Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The man whom someone has stolen 4G Iphone commited suicide

Taiwan news say his boss beat him up before he killed himself. The man then jumped from a 12-story building last week. Whether he has been trying 4G iPhone last time during the fall alas isn't known. To China, that is normal way of their everyday life.
However, it is known that after 12 story fall COTS iPod is still functional.
If it is not the case for the 4G iPhone too, further aerodynamics tests in Apple's iWind tunnel should be continued looking for the best 4G iPhone prototypes. Mr. Sun's death has sparked a public backlash in China, where Hon Hai's hierarchical management style has been the subject of criticism. In August 2006, Hon Hai sued two Chinese journalists in Shenzhen for reporting workers assembling iPods in its Shenzhen factory were forced to work overtime. Beaten regularly ? It's been Apple's strategy to use the element of surprise in building up sales mania whenever it launches a new model of iPod or iPhone. And in the interest of protecting its effectiveness, Apple imposes immense pressure on its suppliers and contractors to maintain secrecy. Secret contract option with Apple requires dead penalty for any prototype loss ?!

iPhone suicide: is a phone worth dying for?
intel ceo
Intel: We will be borg by 2050
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