Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Boeing allows you a choice to die from pilot's errors , not only from computer's ones like at Airbus

That's a great philosophical decision. Otherwise, bot companies had a similar safety record.
Pray break ?

BAD HARDWARE: I like the most this part : " Riding around on autopilot all the time pushing buttons does nothing to sharpen your hand flying skills for a possible situation like this when you will need it the most. I am simply appalled by the autopilot-dependent culture in many flight departments. "

IS THERE A PILOT IN THE AIRPLANE ? THOUGH IS ANYONE RESPONSIBLE FOR PEOPLE DEATHS ? Do automated systems help you to faster fly or faster die?

It's time the airline industry stopped treating passengers like children and began informing us of what airplanes we're flying on and how they're flown--and allowing us to decide how we're taking our lives in our hands.

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