Thursday, February 24, 2011

Atomic antennae transmit quantum information across a microchip !

Atomic antennae transmit quantum information across a microchip

World Exclusive Proof: Apollo landing is a hoax !!

Picture below is taken 50 kilometers over the Moon surface. 50 kilometers on Moon surface is 3 cm in length on that picture.
Apollo astronauts drove 100 kilometers on Moon surface ! Check down the claimed trails length.
Stretching over the Moon mountains !
Thus, there was no any driving on the Moon surface by Apollo astronauts.
Russian Luna 21 vehicle in 1973 was 6 tons heavy. However, no weight was needed for return. How Apollo 15 drove on Moon and return astronauts safely?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Will Soon Live in a 100 Gbps World

Unnoticed by Silicon Valley, telecom is on the move again.
“[T]here is a need to increase deployments of higher speed optical wavelengths such as 40 and 100 gigabit. We, therefore, raised our forecast and now project that in the total WDM market, which includes both metro and long haul, 40 gigabit wavelength shipments will grow at a CAGR of over 40 percent and the recently available 100 gigabit wavelengths will grow at a CAGR over 200 percent. By 2015, the combined 40 and 100 gigabit wavelengths may contribute up to $4.7 billion of optical revenue.”

End your addiction on oil. Now !

If Not Now, When?
It is about time. For the last 50 years, America (and Europe and Asia) have treated the Middle East as if it were just a collection of big gas stations: Saudi station, Iran station, Kuwait station, Bahrain station, Egypt station, Libya station, Iraq station, United Arab Emirates station, etc. Our message to the region has been very consistent: “Guys (it was only guys we spoke with), here’s the deal. Keep your pumps open, your oil prices low, don’t bother the Israelis too much and, as far as we’re concerned, you can do whatever you want out back.

Exa computing: How to distribute computations across multiple cores

Project Angstrom’s vision to address the four major challenges of extreme-scale computing is based on two key foundations: creating a revolutionary SElf-awarE Computational model called SEEC, and a fully distributed factored architecture for both hardware and software.
SEEC will also enable systems that are orders of magnitude more energy efficient and dependable by incorporating explicitly energy and resiliency goals into the hardware, operating system, compiler and languages. Green computing?
One way to improve communication between cores, which the Angstrom project is investigating, is optical communication — using light instead of electricity to move data.
Devadas has demonstrated that small circuits connected to the cores can calculate the allotment of bandwidth and switch the direction of the connections in a single clock cycle.
The allocation of the chunks is performed by circuits hard-wired into the chip, not by the computer’s operating system. “As far as I know, nothing like this is going on anywhere else,” Dennis says.

Computer architecture basics

This document is a collection of web pages on computer architecture.

The first part is an introduction to digital circuits. We recommend you read the pages in this order:

  1. Gates. Here, we introduce the fundamental building blocks of digital computers.
  2. Truth tables. We discuss truth tables as a way both of describing an existing circuit and of specifying a circuit to be built.
  3. Combinatorial circuits. We introduce circuits whose output values depend only on a combination of the input values.
  4. Logic expressions. We explain how to describe circuits as algebraic formulae and how to manipulate those formulae with algebraic laws.
  5. Multiplexer. A particular combinatorial circuit so commonly used that we discuss it separately.
  6. Demultiplexer. A particular combinatorial circuit so commonly used that we discuss it separately.
  7. Decoder. A particular combinatorial circuit so commonly used that we discuss it separately.
  8. Binary arithmetic. In this section, we introduce the fundamentals of binary arithmetic and representation of numbers.
  9. Circuits for binary arithmetic. We show different circuits for binary arithmetic and explain trade-offs between speed and number of gates.
  10. Latches and flip-flops. Flip-flops are the basic elements of sequential circuits, the way gates are the basic elements of combinatorial circuits.
  11. State table. We discuss state tables as a way both of describing an existing sequential circuit and as a way of specifying a sequential circuit to be built.
  12. Sequential circuits. We introduce circuits whose output values depend not only on the inputs, but also on previous input and output values.
  13. Registers. A register is a particularly simple sequential circuit that can be instructed to store its input values indefinitely.
  14. Counters. A counter is a another particularly simple sequential circuit that normally increments its stored value for each clock pulse.
  15. Binary multiplication. We show how to build a circuit for binary multiplication.
  16. Tri-state logic circuits. Tri-state logic circuits represent a pragmatic solution to some problems of circuit complexity.
  17. Buses. With tri-state logic, we can use a bus to transport data.
  18. Memories. While memories are clearly sequential circuits, they have a special structure that makes it interesting to look at them separately.
  19. Read-only memories. A read-only memory is nothing more than a combinatorial circuit, but often built as a memory.
Next, we design a number of specific combinatorial and sequential circuits, which will be the building blocks of a simple computer:
  1. Counter with clear. This sequential circuit is nominally an ordinary counter, but an additional input allows us to clear the contents of the counter.
  2. Counter register. This sequential circuit is a combination of a counter and a register.
  3. Counter register with clear. This sequential circuit is a combination of a counter with clear and a register.
  4. Counter register with clear and explicit increment. This sequential circuit is similar to a counter register with clear, except that it does not increment unless explicitly instructed to.
  5. Micro memory. This is a combinatorial circuit sometimes in the form of a PROM.
  6. Instruction decoder. This is a combinatorial circuit sometimes in the form of a PROM.
  7. Arithmetic and logic unit. This is a combinatorial circuit for doing arithmetic and logic operations. The operation can be selected by the value of inputs.
  8. The first computer. We present our first simple computer, allowing us to make some very simple computations.
Now, we gradually complicate our simple computer:
  1. Conditional jumps. So far, our computer could only do unconditional jumps. Now, we show how to introduce conditional jumps as well.
  2. Subprograms. We add support for procedures and functions in high-level languages and discuss call/return protocols.
  3. Parameter passing. We add support for passing parameters to subroutines on the stack.
  4. Local variables We show how to use existing instructions to allocate space on the stack for local variables.
  5. Interrupts. Our computer must know how to react to external events from timers and peripherals. The mechanism for interrupts makes that possible.

Apple to debut iPad 2 on March 2

Apple to debut iPad 2 on March 2

Apple iPad 2 shipments delayed from April to June?

A two-month delay in introducing the iPad 2 could lower the tablet computer’s shipments to 23 million units this year, as compared with the brokerage’s current forecast of 30.6 million, according to the report.

Demoracy: When Arabs steal their own country revolution follows, but when Wall Street did that nobody cares

However crook Madoff said at Court: All knew what I have been doing (A financial Pyramid)

BAD HARDWARE: That is called lack of real democracy at Arabs. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

Financial crooks brought down the world's economy — but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them

If US cities had kept their first names

I prefer: Angola, Waterloo and Le Petit Roche !

Tablets are the next big thing !

Projecting that tens of millions of tablets would be in use in America’s workplaces by 2015, Ted Schadler – Forrester Research’s VP and principal analyst – said that the “huge growth” will mark “the fastest uptake of any device in the enterprise ever. Faster than PCs, faster than laptops and faster than smart phones.”

And Steve Ballmer reportedly set to preempt Apple tablet at CES
With device available by mid-year.

Gene Law restricts Moore's Law to a halt

Gene Frantz that the energy efficiency per function of integrated circuits doubles ever 18 months, akin to Moore's Law.

After two decades of dramatic improvements in the energy efficiency of circuits, the semiconductor industry will need to explore new circuit structures, architectures, materials and other items to continue to keep pace, according to a panel of experts at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

BAD HARDWARE: Ever heard of memory wall ?
The Holy Grail we are aiming for is a system only using power when needed," Magarshack said. "That's not possible with today's tools and models.

Apple reveals increasing child labor problem !

Apple, the company that has set mobile phone and computer trends with its iPhone and iPad, has reported it has a growing problem with its Chinese suppliers using workers under the legal age of 16 years.

Apple said that a total $3.4 million has been repaid to workers who had been exploited in that way since 2008.

Instead of 10 GHz Hyperchip Intel produced hyperproduction !

The world's leading foundries are facing difficult times due to the creation of too manufacturing capacity, according to Paul Otellini, president and CEO of Intel Corp., the world's leading chip maker.

BAD HARDWARE: 450mm wafers? Intel thinks it is immune to hyper production? Hahahahha.

China eyes petaflops, IBM hits 5 GHz

We will ever see 10 Ghz clocked processors?
BAD HARDWARE: Barely. Remember Intel's works in 2005 ? Seems it has no commercial sense.
However, with say 16 GB of some kind of fast enough cache on die , it might have a sense. But, how much it will cost?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Backgate: Computer programmer bamboozled federal officials !

A onetime biomedical technician with a penchant for gambling, Mr. Montgomery is at the center of a tale that features terrorism scares, secret White House briefings, backing from prominent Republicans, backdoor deal-making and fantastic-sounding computer technology.
Now, federal officials want nothing to do with him and are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that his dealings with Washington stay secret. C.I.A. officials, though, came to believe that Mr. Montgomery’s technology was fake in 2003, but their conclusions apparently were not relayed to the military’s Special Operations Command, which had contracted with his firm.

BAD HARDWARE: Backdoor deal to stay secret? Where is the max possibility od backdooring? Win XP and Office ! Add Facebook and Google ! Or Sum of the Luminous Treatment and Programming Essence ? A Pentagon study in January found that it had paid $285 billion in three years to more than 120 contractors accused of fraud or wrongdoing.

Is this the start of the second dotcom bubble?

Is this the start of the second dotcom bubble?

Update: Intel to build fab for 14-nm chips

Update: Intel to build fab for 14-nm chips

Continuing its aggressive fab expansion efforts, Intel Corp. on Friday (Feb. 18) announced plans to invest more than $5 billion to build a new chip manufacturing facility at its site in Chandler, Ariz.

On the other hand, Intel recently obtained a grant from the Israeli government to build a 300-mm fab in that nation.
At 11-nm, it reiterated its concept of a ''complementary'' or mix-and-match strategy, in which 193-nm immersion could work hand-in-hand with EUV or maskless lithography to enable advanced chip designs.

BAD HARDWARE: ? In 1974 in 10 microns Intel produced 4040 processor. Now, in 11 nanometers, its chip could contain 1 million 4040 processors. Seems that in some 40+ years productivity of processor production is improved at that very scale due to two dimensional scaling.

Apollo 18: Why we never went back to Moon ?

Video here.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The State Of Garbage In America

The State Of Garbage In America

Stuxnet worm now landed United airplanes !?

United Continental Holdings Inc. said it’s almost finished with computer checkups on 96 of its Boeing Co. 757-model jets after canceling 15 flights while performing the unscheduled maintenance yesterday.
The computers, which handle data such as air pressure and temperature

Honda FCX Clarity paves way toward zero-emissions future

Honda FCX Clarity paves way toward zero-emissions future

This lease program is the world’s first large-scale retail initiative for fuel cell electric vehicle technology. Since its launch, more than 70,000 individuals have expressed interest in leasing the FCX Clarity and have signed up on the vehicle website:

BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Dreams of impossible?
Electric cars aren't green, says Ph.D.

Sanitazing SSD

Sanitizing data from storage media is a critical component of data management, especially for governments and the enterprise. Sanitization is well-understood for traditional magnetic storage, such as hard drives and tapes. Newer Solid State Disks (SSDs), however, have a much different internal architecture, so it is unclear whether what has worked on magnetic media will work on SSDs as well.Wiping HD up to 35 times will help in residual magnetism for older hard disks, but what to do with SSD? The sanitation problem is quite different in that case.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Death of Music industry

Currently at the financial level of 1980ies.

Steve Jobs farewell

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who recently took a medical leave of absence from his company, and Google chief executive Eric Schmidt will be among the attendees of President Obama's event with business leaders in San Francisco Thursday evening, a source familiar with the event tells ABC News.

Modern Cyrano de Bergerac

Augmented nose sniffs out illegal stenches

Dell Windows 8 based Peju tablet could appear in early 2012 !

Steve Jobs in his final days !?

Steve Jobs - who is on another medical leave of absence from Apple, the company he co-founded and manages as its longtime CEO - is receiving treatment at a cancer clinic where Hollywood star Patrick Swayze was a patient in his final days.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have only six weeks to live

Bigger & Badder Than the Hubble

It may look more like a perplexing work of avant-garde sculpture than it does a telescope, but make no mistake about it--the golden snowflake on a surfboard that is the James Webb Space Telescope will be the premier eye in the sky of the next decade. With the assistance of the Webb, astronomers hope to take a giant leap forward in understanding the origins of the cosmos.

BAD HARDWARE: Baby Universe to be seen in 2014, though convincing shoot of Apollo landing site on nearby Moon not yet ???

Ooops: Apple blows past HP, claims top mobile PC position

Buoyed by surging iPad sales, Apple managed to claim an impressive 17.2% share of worldwide mobile PC shipments in Q4’10. Indeed, Cupertino shipped over 10.2 million notebook and tablet PCs combined - nearly a million more units than HP.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Details about Stuxnet attacks on 5 Iranian organizations

The study also concluded that the Stuxnet attacks can be dated back to June 2009 - more than a year prior to it being first discovered by security experts - and that its initial targets were five separate organizations that have a presence in Iran and most of which have been attacked at various points through 2009 and 2010.

Valentine's Day swipe at Intel : Dear, I hear Sandy B broke your heart :)

Update: AMD adds some additional V-day fun with chocolate processors. See here for details.

Computer generations in brief

Lets sit back and think about what life was like before computers were everywhere.

BAD HARDWARE: Generation 2010-2010? Noticeable is the trend of device size reduction.
Thus, Mobile devices will rule.

New Light-emitting Material May Usher in Era of Cheap OLEDs

New Light-emitting Material May Usher in Era of Cheap OLEDs

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Broken SDHC card, broken card reader,missing important pictures and ...

And Easy Recovery Ontrack Professional solved the problem !.
Of course, though quite unprobable, you need to suspect in that ultimate disaster situation even on card reader ! Has been soving in 2 hours, but solved. Completely. For all 1000 missing pictures.

BAD HARDWARE important Remedy: don't try in situation like that any other recovery software !

Solar windows

We’ve seen New Energy Technologies announce a series of advances in its attempt to turn windows into solar panels, and now the company says it has a working, 1-square-foot see-through glass prototype that can generate electricity. An earlier version of this solar window was just 4 inches by 4 inches, and New Energy says the boost in size takes it a big step closer to bringing a product to market.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Egyptian Presidency under reconstruction since 2008 !

BAD HARDWARE: Thus, Belgium Government will never take its title. Or will. Who knows.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Human civilization to end by 2045?

The human civilization - as we know it - will come to an end by 2045, inventor/futurist Ray Kurzweil told TIME in a recent interview.Kurzweil believes that we're approaching a moment when computers will become intelligent, and not just intelligent but more intelligent than humans. When that happens, humanity - our bodies, our minds, our civilization - will be completely and irreversibly transformed. He believes that this moment is not only inevitable but imminent. According to his calculations, the end of human civilization as we know it is about 35 years away, the magazine reported.

BAD HARDWARE: Hmmmmmm. The G-7 oligarchs are exporting jobs to third world countries faster than free guns at a prison break. Thus, what they should do in the rest of rest 34 years? However, every 40, 50 or 60 years something grows faster than anything else, and right now it's information.

Sales of desktop computers in Bulgaria shrank by 29% in 2010 !

The demand for cheap laptops continued to be the main driving force in this market, IDC said. According to the company, laptop sales increased by 23.3 per cent in 2010, which offset the sharp fall in desktop sales.

BAD HARDWARE: Cannibalism !

Probability of hiting L.A. by major earthquake is more than 80% !!

Would be devastating like that one in San Francisko in 1906.

"At some point, this area will get kicked by shaking from one of the many quakes that happen south of the San Andreas Fault," says Weldon. "It will rupture northward along the fault. When it comes into the San Bernardino Valley, seismic energy will be directed by a series of basins, including the Los Angeles Basin, into the most highly populated part of Southern California."

BAD HARDWARE: Bad prospects in hardware would be in that case even worse.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Survey Says Everyone Trusts Apple, Hates Bankers

Everyone loves their computers, and everyone hates their bankers. That's the in-a-nutshell takeaway from a recent survey about the perceived trustworthiness of a variety of industries.

Friday is a big day for Julian Assange

DAY TWO of Julian Assange's Swedish extradition hearing saw no outcome at Belmarsh magistrate's court with Friday remaining for final arguments to be heard.

Why he is dangerous at all?

Many of the nations largest insurance companies are joining forces in order to sue Bank of America for "mortgage fraud." These are the insurance companies: Dexia Holdings, FSA Asset Management, New York Life Insurance Company, The Mainstay Funds, Teachers Insurance & Annuity, TIAA-CREF Life Insurance, and College Retirement Equities Fund. MBIA, a holding company who provides financial guarantee insurance, found that in approximately 19,000 Countrywide loan files, at least 91% of the loans are either in default or delinquent, and appear to contain material deviations from Countrywide's underwriting policies.

Epic fail: Sony retweets jailbroken PS3 code

In a social media snafu, Sony spokesman Kevin Butler accidently retweeted PlayStation 3’s jailbreak code last night, mistaking the tweet for a "Battleship" board game reference.

Data Shows Disastrous GPS Jamming from FCC-Approved Broadcaster

Data Shows Disastrous GPS Jamming from FCC-Approved Broadcaster

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-certified aviation receiver began to be jammed at a distance of 13.8 miles (22.1 kilometers) and experienced total loss of fix at 5.6 miles (9.0 kilometers) from the transmitter.

Obama Calling For $53B For High Speed Rail

President Obama is calling for $53B to be appropriated for the construction of high-speed rail in the United States over the next 6 years.
Don't panic but: End of the cheap oil in sight?

Chinese Jiaotong University currently have a prototype Maglev that can hit 600 Km/h and are planning a smaller ‘Express’ version which will hit the dizzying speed of 1000 Km/h!!

Actually, the only real problem is to find long enough straight line. Human body is able to withstand high speed rail turning only at 200 Km/h.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

X-Rayser: Revolution in life studying

In a paper published in the current edition of Nature, an international team of scientists describe how they obtained the world's first single-shot images of intact viruses – a technology that could ultimately lead to moving video of molecules, viruses and live microbes.

10 Petaflops: Fastest Supercomputer Ever Coming to Argonne Next Year

The IBM machine, which is still in development, is slated to arrive at Argonne in 2012, the report said. The ultra-speedy computer will be 20 times faster than any of the other computers at Argonne

Powered by 16 core Power A2 processor. that consume between 20 and 65 watts, with typical usage being in the 55W range. Overall 5-6 MW for the whole system without cooling power.
Argon Labs should provide some 20-30MW for its operational use. Presumably the Mira supercomputer goal is to build a better battery before the Chinese do – and take over that industry, too.


Friday, February 04, 2011

Apocalipse 2014: The End of DRAM single cell area reduction

With overall 8Gbit per DRAM Chip More Here.
a 4F2 DRAM cell really should have transistors at every possible transistor location. Thus, DDR4 will be the last single cell DRAM version.
BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Oh, by the way: The end of further Flash cell size reduction too. And, we already reached logic transistor cell area reduction end too. The end of Moore Law? Well, not quite. There is still the third dimension left unused!By the way, 8GByte will be common PC memory module in 2014. For Windows 8. Nice number matching. Hard to imagine that you need 8GB of memory to make your PC running, when 640KB was sufficient and max limit in 1981. Some 10.000 times less ! Think about the 10000 square meters for your working space compared to only 1 square meter.

Next-generation banking malware emerges after Zeus.

Next-generation banking malware emerges after Zeus.
The rumored combination of two pieces of advanced online banking malware appears to be fully underway after several months of speculation.

No one wants New Mexico Supercomputer at Intel Corporation's Plant

For now, though, no other companies use the super computer, Bowles said.

The New Mexico machine is housed under tight security at Intel Corporation's plant in Rio Rancho. The electricity bill alone tops $1 million a year.

Rest in GPS

Five harrowing days after becoming stuck on a remote backcountry road in Death Valley National Park in August 2009, Alicia Sanchez lay down next to her Jeep Cherokee and prepared to die.
"She turned down a wrong road," Nattrass said in a recent interview. "She said she was following her GPS unit."

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Anti-Microsoft rap


Leak of Intel's bridge over troubled waters: Poison Ivy !

Ivy Bridge to have 20 percent performance advantage over troubled Sandy Bridge

BAD HARDWARE WEEK: What does it mean? 20% less fatal flaw troubles then in troubled Sandy Bridge?

54 habitable planets found in other solar systems !

NASA believes it's discovered its first Earth-sized exoplanets - and five of them are in the 'Goldilocks zone' where conditions are considered favorable for life.

Latest WikiLeak Reveals Google And The State Department Talked To Unblock Egyptian Videos

Latest WikiLeak Reveals Google And The State Department Talked To Unblock Egyptian Videos

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

List of hardware bit rates

List of device bit rates

Dark Universe Appears 250+ Times Bigger Than What Is Observable

Universe 250+ Times Bigger Than What Is Observable

Hollow Sandy Bridge Delays MacBook Pro !

Finally, a truth on bad hardware

We can definitely SayNow: Google's executive missing in Egypt

Finally, a truth on saying truth.

BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Google is seems in Egypt government's public enemy No:1 !

Dark sparticle finally enlighted !

Scientists believe the sparticle may be the mysterious dark matter, given its theoretical stability.

Search Wars: Google says Bing is "cheating" and "copying"

Cough, cough, who are those copying , well look yourself at the Bingo mask.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

AMD launches new generation 'Fusion' computer processor

Global chip-maker AMD today announced the launch of a new chipset that offers higher computing speed and better graphics quality than its predecessors.

The new 'Fusion' processors incorporate a graphics card (GPU) and microprocessor (CPU) on a single chip, allowing computer-makers to develop new form factors for devices.

LHC shutdown postponed

"For example, if nature is kind to us and the lightest supersymmetric particle, or the Higgs boson, is within reach of the LHC’s current energy, the data we expect to collect by the end of 2012 will put them within our grasp."

Some Google weekend work that will enable more Egyptians to be heard

We worked with a small team of engineers from Twitter, Google and SayNow, a company we acquired last week, to make this idea a reality. It’s already live and anyone can tweet by simply leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers (+16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855) and the service will instantly tweet the message using the hashtag #egypt. No Internet connection is required. People can listen to the messages by dialing the same phone numbers or going to

Engineering Practical Jokes

First-come, first-served on April Fool's Day

Microsoft Warns of MHTML Critical Bug in Windows

Microsoft is warning its users about a dangerous flaw in the way that Windows handles certain MHTML operations, which could allow an attacker to run code on vulnerable machines. The bug affects all of the current versions of Windows, from XP up through Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

Sandy Bridge Collapsed as its name suggests!

Intel admits $700 million hit for Sandy Bridge chipset problems
In some cases, the Serial-ATA (SATA) ports within the chipsets may degrade over time, potentially impacting the performance or functionality of SATA-linked devices such as hard disk drives and DVD drives
SANDY BRIDGE processors are going to take longer to reach market because Intel has to replace thousands of the faulty Intel 6 series Cougar Point support chips it has shipped. The fault is said to have been solved after it was detected this month. Over 100,000 units of the Sandy Bridge chipsets with the faulty Cougar Point support chips have been shipped since the fourth quarter of 2010.

And it's on one of the later layers of metal so Intel actually can utilize all the chipset pipeline that has been there and is there in the fab right now. Because the chipset is built in a relatively mature 65-nm process, Smith said there is confidence that the corrected chip can ramp up production quickly.

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