Friday, June 26, 2009

I successfully upgraded to Win 7 RC from its Beta Release !

1. Download Win 7 RC1 image from Microsoft
2. Burn ISO image on DVD
3. Copy all files from DVD to a new directory say C:\RC
4. Change file cversion.ini in C: directory sources, in part MinClient to 7.000
5. Save change
6. Run setup from hard disk C:/RC
7. Wait and wait and wait until it upgrade (up to 3 hours compared to some 20 minutes for Beta)
8. Enter password you got during the Win 7 RC download.
9. Run all your applications up to July 2010 and Win 7 SP1 announcement (if available by then)
10. Enjoy, because you are now saved before the August 1st Win7 Beta deadline.
11. Alas, Win 7 RC is much slower than Beta. Fixed Vista launched in the final marketing attack step?

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