Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First (a) man at Moon is suspiciously quiet

"To my knowledge he has done two television interviews in the last 40 years - and he says nothing about what he felt about anything. He will talk about matters of fact and that's it"
The music he took on the mission to the Moon was deeply eccentric," says Smith. "Most astronauts took one classical piece, and one country and western.Two years after his historic journey, in August 1971, Armstrong left Nasa and decided to become a teacher."
Ostensibly, it was a very strange decision. He could have done anything," says Smith.

BAD HARDWARE: He couldn't stand fake Moon landings out any more? He was afraid of quandary questions about his own Moon landing after that ?

Did the hell anyone ever see public and commercial potential of a celebrating song playing say by Armstrong with banjo at Moon? No? Why not? Umm, there is no air on Moon. Well, there were no men on Moon too, so what? Why was this hoax needed at all to NASA? To distract public opinion focus from domestic and foreign problems far from Earth.

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