Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bull's revenge

Seems that something went wrong with an traditional show outcome, public around actually came for to see, after the latest Dell announcement.
Because, after the latest launch of new Opteron in 65nm , due to Merill Linch report, Intel's share in servers will drop for 4%. So what, Intel will conquire at least 4% with new Woodrest!. With God's help. But, 4 socket Opterons are the most profitable processors, with unbeatable margins.

Nietzsche would like to say poetically: What didn't kill me, will make me stronger. And what better demonstrates that rule truthfulness in practice, than the painful revenge of wounded bull (picture left)? Frankly, my visions doesn't relate to bull literally, but to something having that in its name. Bulldozer, perhaps, but with the same effects. Alas, seems that Intel's strategists don't like Nietzsche readings, being he was accused on Nazi connections, and being too paranoid schizophrenic in the end of his life? However, didn't just Intel itself make decades of success driven by quite unusual motto and the same business approach: Only paranoids survive?.

Following last week's announcement that Dell will buy servers using AMD processors, today's Chinese-language Apple Daily is reporting that Foxconn Electronics (the registered trade name of Hon Hai Precision Industry) will produce high-end servers that use AMD Opteron dual-core processors for Dell, with the products expected to launch before year-end. The report also estimated that the order would account for only 10-20% of Dell's overall server shipments. Badhardware notes that is still far below AMD's server world average of 30%, but anything is better than nothing.

I am warning people with bad nerves to jump over the picture left below, because that picture from Hong Kong is not the fake one, nor the airplane slightly above is driven by the terrorists. But, what better illustrate investors all dangerous of wrong, sub target business approach in publicity? Anyway, one good image is better than thousand words. And finally, last picture right, shows Dell business preditions for 1Q 2007. After years of Intel only high routes flying, without any doubt, their business strategy flies dangerously low this year.

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