Monday, June 15, 2009

Apollo 40 years later : Will LRO make a photo of landing site ?

Exactly 50 years later we might see Moon landing.
Unbelievably, 40 years later nobody cares. We should at least have a photo as a proof of that historic event.
In 2009 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will carry a powerful modern camera into low orbit over the Moon's surface. Its primary mission is not to photograph old Apollo landing sites, but it will photograph them, many times, providing the first recognizable images of Apollo relics since 1972.
Provided it happened at all. Otherwise, public ignorance is quite understandable.
Seems we will see only a slam of booster into Moon.
? Because, $40B Apollo mission wasn't able to install camera on Lunar module during the lift off.
Well, that would really convince me. Not landing was the real Apollo problem but actually lift off.
If fail no abort. And return. Pretty scary.

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