Friday, September 04, 2009

Why NASA didn't pack LRO with Surveyor-3 descendant to visit Moon ?

It would be really cheap mission, and safe, as it was done some 40 years earlier.
And too take some shoots from nearby Apollo 12 Descent Stage, astronaut foots and check what happens with construction being exposed in Space 40 years. I see two nice radar reflecting objects down some 200 meters apart, Apollo descending stage and Surveyor 3 itself. Sureveyor 3 descendant could land even at the top of Apollo Descent stage than move a camera on a long robotic hand to make stereo image around to make a final proof foor everyone. LRO might be a relay station for spectacular photos.

NASA not interested to take big 40 years anniversary celebration with those photos and take some extra valuable scientific data?

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