Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Chandrayaan images debunk Apollo 15 conspiracy theory !

Chandrayaan-1’s terrain-mapper camera has recorded images of the landing site of US spaceship Apollo 15 and tracks of its lunar rovers that were used by astronauts to travel on moon’s surface nearly four decades ago, a scientist said Wednesday.

Chauhan, however, admitted that while Chandrayaan’s low resolution camera was not equipped to capture images of the footprints left behind by first astronauts on the moon - Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin - a lunar reconnaissance orbiter equipped with a high resolution camera launched by NASA could capture the images in the near future.
Comment:I couldn't find any picture of the Cone crater made by Apollo 14 astronauts to compare with this photo some forty years later below. Do you?

Here below is secret Apollo 16 footage. We are now eager to see Apollo 16 third man footprints in the near future, as promised ! Below is Apollo 16 landing Descartes plain, latest image. Crater A is 750 meters in diameter.

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