmarks like Intel does in a numerous (paid?) reviews.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Holy cow ! End of Wintel

That's called bad: R.I.P. Wintel.
We’ve all been told Windows-Intel was invincible. But the duopoly that has dominated tech for so long may be past its prime. Microsoft recently announced a 24 percent drop in its quarterly earnings. Intel slashed its sales forecast after its earnings plummeted 57 percent from the year-ago quarter. Then Dell, which uses Microsoft software and Intel chips, said it would downsize its second-quarter profit forecast by nearly a third. And while Microsoft, Intel, and Dell are all placing big bets on products in communications and consumer electronics, the raw earnings growth that made each of these companies matter can’t continue in a nearly saturated PC market.
The only mysterious thing is why Intel still favorizes this guy instead of this one political option? During the second's reign Intel's earnings sky rocketed end Wintel era has been established. Curiously, during the first one reign USA economy plummeted, but Israel economy got steady gain? Is the first one President of the USA or Israel? Is Intel actually USA or Israelite company?. Weird. Anyway, those people were in charge in the year when Pentium was announced, Intel's biggest, smashing success. Just in the mid of PC's 25 year life time (some say now in steady decline).

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dell's Intel based desktops burn in problems ?

What's causing Dell XPS 700 shipments to be delayed again, to October?
If Dell's online policy statement, and its subsequent excuses, can be interpreted accurately, their implication seems to be that the company can't get the parts it needs to build these systems. Parts availability - which has rarely been a problem for Dell in the past - certainly doesn't seem to be a problem for many of Dell's competitors.

Perhaps Intel has some problems with delivery of high performance dual cores? Or they don't want Dell anymore? Anyway, Dell customers will have to wait until October 16th.
And apparently some customer service representatives may have given some XPS customers the impression that their actual ship dates, when all the company's problems are resolved, could be late February.

LATEST: Problem Identified !
It's related to the installation of the cooling assembly. Now, this issue is contributing to the current extended lead times, because even though it has a very rare chance of occurring, we are delaying shipments until we complete testing of the resolution, and every system meets our reliability standards.

Now, can we speculate of the cause of that very rare chance of occuring? Perhaps it is the very situation when the proud owner of XPS700 would need to try its $5000 -8000 worth monster under extreme load.
And hmm, Intel's new architecture has no low power consumption tricks in its bad. Thus will reveal its ugly, hot, Prescott face below the hub? Of course, Intel will need some time, say to February until new generation of chips emerge. But at that moment Dell should have at disposal latest 65nm Super corers from AMD. Right? And the problem above would be autonatically solved.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Coming Economic Collapse: How you can thrive when oil costs $200 a barrel

"Deal With Reality or Reality Will Deal With You".
Now, in The Coming Economic Collapse, Dr. Leeb proves that the U.S. economy is standing on the brink of the biggest crisis in its history.
The result will be severe financial hardship for most people, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors to become incredibly rich.

This is a joke, it can't be in 5 years? Well, check yourself.

Thus we should all have financial hardship only to give incredible rich once-in-a-lifetime chance? Guess to what investors? Intel knows it very well. So, we got "new processor architecture (Word order?)" with low power consumption, but at the same time " the new King of performance". My a.. performance. It is simply low power consumption derivative optimized ONLY for 32 bit performance.

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Intel inventory glut looms large over electronics supply chain

Excess stockpiles of PC microprocessors and core logic chipsets caused surplus semiconductor inventories in the global electronics supply chain to rise more than expected in the second quarter, according to research firm iSuppli.Although the increases in stockpiles are explainable, it does not mean the supply chain does not have some anxiety. The June quarter closes just before true visibility to end demand for the rest of the year materializes, particularly for the PC segment. And the second half of 2006 is expected to underperform compared to the normal seasonal pattern.
Although most suppliers' forecasts for the year rely on normal second-half trends, any shortfall could cause chip inventories to build higher.

I would simply further wait with Intel purchases. Just like Israel waits with Lebanon withdraw, for the best conditions. But Intel is not anymore able to imposes conditions to anyone.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

NSA helps Israel plans to spread latest war

Finally, a truth on bad hardware.
By secretly providing NSA intelligence to Israel and undermining the hapless Condi Rice, hardliners in the Bush administration are trying to widen the Middle East conflict to Iran and Syria, not stop it.
By using NSA intelligence to set an invisible tripwire, the Bush administration is laying the condition for regional conflagration with untold consequences -- from Pakistan to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Israel. Secretly devising a scheme that might thrust Israel into a ring of fire cannot be construed as a blunder. It is a deliberate, calculated and methodical plot.

AND WITH INTEL's FUTURE, gargantuan 45nm FAB in the mid of that ring of fire?. That is called secured investment. One small, dirty neutron bomb could knock it out forever, in a milisecond. And it would be the ultimate honour for any terrorist to pull the trigger personally, on the Kiryat Gat site.

But, do you know that flag above is not originally an ancient Jewish symbol, but the flag of Zionistic movement?
Goals of Zinistic movement is to establish the country that will rule all the nations (including the OUN, just as currently is the case, with a little NSA+CIA help).

Seems, Mel Gibson was right.

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Badhardware hits #15 000 visits

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Intel will produce 10X times more wafers than AMD !

OK, what does it mean? Intel's wafers are 300mm and technology used is 65nm. Does it mean Intel has 10 times more fabs than AMD. No. At best, relation is 3 times in favour of Intel. AMD expects to take this year (or the next) 33% of the processor market. In another words, against one AMD's fab only 2 Intel's fabs will effectively producing chips .
So what will happen with misterious 10X Intel's wafer advantage? Nothing. Just yet another Intel's official lie. Please note Intel inside logo on it, that should assure you. But, as Galileo said, even one right man is more worth than the thousand of wrong authorities.

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Mel Gibson : The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.

The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.
What to say? People finally started to think their own head. For now, they need a drink for help to face the hard truth. But, as we all live in the age of hard lies, the truth can't be easier. Isn't it?

By the way, was he arrested after being drunken, or playing Passion of Christ confessions on the road?

Brave Heart!.

Lebanon's death toll has reached more than 900, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora said in a statement to participants at a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Muslim world's largest political group. "Over 900 [have been] killed and 3,000 injured so far, one third of the casualties are children under 12," Mr. Siniora said.

1000 wounded children under 12 by Israel Army, and nobody said anything?
No one except the Brave Heart? And his father.

There was something disturbingly familiar in his slurred statement to the cops who pulled him over for drink driving: "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

Hutton Gibson, 87, says the accepted figure of six million Jews killed in the Holocaust is grossly exaggerated.

He says many European Jews counted as death camp victims of the Nazi regime had, in fact, fled to countries such as Australia and the US.

He also believes that September 11 was not the work of al-Qaida and that the planes were remote-controlled to fly into the World Trade Centre towers.

What to say in the end? Seems that devoted Christians recognized who is the real enemy. Since the Passion days.

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