Friday, June 26, 2009

Moon Lunatic

Aldrin suggests canceling NASA's troubled and increasingly costly Ares I, instead launching manned capsules on commercial Delta IV, Atlas V, and/or SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets. In the medium-term, NASA should return to the moon with an international consortium, with the ultimate goal of commercial lunar exploitation in mind. Aldrin's long term plan includes a 2018 comet flyby, a 2019 manned trip to a near-earth asteroid, a 2025 trip to the Martian moon Phobos, and one-way trips to colonize Mars.

BAD HARDWARE: Provided Aldrin have been at Moon ever, he should read more about his idea originality at Jules Verne 1867 science fiction: One-way trip to Moon.

Verne novel was really prophetic, with one real objection only: People were shot to the Moon by the huge canon from Pensacola. How Verne solved deadly acceleration problem for the people inside the giant space bullet that honestly resemble to Apollo capsule? Using giant springs, the same one that recently have been added to Ares 1! How they landed to the Moon? No landing at all, they simply stayed in Moon Orbit forever. Thus, Did Apollo ever landed, though it had at least in principle a rocket to do it? WHat was the surname one of the Verne astronauts? Adrien ! Well, that pretty resembles to Aldrin surname.

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