Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Intel delays 45nm until mid 2008

Intel delays 45nm until mid 2008.
They will not be made with 45nm technology as Intel is not expected to release the first 45nm processors until the middle of 2008.
Interestingly, badhardware predicts no K9 core at AMD until mid 2008. Thus, both companies might strike at the same moment, just as was the case many times previously. Intel's top guns will be 45nm Nehalem core based mobile Penryn and desktop Wolfdale. AMD will respond with new K9 (or named K8L), though still in 65nm. But quite competitive to Intel's. However, Woodcrest is on time to be delivered no later than the June 25th.
The first Quad Core Xeon CloverTown will debut in Q1 of 2007.

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