Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free EU Windows: EU shouldn't again swallow Microsoft's bait

In 2004 Microsoft responded to EU requests by selling its so-called N version of Windows for the same price as its full version, and consumers rejected the stripped-down system.

Now, EU don't want to be fooled again. However, what is the satisfactory solution for browser monopoly problem to Eu authorities? Windows effectively has 95% of world's market ! No to complete Windows ?
“Our focus in this case is that consumers should effectively have the chance to choose from an array of browsers,” a commission spokesman, Jonathan Todd, said. “The remedy with the ‘N’ version software didn’t work.”

BAD HARDWARE proposal: Why proprietary IE bundled Win 7 shouldn't be sold in EU more expensive then the liberated "browser agnostic" Win 7 version ? Than, people should love "IE8 free EU" Windows.
Or Microsoft should deliver standard browserless Win 7, only with small first browser download utility to the whole world. Then the users will decide.

However, Microsoft started humanitarian campaign feed "less hunger with IE8" worth $1M to prevent that.

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