Thursday, February 22, 2007

Welcome AMD Barcelona !

AMD Barcelona will be announced on Computex Taiwan June 6th 2007.
However, it will be spotted at OEMs even in May. Just as predicted at badhardware.
The most important thing INSIDE is a new 4 issues Barcelona core. Consequently, at least 30% faster than the old one. Thus, Barcelona's 2,3 Ghz K10 core clock is effectively comparable with 3Ghz old K8 core. Quite competitive with 3 Ghz Intel's Clowertown. Beside, table below shows a lot of clock boost potential from K10. What actually K10 lacks is low-K dielectrics technology to push Barcelona HT to the version 3.0 limits, keeping the same time 95W thermal envelope. But, that will come out only by mid of 2008 year and exclusively in 45nm technology. Until then, we might expect at AMD some compromise between clock speed and power consumption . For example, Barcelona will INDEPENDENTLY scale down core voltages down to 0.95V , to keep power envelope below 95W. Greyhound would run quad core and HT 3.0 at your desktop even in 1H08. So, Barcelona from Deerhound K10 family will dance only one year, until HT 3.0 based Shanghai (45 nm, 6MB L3 ZRAM?) 4 cores arrive. We expect that Intel will demonstrate some details of its future solution to this kind problem of its own, in April this year, named CSI. Intel plans to introduce CSI FSB in 2008 too. Huh, what an exciting computing year.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Intel pays Sun $1B for use of Xeon, to Lenovo $22M !

Then, why we should pay to Sun anything? Or to Lenovo?
Beside, why Intel pays Sun to use its unbeatable Xeon processor, only because it uses Opteron that
AMD not pays to be used ?.
Deja vue at Dell? What about AMD's suit in that case?
Do you remember Irangate, 20 years ago?
Is it time now for Intelgate?
Ooops. Did the tax money go in the wrong direction? Or it was just an ordinary money laundring for new 45nm fab at Kiryat Gat Israel, currently under construction, worth approximately (without Israel state contibutions) just $ 2,4B ! !

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anti terrorist laptop, fanless Opteron

Bullshot. Imagine notebook hardware box you simply can't shoot in when it drives you crazy. But,
I like this model. Finally adequate anti bullet life savier for US business people in Iraq. That tool might reverse free fall of Bush economy, just before the next elections. By the way, probably it is equipped with Intel's new unbreakable Core processor. However, try to stop this bullet WOF FANLESS Opteron 2000:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jim Gray, President advisor killed !

Two weeks after Jim Gray, USA President technology advisor in 2000 (one of 25 at that time) was seen alive last time, we have to admit:
He is killed.

One month ago we had a talk on some technology questions. He seemed as always, kind and polite. No any sign of emotional or some kind of mental disturbance. On the contrary, he was very satisfied with his life and job. Thus, no any suicide motive.
Yes he was single sailor, but very experienced one.
So what? Well, though never spoken, it was the only other REAL cause of his mysterious disapperance without any trace or message. Except being killed.

But, how we could exclude any kind of maritime accident?
His 40 foot Tenacious could sink of course, but she was equipped with satellite emergency system.If Tenacious sank, that system would automatically send her location in emergency call.
However, that call never appear registered. Or it has been sent, but someone make it disappear.
That wouldn't happen in the case of an accident.

The next posibillity is that Jim fell into the sea without emergency belt. But, Tenacious would float further and should be find on satellite photos , when last week 12 000 voluntiers started the biggest online search ever made. However, nothing has been found, even in the slightest traces.

The last possibility is that he fell in his boat, after say heart attack. But, that case is reduced to previous one, already rejected.

Now remains only explanation type of San Francisko triange, where people natuarally disappears without any traces. Like it was in the same area 5 years ago, when one couple
disappeared without any trace in the same Farallon island area. Police explanation was that one ofe them killed another and made suicide. Nice story. But, what about their 40 foot ship?. It disappeared too. Without any trace. Thus, let reject that kind of folies.

Until the contrary is proved, we might have here a murder case. But why?. Jim was the last man in this world who might have enemies. Especially deadly ones. Now, it remains only posibillity of his misery to be on wrong place in wrong time. Just like that mentioned couple perhaps.
But, what the hell wrong place?. Farallon Island is National wildlife Refugee. He saw a seagull, or what?
Well, less known fact is that Farallon area is a nuclear waste dump. And since 1990ies, that nuclear dump started to leak from their burrels.
Someone from Federal Government continued to dump and Jim unintentionally saw him, by his misfortune?. Strangely, Jim himself dumped something into the Farallon waters that ocassion too. It was reportedly his mather ash. Jim Gray, Turing Award winner, was computing hero of our time. Strangely even more, Greek mythology hero Jason's mother Tyro father was Poseidon, God of the sea. Return to Father, in the end?
Indicatively, modern Jason was almost equally powerful like ancient god Poseidon.

Jim's PDA tried unsuccesfully to synchronize with host two weaks ago by night, from uknown location. And that is the last fact we have heard about Jim. That was alas, probably the last night of his life.

Now, guesses remain. Who did? I hope this will help a bit. But this report will confirm Pacific coast deadly reputation.

Friday, February 09, 2007

32 Qbit thermally assisted quantum computer in 2007

Beside well known , we just got yet another processor power consumption minimization effort. This this time adiabatic and qunatum one.
D-wave systems announces it on February 13th. In only16 Qbit version first.
At the demo, what we’re going to do is run two different applications, live, on an Orion system residing in Burnaby, BC. Orion is designed such that it can be used remotely, and this is the mode we’ll be using for the demos.
Personally I don't see another way use of it, except only remote one.
Please note Quantum bus TM? between the qubits on the picture above.
I warn you, don't look at this computer picture for DRAM bank. There is no things used like that.
B.S. how REAL computer could work WITHOUT memory? Von Neuman architecture simply REQUIRES memory for stored procedures. Well, this is not Von Non computer. Ah, that is means some explanation !.
But, how this quantum bubble startup plans to be competitive next year with Intel's based quad cores, 64bit each ?

Let me remind you that AMD couldn't be competitive since 2003, though it has had 64bit processors and Intel had only 32 bit X86 ones (until quite recently)? Who would assure ignorant consumers that this 32 Qbit quad core computer is performance better than Intel's 64bit quad core? Not to mention that Intel's future quad corers will carry beside all unbeatable advantages, even one more imprinted directly on its package : MADE IN ISRAEL.
Whould you buy some strange 32 Qbit computer compared with sacred one made in Moses land on the other side? Well, not actually on Moses', but on Palestinian land in Kiryat Gat, that was occupied in 1949.
My prediction? No chance for quantum computing still. They OBVIOUSLY arrived too early. Where are the quantum benchies ? Without them, how we will compare in performance sense quantum and classical computers? Only performance advantage might help quantum computers not to stay cold born forever.

Beside, what about striking global warming issues. Even legendary owner od miserable failure title knows now what it is. You see how much Intel is now commited to low power consumption?. And those weird quantum people consumes a lot of power to cool their computer to working temperature of 5 milli Kelvins. What the hell are mili Kelvins? Is that a new marketing buzzword?
No , its temerature is pretty close to absolute zero. Just like current quantum computing marketing success chances. Why? Because, do you see at this moment experienced quantum programmers at Microsoft ?
No? Neither me too.
But, learning curve will start from zero. And ...
One very cool thing D-wave people are planning to do in Q2/2007 is to provide free access to one of these literally cool systems to people who want to either develop or port applications to it.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Turion Revision B-ulldozer is K10

Turion 2007 is K10.

Shocking breakthrough ! K8L expired. Giuseppe Amato, AMD technical director of marketing and sales for the EMEA expains.
New architecture is revolutional and it is named K10. Well, what is new?
I suppose 3 to 4 IPC rise. Yes, after his never translated interview in Italian.
Then 4 128bit FPU , instead of 2 current 64bit. Obviously, it is not strange why Cray picked up new K10 for its 250 Tflops supercomputer. (Instead of Intel's Xeons)
And you will find in link above optimization test for some Revision B processor.
NOW WE KNOW. Revision B in this case is Barcelona. Thus, no one in this world this year with better Gflops/Watt ratio to be chosen instead ?.

We know even AMD's add for K9 engineer (who actually had designed mentioned K10 Bulldozer), closed on August 5th 2003.

Verification of K9 microprocesor with emphasis on the K9 external bus and Northbridge.
1. Works with Applications Engineering to develop functional specifications for new products.
2. Reviews methods appropriate to develop new products and selects best method of achieving desired performance and function goals.
3. Utilizes technical skills in multiple product developments.
4. Works on related projects and/or assignments as needed.
5. Use Knowledge of verilog, C++, Perl and computer/microprocessor architecture and design to verify the external interfaces of the cpu and the interal logic structures that drive these interfaces.
BS with 7+ years exp or MS degree with 5+ years in Electrical or Computer Engineering. Should have expertise in Bus architecture and verification for microprocessors and computer systems.
Of course, K9 was condemned only to be miserable failure, after newly hired K9 designer got those specs above. 10Ghz clock was simply too much even for unbeatable Intel. :)

So new, K10 task emerged. That will be criple implemented in Hawk mobile processor first.
Then it will shine out in Griffin mobile processor in 2008. Just in time to match Intel's 45nm-ers.
Five years since the August 2003 seems to me quite enough for needed new processor time frame.

And because it is not simply lower powered, somewhat improved processor K8L, but seems number cracking beast (allow me to keep all technical detail speculations), due to its NEW, above mentioned, advanced FPU architecture. Add some other known details, like L3, DC architecture, integrated memory controller, split cores power supply and you will really get exciting new architecture.
Named K10
. Or whatever.
Oh, and where you will find it first? In 2007 Turion 64 Bulldozer. Just like Intel did with its new Core architecture. First in mobiles.

But contrary to Intel's , please note AMD's clock rise with K10 up to 3,5 ghz.
So, no any single advantage to Intel in the future when K10 emerge, but only numerous disadvantages.
I expect something K10 like as soon as in May. Or even somewhat earlier. Because K10 supporting engineering mobo samples are already in use.
Other sources are more uncertain for K10 emerge:
Q2 2007. Lets wait.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Air Forced cooling

No more miserable failures ?. I wish it for Intel too. I mean, is Intel's 4 head 45nm scary performance baby monster actually two fat die twins?. With a slow but crashy processor front side bus between? So, lets wait CSI , Intel's proprietary me too copy of AMD Hypertransport TM ! Original has been by rule of thumb always more reliable than its copy.

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