Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Many Documents Has WikiLeaks Published?

As of Dec. 28, 2010, only 1,942 of the cables had been released.

Less than 1% of all those claimed to be at disposal. Thus, 99% of them are still left unknown.

Zeitgeist: Addendum - 2008 by Peter Joseph

Money Creation Mechanics Decrypted. Send US More Money.
U S +
M O R E +

BAD HARDWARE: 97% of US money is in computers only. Only 3% is real.
96% DEFLATION in previous 94 years. Money is debt and debt is Money.
Perpetual debt.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

iTable in 2011

Monday, December 27, 2010

Global warning:1911, when Ford fab looked like this, Niagara was frozen

Also, today is 4 times more people on Earth than in 1911. And 4+ times more cattle to eat. And electric current in every 0f 1,7B households dissipating into the heath.

However, we can throw out heat into atmosphere at will, due to Washington Times:

No proof man causes global warming??

Basically, the public no longer trusts the science being dispensed by the United Nations. Also, major developing countries, including China and India, refuse to sacrifice economic growth for an uncertain goal. Most of current warming therefore must stem from natural causes; it may well be part of a solar-driven 1,500-year cycle of warming and cooling that's been documented in ice cores, ocean sediments, etc., going back a million years.

BAD HARDWARE: Noah II sequel will follow relatively soon. Certainly.
Last time similar lever of warming found when human ancestors were still at the trees.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bank of America bought Internet rights for board of directors names followed by 'sucks' and 'blows

For example, the company registered a number of domains for CEO Brian Moynihan:,,, and

Norwegian paper says it has all WikiLeaks blows err. cables.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lomonosov 1 Pflops supercomputer

Hewlett-Packard Says Bribery Investigation Expanded

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act with deals in Russia, Serbia and the Commonwealth of Independent States dating back to 2000

IBM Creates Cloud-Computing System for NATO Command

International Business Machines Corp., the world’s biggest computer-services provider, is building a cloud-computing system for NATO in the first such deal for the international military alliance.

Intel Wins Approval for McAfee Acquisition

Intel Corp., the world’s largest chipmaker, won clearance from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to acquire McAfee Inc., bringing the company a step closer to expanding into the security-software market.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Talking mouse ? No, not computer one !

Japanese researchers say they've created a mouse that sings like a bird. They say the development could shed light on the evolution of human language - and, they suggest, lead to the creation of a talking mouse.

Mini Ipad !

Viewsonic 7 inch tablet response is already here.

Behind the every successful Leak there is a man

A host of other organizations and individuals--including the military--also use Tor, which is run by a Massachusetts-based nonprofit. Appelbaum has become an evangelist for TOR, a sometimes spokesperson for WikiLeaks and a subject of FBI scrutiny.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What when Global Cloud become Dark Cloud ?

Some people say that it takes ten years to take a new operating system from concept to production-ready. Look at the history of Windows, Linux and many others and you’ll see that it’s a long journey. So when I read Paul Buchheit’s post yesterday, The Cloud OS, I was intrigued to see how much it resonated with an article I wrote ten years ago, in October 2000, … We Are All Inside the Machine. Written in the spirit of a manifesto for cloud computing (as we now call it), that earlier article seems to have stood the test of time pretty well.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Assange accused for unprotected sex as a crime?

Unprotected sex is a crime in Sweden?

However, secret human transports using Sweden soil towards Guantanamo are not ?

Phantom Ray first fly

NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA), a modified Boeing 747, carries the Phantom Ray unmanned combat air vehicle on a test flight in the skies above St Louis, Missouri, on December 13.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Michael Moore payed bail , Assange still in a jail

Assange: Nothing new, but we didn't know PayPal, Visa and Master cards are US state instrument.

The Air Force wants more 272 autonomous Reapers

The Air Force wants another 272

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rumor: Microsoft to show off Windows 8 at CES 2011

Rumor: Microsoft to show off Windows 8 at CES 2011

OpenBSD and VMware in backdoors sequel too

I have received a mail regarding the early development of the OpenBSD
IPSEC stack. It is alleged that some ex-developers (and the company
they worked for) accepted US government money to put backdoors into
our network stack
, in particular the IPSEC stack. Around 2000-2001.

This is also why several inside FBI folks have been recently
advocating the use of OpenBSD for VPN and firewalling implementations
in virtualized environments, for example Scott Lowe is a well
respected author in virtualization circles who also happens top be on
the FBI payroll, and who has also recently published several tutorials
for the use of OpenBSD VMs in enterprise VMware vSphere deployments.

U.S. spied on Israel's Washington embassy

U.S. spied on Israel's Washington embassy, claims ex-envoy Wire-tapping began at some point after 1996 and took a number of years for embassy officials to discover, says Itamar Rabinovich.

Assange already nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 2011 !

Please support this initiative. Making your comment below !
If that happen ever, We wholeheart hope that Swedish king chair will not remain empty at the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2011.

Bare-chested Assange named Rockstar of the Year by Italy's Rolling Stone Magazine

The magazine cover shows Assange bare chested in front of a row of TV's each showing his face and below is the caption: 'The Man Who Fell (From The Web) to Earth.' reports the Daily Mail.

Although not a musician, he 'is the person who best embodied a rock'n'roll behavior' in 2010.

Michael Moore: Leaks don't kill people secrets do !

"What if we'd had a WikiLeaks in August of 1964 when we were told
the North Vietnamese had fired on a U.S. ship? ... An instrument
like Wikileaks is vital for a free and open society to exist."
– Michael Moore on Countdown with Keith Olbermann,
December 14, 2010

GOP blocked a Congressional bill that would have provided health care for 9/11 attacks first responders

In a unprecedented Patriotic Act.

In the first part of 2010, Barack Obama signed a one-year extension on several provisions in the Patriot Act.

GOP: You will not extend any more our Act. Ever !

Internet was never free !

As WikiLeaks struggles to keep itself online, we are seeing an increase in corporate and government censorship aimed at controlling the flow of information.

Author and media studies professor Douglas Rushkoff says that this illustrates that the Internet is not and never has been democratically controlled.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Intel is being constructed 450mm wafer fab

Amid a flurry of speculation, Intel Corp. confirmed that its new fab in the United States is being constructed for the 450-mm wafer era.
Still, there’s a lot of work to be done in the 450-mm tool arena. 450-mm fabs could appear in 2018-at the earliest.
Right now, more than 90 percent of the equipment supply base is involved in some form of 450-mm development, though most these still hold public positions of never.

Pentagon plays games to improve logistics skills

Sounds cheaper than the real practicing. With lower budget charges.

God's particle hunters want it catched by the end of 2012?

Mayan end of the known world?

Julian Assange: Readers' Choice for TIME's P[e]r(i)son of the Year 2010

Readers voted a total of 1,249,425 times, and the favorite was clear. Julian Assange raked in 382,020 votes, giving him an easy first place. He was 148,383 votes over the silver medalist, Recep Tayyip Ergodan, Prime Minister of Turkey.
Please note that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have the same lowest average rating: 28

Rank Name Avg. Rating Total Votes
1 Julian Assange 92 382023
2 Recep Tayyip Erdogan 80 233638
3 Lady Gaga 70 146378
4 Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert 81 78145
5 Glenn Beck 28 91746
6 Barack Obama 58 27478
7 Steve Jobs 61 24810
8 The Chilean Miners 47 29124
9 The Unemployed American 66 19605
10 Mark Zuckerberg 52 18353
11 Liu Xiaobo 68 12962
12 Sarah Palin 28 30787

IBM to build 3 petaflop supercomputer for Germany

IBM to build 3 petaflop supercomputer for Germany
Though, by 2012 the US will have 20 PFlops machines.

Monday, December 13, 2010

US Navy achieves '100 mile' range hypersonic railgun test shot

Finally, a truth on bad hardware

Video: Google unleashes Chrome OS beta

Google unleashes Chrome OS beta

Google revives ‘network computer’ with dual-OS assault on MS

Lockheed preps unmanned 'copter for battlefield deployment

Lockheed preps unmanned 'copter for battlefield deployment.

As US is trying to silence WikiLeaks, ado about it is louder and louder

Meanwhile any chance of silencing Wikileaks has evaporated, as the website has by now been mirrored 1885 times.

According to Prison Planet, even the CIA has gotten in on the act and is hosting a server that has a mirror of the Wikileaks website on it (
The bloke who runs server hosting the mirrored website claims he has no idea how his domain name ended up owned by CIA.

Microsft's Paul Allen's lawsuit against the world strikes out

FORMER MICROSOFT BLOKE Paul Allen's patent lawsuit against just about every big information technology company has been tossed out of court by a US federal judge in Seattle.

Space launch leaks


When the computers go wrong

Finally, a truth on bad hardware.

Software versions: Why Airbus was late
The French production facility had been using the latest version of the industry standard design software, CATIA 5, for its CAD designs. The Germans, on the other hand, had worked in CATIA 4, which handles 3D objects differently.
When they matched up their halves of the plane, it was like trying to weld the front of a Ford Mondeo to the back of a Vauxhall Zafira. The biggest problem was that the wiring plans were completely incompatible. Subtle differences in the software meant mismatched connections needed rerouting to connect the two disparate halves of the plane.

Programmable grenade launcher

In the last week of November 2010, the US Army also deployed in Afghanistan prototypes of its first-ever programmable ‘smart’ grenade launcher, a shoulder–fired weapon called the XM25 – A Counter Defilade Target System.
Since 2002, US troop levels in Afghanistan have increased from roughly 5,000 to 100,000.
In every Army unit by 2014.

Google says that our future is Cloudy

Google believes the arrival of Chrome OS heralds nothing less than a brave new world in which Windows and OSX-based machines have little future.

Microsoft: Gulp.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Atom : 35 new tablet models, no one for smartphones

Oak Trail and Moorestown are looking good, Medfield not so much

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Clinton pays off WWII

Not taking in account WWII, current US debt seems explodes, in a terminal phase. Like supernova.

Reagan + Bush family debt alone is $12000 B. Who might borrow to the US after Obama?

NASA leaks: Nasa sells shuttle PCs without wiping secret data

US space agency Nasa has been left red-faced after selling off computers without ensuring that highly sensitive data had been removed.An internal investigation found 10 cases where PCs were sold despite failing data removal procedures.
Such details could potentially provide hackers with data that could enable unauthorised access to NASA's internal computer network".

BAD HARDWARE: We are eagerly waiting to see more juicy techical details at Wiki Leaks.

Assange: Internet or Internot ?

To his supporters, he is a rebel hero of the Internet Age.
This is becoming the first worldwide grass-roots rebellion on the Internet.

As the late great muckraker I.F. Stone repeatedly warned, "All governments lie."Assange merely provided us with proof.

Assange question at Google offers immediately 192M references. French President Sarkozy returns only 18M references at Google.

US to offer Israel $3 billion worth of military hardware, including stealth fighter jets

The Israeli government must still approve the proposed US-Israeli agreement to freeze settlement construction in the West Bank in exchange for a US offer of $3 billion worth of military hardware, including stealth fighter jets.

BAD HARDWARE: Stealth fighters for what purpose? Peace?

Google details Chrome based notebook specs

Google details Chrome notebook specs

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Devil among the holiest: Condoms and P2P filesharing get papal blessing

HIS HOLINESS Pope Benedictus XVI, Pontifex Maximus and Dominus Apostolicus can now at the words "P2P Pirate" to his list of official titles.
The Pope was one of 774,651 people caught by the insecurity outfit Avast's sweep of illegal use of its software.

BAD HARDWARE: Give poor if you have too much of software. Does this sound too much evangelistic? Perhaps it was only terrible misunderstanding. Posible some church scholastics wrongly translated antivirus software package like kinda of approved soft condom package?

Winners and losers in hardware

Man arrested for smuggling ICs to China

According to the complaint unsealed today, Yang attempted to purchase and export 300 radiation-hardened, programmable semiconductor devices that are used in satellites.

Rocket crash caused by programming error

A Russian rocket carrying three satellites crashed yesterday after blasting off from the Baikonur launchpad.

A source within the Russian space agency told the RIA Novosti news agency that the failure was probably caused by a programming error.

Airbus A380 becomes Ax80 !!

The airline states in Federal Court papers that it bought the Airbus superjumbos because they would carry 450 passengers and a payload of 60,900kg from Australia to Los Angeles.

QANTAS is alleging in a multi-million-dollar damages claim against Rolls-Royce that it could now carry only 80 passengers across the Pacific in its Airbus 380s, under new operating rules for their troubled engines.

These images of the A380 explosion on QF32 have just been released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. This pictures shows damage to the inner fuel tank of the left wing.


Obama unemployment job approval worst ever since WWII

Monday, December 06, 2010

Japan Hitachi essential to US national security ?

Check here.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Unmanned US spacecraft returns after 7-month trip

The winged craft autonomously landed at at Vandenberg Air Force Base on the California coast 130 miles northwest of Los Angeles, Vandenburg spokesman Jeremy Eggers said.

WikiLeaks will strike Bank of America !


After important hard disk at Bank of America disappeared. Shares of that bank plummeted after a leak announcement.
people like Wikileaks.

The era of the PC is over in the next 2 years

The days of personal computers dominating the tech world are coming to an end, and within a year and a half, non-PC devices such as smartphones and tablets will outsell PCs. So says an IDC report, which concludes bluntly: "The PC-centric era is over."

The biggest winner will be Google.

Being bad to your customers is bad for business

Bad Google.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

US agency chooses Gmail for hosted e-mail

Microsoft Exchange Server?
Microsoft has recently won high-profile deals to offer cloud-based e-mail and other services to the city of New York and the states of California and Minnesota.

Apple wins patent on 3D projector that needs no glasses

Apple wins patent on 3D projector that needs no glasses

BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Seems that 3D age is born. In a 4-5 years.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

IBM Blue Waters 10 PFlops supercomputer will use optical data bus

IBM's Blue Waters machine is expected to go 10 times as fast as previous Roadrunner, using more than 1 million optical interconnects.
With it, IBM will soon unveil computer systems 100 times as fast as anything available today.

US Air Force's top-secret X-37B spacecraft is set to land

It will be the US' first ever autonomous re-entry and runway landing.
The landing date was to be expected, given that the craft has been aloft since April and one of the few known facts about it is that it has a 270-day maximum flight time.

BAD HARDWARE: Well, it should fly ahead of us for a month or so, in the mid of Korean crisis. Think about equivalent airplane flying 3 years without refueling !

Wanted: Amazon terminates WikiLeaks refuge in the Cloud


On the other side, Interpol puts Assange on most-wanted list

BAD HARDWARE: Democracy was never on bigger temptation. On the very edge.

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