Wednesday, September 30, 2009

nVidia GT300's Fermi architecture unveiled: 512 cores, up to 6GB GDDR5

# 3.0 billion transistors
# 40nm TSMC
# 384-bit memory interface
# 512 shader cores [renamed into CUDA Cores]
# 32 CUDA cores per Shader Cluster
# 1MB L1 cache memory [divided into 16KB Cache - Shared Memory]
# 768KB L2 unified cache memory
# Up to 6GB GDDR5 memory
# Half Speed IEEE 754 Double Precision

Future is in smartbooks, Intel has nothing to offer

In 2012 Intel will ship in 43.2 million netbooks while ARM processors will control 52.9 million smartbooks giving ARM 55 percent of the market and Intel 45 percent. Castellano does not foresee any other processor architectures breaking into the fast-growing sector.
Volume production of smartbook chips ?
ARM In Talks With Global Foundries On Licensing Chip Mfg Tech

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jailed cyber criminal takes over prison computers

A convicted cyber criminal incarcerated at a Nottinghamshire prison took control of the prison’s IT systems while undertaking a programming job he had been given by authorities
According to the newspaper, an inmate at the same prison recently managed to fashion a key that opened all of its doors.

Microsoft screwed up Windows Mobile up to version 6.99999

Version 7 for Mobile WIndows is reserved for you guess Win 7 engine below.

15500 Gbps optical transfer over the Ocean

Alcatel Lucent.
15500 people can move over the Ocean and still be able to work with comfortable 1Gbps local speed connection over single fiber?
Close to theoretical limit of single fiber transmission. And we are seems close to cloud computing. Virtually everywhere. Unstoppable.

Internet Explorer world wide share slips again down



A good laugh.

How the hell Dell will explain its customers wireless charging of their laptops ?

Nvidia teams up with Microsoft for HPC


Can Your Desktop Run Windows 7?

Some say 4GB DRAM is minimum for serious use. Thus don't beleieve to minimalist standards. However, my Win 7 RC with Office and some DVD applications is simply flying on my notebook with 1GB DRAM old some 2 years. Why Win 7 used? Delivered Vista has been choking it all the time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

IBM makes claims for 32-nm eDRAM on SOI

IBM makes claims for 32-nm eDRAM on SOI

Confident Aegis will defend EU from all missiles ?

Aegis combat system.

Aegis Data on Iran airplane hit by missile Report Aegis Personnel Report To COMMAND
Iran Air Flight 655 continuously ascended in duration of flight Iran Air Flight 655, after attaining 9000 to 12,000 ft (3,700 m)., reportedly descended on an attack vector on USS Vincennes
Iran Air Flight 655 continuously squawked Mode III (Civilian Airliner) identification, friend or foe (IFF) in duration of flight Iran Air Flight 655 reportedly squawked Mode II (Iranian F-14 Tomcat) IFF for a moment; personnel proceeded to re-label the target from "Unknown Assumed Enemy" to "F-14"
Iran Air Flight 655 held consistent climb speed in duration of flight Iran Air Flight 655 was reported to increase in speed to an attack vector similar to an F-14 Tomcat

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Runaway’ melt on Antarctica, Greenland !

The most detailed satellite information available shows that ice sheets in Greenland and western Antarctica are shrinking faster than scientists thought and in some places are already in runaway melt mode, a new study found.
BAD HARDWARE: Do you know what will happen with you if it they really start melting?

Apollo missions found always wet Moon rocks dry ? !

But new observations of the lunar surface made with Chandrayaan-1, NASA's Cassini spacecraft, and NASA's Deep Impact probe, are calling that consensus into question, with multiple detections of the spectral signal of either water or the hydroxyl group (an oxygen and hydrogen chemically bonded).
The various study researchers also suggest that the daily dehydration and rehydration of the trace water across the Moon surface could lead to the migration of hydroxyl and hydrogen towards the poles where it can accumulate in the cold traps of the permanently shadowed regions.

Eroded? Moon rocks are everywhere on Earth !

Curiously, water on Moon found Indian orbiter, not NASA'?

BAD HARDWARE: Moon landing 40 years ago is thus a consensus, not a fact?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The UK will sink one nuke sub

Britain wants to scale back its Trident nuclear deterrent program by cutting the number of missile-carrying submarines from four to three, Foreign Secretary David Miliband said.

The $400 Radeon 5870 is capable of delivering up to 2.72 TeraFLOPS

Direct x11 too.


Keyboard finally obsolete: Microsoft Win 7(inch) booklet !

Courier is a real device, and we've heard that it's in the "late prototype" stage of development. It's not a tablet, it's a booklet. The dual 7-inch (or so) screens are multitouch, and designed for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus, in addition to fingers. They're connected by a hinge that holds a single iPhone-esque home button. Statuses, like wireless signal and battery life, are displayed along the rim of one of the screens. On the back cover is a camera, and it might charge through an inductive pad, like the Palm Touchstone charging dock for Pre.

Monday, September 21, 2009

E.U. Releases E-Mails to Defend Decision on Intel

European antitrust regulators on Monday published a torrent of internal e-mails and other company documents to back up its record fine against Intel, arguing that they showed computer manufacturers were afraid to cross the chip-making giant.

You can NOT use the commercial AMD line in the channel in any country, it must be done direct,” the e-mail, from 2004, said.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

US 'to cut missile defence plan'

Out of money? Lets go to the sea platforms.

Fylingdales UK, remains the only one EU shield secret location.
By the way, UK location seems desperately needs some new hardware . Tubes are out isn't it?.

Dell Katrina: New Orleans Mayor received bribe from Dell Computers

The corruption charges are based on email messages that the plaintiffs - Southern Electronics and Active Solutions - claim show that Meffert wanted them out and arranged to have one of his vendors and associates, Mark St. Pierre, set up a deal with Dell. When Meffert left City Hall in 2006, it was to take up a $600,000 consultancy job with St. Pierre's company, NetMethods, at the same time as another company owned by St. Pierre, Veracent, signed a deal to become Dell's camera supplier.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dell Computers to Pay $4 Million to NY Consumers

The $4 million in restitution, penalties and costs are being paid to resolve charges of fraudulent and deceptive business practices that impacted thousands of New Yorkers.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AMD HD 5870 2+TFlops in 40nm


France telecom suicides

France Telecom SA was mobilizing all 20,000 of its managers yesterday in an effort to respond to 23 employee suicides in 18 months, which unions blame partly on layoffs and restructuring.

Unable to take a fresh start or something mysterious?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fake Moon rock discovered !!!

The Rijksmuseum, more noted as a repository for 17th century Dutch paintings, announced last month it had had its plum-sized "moon" rock tested, only to discover it was a piece of petrified wood, possibly from Arizona. The museum said it inherited the rock from the estate of a former prime minister who got it as a gift from the USA Government.
The detection of a fake moon rock in the Netherlands' national museum should serve as a wake-up call for more than 130 countries who received gifts of lunar rubble from both the Apollo 11 flight in 1969 and Apollo 17 three years later.

The AP reviewed declassified? correspondence between the State Department and U.S. embassies in 1973 and was able to locate ten additional Apollo 17 rocks - in Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Barbados, France, Poland, Norway, Costa Rica, Egypt and Nepal.
The locations of fewer than a dozen are known. Where are the others from the Moon rocks production facility?
In Spain, the newspaper El Mundo this summer reported that the Apollo 17 rock given to the country's former dictator, Francisco Franco, is missing.
Gutheinz says Romania's Apollo 17 rock disappeared after the fall and execution of Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989.According to Gutheinz and other reports, Pakistan's Apollo 17 rock is missing; so is Nicaragua's, since the Sandinistas came to power in 1979. Afghanistan's Apollo 17 rock sat in Kabul's national museum until it was ransacked in 1996.

Apollo astronauts risked their lives 400 000 kilometers from home for Afganistan, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Romania and Spain dictators possessive pleasure? Congrats.
In one known legal sale of moon samples, in 1993, moon soil weighing 0.2 grams from an unmanned Russian probe was auctioned at Sotheby's for $442,500. NASA's collection of 386 kg of Moon rocks are thus now worth staggering $776B? Why NASA don't sell them to finance a lot of new daring missions, being now so tightly budget restricted? Almost all Moon rocks are possible worthless fakes !? That might be the real reason ! What they actually did? A loop around Moon. Apollo 13 made even a failure looping around with the lunar lander attached for the first time. From loop around they sent Moon automatic landers to pick up some rocks as a proof they were there.

Apollo 17 second astronaut on the right without backpack !

Disproof of Moon landing.

The Space Shuttle, so far, has killed fourteen people, merely trying to attain an orbit about two hundred fifty miles above the Earth. How is it then, that a third of a century ago, with less computing power in the entire rocket than in a present day twenty dollar Wal-Mart watch, NASA claims to have gone 100,000% farther, six different times between 1969 and 1972, landing on another celestial body and then returning, without ever killing anyone? Here is how . It was faked on Earth !

First Centrino ULV 12 inch notebook arrives

Wind12 U200
No processor speed specs? Think about it. Max TDP is 5.5 W. OMG like at 1 micron 86486 20 years ago. What an advancement ! Clock speed is now higher almost 100 times. And that is it. But, than the dominate OS was MSDOS size of 1,4MB, not one 1000 times bigger Vista. Laptop in 1989?

Dell has yet another CULV.
A new, high margin niche for 32nm processors?

Friday, September 11, 2009

The real Turing test: learning to say sorry

Finally someone accomplished it !
Being homosexual, Turing fell victim to a toxic combination of prejudice and science. In 1952, after being convicted of gross indecency, he was given the choice of prison or oestrogen injections to "cure" his homosexuality. He chose the latter, lost his security clearance, and in 1954 committed suicide, biting into an apple dipped in potassium cyanide.

AMD improved Vision offers 268 Mpixels display

Demo at USS Hornet.
Rick Bergman, a senior VP at AMD, told reporters that Eyefinity creates a virtual environment so detailed that it seems optically real to the human eye.

It began !?

More happy is coming !.

Or likely not?
A senior source at a distributor told TG Daily: "Windows 7 will only give a little uptake. We're not expecting too much from Windows 7."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Returning to Moon before this century is out ?!

The report makes it clear that NASA's current plans are unachievable.

It's commonly said that what took us about eight years to get done in the first place--starting from President Kennedy's famous statement to Congress in May 1961...

I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important in the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish.

...and ending with the successful return of Apollo 11 on July 24, 1969--couldn't be done again today because the U.S. lacks the will to commit comparable resources to the project.

BAD HARDWARE: How the hell plans worked so smoothly 40 years ago? Today US lacks the will? Is the will lacking after possible collaterals of discovery of non existence Apollo traces at Moon surface?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Is Win 7 actually XP with service pack 3 ?

Microsoft OSs immune to DOS attacks:
Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows XP Service Pack 3*
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Service Pack 2*

Windows 7 for 32-bit Systems
Windows 7 for x64-based Systems

Not immune (until the latest patch) were however Vista and Windows Server.

Financial confidence: U.S. banks ranking fell to 108 -- right behind Tanzania

Trust in Swiss banks also declined. But in the assessment of banks' soundness, the Alpine country still ranked 44th. U.S. banks fell to 108 -- right behind Tanzania -- and British banks to 126 in the ranking, now topped by Canada's banks.

BAD HARDWARE advice: Keep your money in Tanzania. Now seems safer there than in the USA or the UK.

MRAM based Flight Control Computer on the Airbus A350 XWB

Sounds safe. Thus, No more computer power glitches, like in recent transatlantic Airbus flight 447?

Astronauts could drive rovers from Mars orbit by 2020 !

I thought the rovers might become autonomic by that time. So no need for Mars astronauts.
At all. On the other side, that would spare a lot of NASA expenses. And lives.

Macro fiasco of the macroeconomics

Until the Great Depression, most economists clung to a vision of capitalism as a perfect or nearly perfect system.
There was nothing in the prevailing models suggesting the possibility of the kind of collapse that happened last year.

BAD HARDWARE: Well, nothing except the fact that no one unsubstantiated financial pyramid could extend forever.

It began !

Obama administration will return Bush debt using state of the art financial reverse engeneering. After that it is time to go out to make an empty place . For whom? Guess yourself !

Mach 6 test aircraft set for trials

The aspiration that jets may some day fly at over six-times the speed of sound took a very real step toward reality recently as the US Air Force said it successfully married the test aircraft, known as the X-51A WaveRider to a B-52 in preparation for a Dec. 2 flight test.

The X-51A flight tests are intended to demonstrate the engines can achieve their desired speed without disintegrating. While the X-51 looks like a large rocket now, its applications could change the way aircraft or spaceships are designed, fly into space, support reconnaissance missions and handle long-distance flight operations.

At the heart of the test is the aircraft's air-breathing hypersonic scramjet system.

The US human spaceflight program appears to be on an unsustainable trajectory

Keep in mind too that NASA has spent almost $8 billion of a planned $40 billion to develop systems for a return to the Moon.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

GlobalFoundries becomes global manufacturer

Like a three-legged stool with plants in Asia, Europe and a massive plant pending in the United States.
On the other side, AMD becomes fabless. That is quite natural move. Without at least 3 garagantuan semi fabs who whould survive future, except paranoids?
Check here why.

Monday, September 07, 2009

How the Web OS has begun to reshape IT and business


Wirelessly controlled airplane: No, not an airplane model, real passenger one


APOLLOgize: One giant lie for a humankind ?

Two Bangladeshi newspapers have apologised after publishing an article taken from a satirical US website which claimed the Moon landings were faked.

7 Samurai will rise revolution against Intel ?!

Not content with the American domination of the CPU industry, seven of Japan's dominant processor designers and manufacturers have teamed up to create a revolutionary new microprocessor.

Will support "innovative energy-saving software." Current prototype runs on 30% the power of a standard CPU?

"Effective power reduction of an application program on multicore processors requires appropriate power control for each on-chip resource by compilers or users. These low power techniques need an application program interface (API) to realize power control in a user program. This paper proposes a power saving scheme for multicore processors using OSCAR API developed in NEDO “Multicore for Realtime Consumer Electronics” project. The proposed scheme has been implemented in OSCAR compiler to realize the power reduction for fastest execution mode, which minimizes power consumption without performance degradation, and the realtime execution mode to minimize power consumption under realtime constrains. The proposed scheme is evaluated on an 8 cores SH4A multicore processor RP2, newly developed for consumer electronics by Renesas Technology Corp., Hitachi, Ltd. and Waseda University in the above project. For the fastest execution mode, consumed energy was reduced by 13.05% for SPEC2000 art and 3.99% for SPEC2000 equake. Also, for the realtime execution mode, consumed power was reduced by 87.9% for AAC encoder and 73.2% for MPEG2 decoder."

BAD HARDWARE: That is quite expecting after skyrocketing expenses for production of the next generation chip geometries.

Abu Dhabi acquires Chartered fab for $3.9B

As reported, Abu Dhabi's Advanced Technology Investment Co. (ATIC) said it has agreed to acquire Chartered for a total of $3.9 billion, continuing its expansion into the contract wafer production business.

Air blowing 8 bit microprocessor


Friday, September 04, 2009

AMD Fusion - first details


Strange Things Happen at Full Moon

Full moons are said to be behind many strange things, but here's one you didn't know about: At full moon, our favorite satellite is whipped by Earth's magnetotail, causing lunar dust storms and discharges of static electricity.

Any Apollo astronaut at Moon noticed that? Or missed that somehow? :)

Earth has moved 1 million kilometers away from Sun since Jesus resurrection ?

SFGate reports.

"During the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere is now a million kilometers - about 621,000 miles - farther away from the sun than it was 2,000 years ago, according to the scientist's computer models."

BAD CALCULATIONS: That means at that rate almost billion kilometers away in the past 2 million years, when the first human like creatures supposedly had emerged.
Science fiction based on bad computer models?

Why NASA didn't pack LRO with Surveyor-3 descendant to visit Moon ?

It would be really cheap mission, and safe, as it was done some 40 years earlier.
And too take some shoots from nearby Apollo 12 Descent Stage, astronaut foots and check what happens with construction being exposed in Space 40 years. I see two nice radar reflecting objects down some 200 meters apart, Apollo descending stage and Surveyor 3 itself. Sureveyor 3 descendant could land even at the top of Apollo Descent stage than move a camera on a long robotic hand to make stereo image around to make a final proof foor everyone. LRO might be a relay station for spectacular photos.

NASA not interested to take big 40 years anniversary celebration with those photos and take some extra valuable scientific data?

Apollo 12 landing site image ! !

The Apollo 12 landing site was well worth the wait. The Surveyor 3 spacecraft, Lunar Module descent stage and Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package (ALSEP) see the pic below, along with astronaut tracks (30 cm footprints ?), are all visible.

. BAD HARDWARE: We all actually want pics of the Apollo 11 landing site. "Not because it is easy, but because it is hard", President Kennedy.

Intel can see light at the end of the tunnel for the IT industry.

The PC industry will sell as many computers this year as it did in 2008, Otellini told the BBC, saying that considering the seriousness of the recession it was 'a pretty good result' and that people were buying them because they had become indispensable.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Google home page now patented

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chandrayaan images debunk Apollo 15 conspiracy theory !

Chandrayaan-1’s terrain-mapper camera has recorded images of the landing site of US spaceship Apollo 15 and tracks of its lunar rovers that were used by astronauts to travel on moon’s surface nearly four decades ago, a scientist said Wednesday.

Chauhan, however, admitted that while Chandrayaan’s low resolution camera was not equipped to capture images of the footprints left behind by first astronauts on the moon - Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin - a lunar reconnaissance orbiter equipped with a high resolution camera launched by NASA could capture the images in the near future.
Comment:I couldn't find any picture of the Cone crater made by Apollo 14 astronauts to compare with this photo some forty years later below. Do you?

Here below is secret Apollo 16 footage. We are now eager to see Apollo 16 third man footprints in the near future, as promised ! Below is Apollo 16 landing Descartes plain, latest image. Crater A is 750 meters in diameter.

Moon dust, not as strange as hoped, proves actually we have never been there

Sandweiss's team took 15 grams of "lunar soil" from the Apollo missions and accelerated the grains past a powerful magnet. Any strangelets present would curve less in the magnetic field than normal matter - but none was observed ( "If AMS-01 had been a real event, we would have found it," says Sandweiss.

BAD HARDWARE: Is it actually a proof that hypothetical strangelets doesn't exist, or more likely a simple proof we have never been on that "magnetized Moon" using Lunar Module?

Being bad is sometime good for you !

But new research has shown that many of our bad habits may also be good for us.

Intel spent $877K lobbying government in 2Q

Intel bumped up its lobbying expenses significantly over last year, and spent nearly five times as much in the latest period as much-smaller rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Well, not so accusing, because its market is 4 times bigger than AMD's.
If alive today Al Kapone, famous US gangster would say:
"You can get further with bad performance and lobbying than with good performance alone."

Crack Mac Attack: Researcher cracks Mac in 10 seconds , wins $5k

Well, that is called secure hardware.

See more details below.

Bullshit with Win 7 RC Internet (dis)connection is finally SOLVED !

Tons and tons of posts at Internet about Win 7 RC Internet connection problems, but no single known proven fix.
Problem is actually in Win 7 network topology discovery (probably because wireless network adapter is DHCP based and it is discovered first during the Win 7 start up).

However, there is a simple remedy around. Define your Internet network access parameters as fixed, and switch out automatic network discovery in Ethernet card options, that may override your fixed Internet parameters, just as it is written as caution there. That will immediately make your Ethernet card primary interconnection device each time during boot. Stupid simple. However, Microsoft easy use strategists made that option virtually unreachable and unknown for the most of average people that actually need Win 7 problem free use. Isn't it? (that option is at Networking, Internet options, Connections, LAN settings) But, wait a moment, what about famous Win 7 automatic online help for users in the case of such problems? It reports: can't connect to internet, DNS problem. Hahaha.
Of course it has DNS problem when it tries to connect Internet wirelessly first and fails each time.

Than enjoy reading BAD HARDWARE using mean and lean Internet.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Great Debate: Sun is not center of the Universe

Anyone noticed that fact simultaneously proves Earth is not at the center of the Universe?
People had been burnt even in year the 1600 claiming that (Giordano Bruno). But why?

You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” Al Kapone, USA famous gangster.
Vatican traditional policy is by these words quoted centuries later by self educated thinker Al Kapone.

Some of his other famous thoughts:
“I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand.”
I have build my organization upon fear.”
“These guys are not from the Iraqi army, ... These are not Iraqi soldiers. They are not members of any of the Iraqi armed forces.”

BAD HARDWARE: Something there remind me to Intel.

First Internet domain sold

Please note the number:
13. 25-Mar-1986 INTEL.COM

And no Microsoft in the list. That is the reason why Microsoft never believed in Internet.

EMC co-founder kills himself

Egan had an amazing life, encompassing involvement in the Apollo space programme, the US Marines, starting and building the most successful storage company on the planet, and becoming the US ambassador to Ireland. Finally, aged 73 and facing a lingering death, he ended the battle decisively and on his terms. He was never a shrinking violet.

BAD HARDWARE: Interestingly, computer related people at the end of rope decide to jump, not to fight. With strong reasoning behind, stronger even than the life itself.

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