Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exa computing: How to distribute computations across multiple cores

Project Angstrom’s vision to address the four major challenges of extreme-scale computing is based on two key foundations: creating a revolutionary SElf-awarE Computational model called SEEC, and a fully distributed factored architecture for both hardware and software.
SEEC will also enable systems that are orders of magnitude more energy efficient and dependable by incorporating explicitly energy and resiliency goals into the hardware, operating system, compiler and languages. Green computing?
One way to improve communication between cores, which the Angstrom project is investigating, is optical communication — using light instead of electricity to move data.
Devadas has demonstrated that small circuits connected to the cores can calculate the allotment of bandwidth and switch the direction of the connections in a single clock cycle.
The allocation of the chunks is performed by circuits hard-wired into the chip, not by the computer’s operating system. “As far as I know, nothing like this is going on anywhere else,” Dennis says.

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