Friday, March 31, 2006

Conroe roadmap and prices

Intel Conroe Prices
Core Duo E8000 4MB 3.33GHz 1333MHz Q4 $1199
Core Duo EEdition 3.33GHz(L2 4M) 1333MHz Q3 $999
Core Duo E6900 4MB 3.20GHz 1066MHz FSB Q4 $969
Intel Core Duo E6800 2.93GHz(L2 4M) 1066MHz Q3 $749
Intel Core Duo E6700 2.67GHz(L2 4M) 1066MHz Q3 $529
Intel Core Duo E6600 2.40GHz(L2 4M) 1066MHz Q3 $315
Core Duo E6500 2MB 2.40GHz 1066MHz FSB Q4 $269
Intel Core Duo E6400 2.13GHz(L2 2M) 1066MHz Q3 $240
Intel Core Duo E6300 2MB 1.86GHz 1066MHz FSB Q3 $209
Core Duo E6200 2MB 1.60GHz 1066MHz FSB Q4 $179
Core Duo E4200 2MB 1.60GHz 800MHz FSB Q4 $169

Intel Celeron D 350, 3.2 GHz ( L2 256K) 533 Mhz NOW $99

Now, let compare Core Duo E6900 and Celeron D350
E6900 is better: 2X due to 2 cores
E6900 has 2 times higher FSB clock, but can dual cores communicate with memory simulatenously?
E6900 has 2 MB L2 per core, thus it is 8 times bigger than at Celeron D 350
But E6900 has price 10 times bigger !?

Conclusion for Corel user: You will pay 10 times more for the 2 times faster Corel execution.
Conclusion for both cores user: When one nice day, when Intel masters Hyper Transport, you will have 4 times more performance for 10 times higher prices. Well, let be correct, when Intel finally make it, E6900 price should be some $500 (Intel will not voluntarily lower its prices) and you will get 4 times more performance for 4 times more money, if you are black mailed with Intel. Otherwise, why to wait, when I can make higher performance boost per $ with purchase of any AMD64? Yes, but E6900 is Intel's next generation processor. Well, after the facts above, it seems me more like Intel's next generation fraud.

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Wrong. Why Netburst CPUs are way worse than Conroe:

1) The Conroe has an extra execution unit (4 instead of 3)

2) The pipeline 1/3 the size Netburst CPUs (12/14 stage pipeline vs 30+ of Netburst)

3) The FPU is significantly improved (SSE4, etc)

4) The heat dissipation is lower per unit of work done and lower overall.

5) The caching algorithms used by the Conroe CPUs are drastically improved.

The main bottle neck these days is DRAM refresh cycles and how slow mass storage is, but if you are waiting for things to render or things to encode, the Conroe will be drastically faster.

Check out:

You will see Netburst CPUs doing horrible, AMD single core doing well, AMD dual core doing ok, and Intel Woodcrest and Conroe absolutely killing the competition.

The 4MB cache Conroe CPUs are the ultimate CPU ever to be offered to the public at such a low price point.

I think that buying the E6600 4MB will provide a huge improvement over that piece of junk, hot Netburst.

Intel is throwing out the junk silicon dooming you to a Netburst CPU. Why in god's name would you want to get a new rig with an obsolete piece of junk?

Corel users: Get an E6600 a large fast hard drive like a WD5000YS, and reasonably fast memory.

Post benchmarks if you are going to make performance claims.
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