Saturday, July 18, 2009

NASA actually don't know who left the Apollo 14 traces

LATEST on the Apollo 14:
NASA says those are astronaut footpaths.
Obviously, Apollo 14 astronauts had had two wheels instead of foots. Not like this one below. Beside, someone later has stolen huge and shiny plate antenna left on Moon, on the left side of LM base!!
And do you see 7 meters large round crater just in front of your eyes! Gone with wind ?

Well, picture on the left gives one idea who left the wheel traces on "Moon". ALSEP was pretty heavy on Earth, but easy to carry on Moon, being 6 times lighter. The total mass of the Apollo-16 ALSEP was ~250 lbs, or 41.5 lbs moon weight, so easy to carry by one man (picture above left). But, on Earth rickshaw was needed, picture left, being astronaut equipment alone is too heavy !
From the ALSEP documentation:
A-14 had difficulty releasing one of the Boyd bolts on an ALSEP sub-pallet when the guide cup became full of dirt. They commented that there seemed to be no way to avoid getting the experiments dirty during transport and deployment. Also, there was always at least one side of the central station in the shade, which made seeing the bolts difficult. On the traverse to the deployment site, the pallets on either side of the antenna mast ("barbell") oscillated vertically and the mast flexed, making the assembly rather difficult to carry. However, they believed the "barbell" arrangement to be suitable for traverses of as much as 150 meters. When erecting the central station the sunshield did not lock in the "up" position, but the scientists in the back room at JSC noticed it and had the crew return to fix it. The communication between these scientists and the crew on the surface was, by some accounts, too "filtered" to have good interaction under the tight timelines that existed.

A second EVA period began at 3:11 a.m. EST February 6. The two astronauts loaded the mobile equipment transporter (MET) - used for the first time - with photographic equipment, tools, and a lunar portable magnetometer.
BAD HARDWARE proposal: Rickshaws was used or not at all ? We know all LM ascendings from Moon were shooted. It is easy to convince us. Simply, post them online.

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