Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New nothing about missing MH 370 airplane

"REGARDING missing Malaysia Airlines Flight  MH370: Australia has a very high-tech, early warning coastal security system formally called the Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN).It can track surface craft as well as aircraft the size of a Cessna 182 at 3000 kilometres. If an unidentified aircraft, as suggested, came down our north-west coast, automatic alarms should have activated. If an aircraft the size of Boeing 777  with no identity response got through, what next? Or did it not enter our airspace?"
Curiously, a journalist named Peter La Franchi commented in detail, expressing his opinion that Australia, clearly has a lot more explaining to do, and on a wide number of fronts.
Ground Based Radar Network
DIGO satellites.
It makes it virtually impossible for any aircraft to enter australian airspace without detection - even if they are at sea level.OR EVEN ARE INVINCIBLE TO EARTH RADAR ! LIKE STEALTH !!
So far, the Australian radar has been used mainly to detect illegal immigrants, smugglers and fisherman poaching in Australian territorial waters.
Here is the  sound of sweepwing australian OTH radar ( no aliens there I swear )
Australia announced in December 2004 that it would join the American plan to build a missile defense system, calling the threat of ballistic missiles too grave to ignore.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK:  Great nothing again. The Malaysian government on last Tuesday released 45 pages of raw satellite data

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