Saturday, June 20, 2009

Real background behind Congo fears

AMD ‘Congo' Chip Glorifies Rape

Not only that idiot, but most major electronics companies in the United States do not know for sure where exactly the minerals in their products come from, and offer only bland reassurances that they too want their products to be conflict free. But as of yet, no major electronics company has fully traced their supply chain back to their mines of origin – the only way to ensure that when you and I buy a new mobile phone or PC, we are not fuelling flagrant human rights abuses.

BAD HARDWARE COMMENT: AMD Congo name simply associate to its diamond mines. Human victims there are simply collaterals associated with imperial games with diamonds.
However, about wrong use of OFFICIAL product name much better is suitable Intel's Xeon, directly associated with state inspired killing of thousands Palestinians on their own deserted lend , only to make enough space for Intel's new chip fabs there. Particularly, Intel's latest fab in Kiryat Gat is made on land freed by ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

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