Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bullshit with Win 7 RC Internet (dis)connection is finally SOLVED !

Tons and tons of posts at Internet about Win 7 RC Internet connection problems, but no single known proven fix.
Problem is actually in Win 7 network topology discovery (probably because wireless network adapter is DHCP based and it is discovered first during the Win 7 start up).

However, there is a simple remedy around. Define your Internet network access parameters as fixed, and switch out automatic network discovery in Ethernet card options, that may override your fixed Internet parameters, just as it is written as caution there. That will immediately make your Ethernet card primary interconnection device each time during boot. Stupid simple. However, Microsoft easy use strategists made that option virtually unreachable and unknown for the most of average people that actually need Win 7 problem free use. Isn't it? (that option is at Networking, Internet options, Connections, LAN settings) But, wait a moment, what about famous Win 7 automatic online help for users in the case of such problems? It reports: can't connect to internet, DNS problem. Hahaha.
Of course it has DNS problem when it tries to connect Internet wirelessly first and fails each time.

Than enjoy reading BAD HARDWARE using mean and lean Internet.

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