Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OMG: Oil prices in 3% rise after Intel's $700M bubble

Global stocks and crude oil prices jumped 3.0 percent or more on Wednesday after blockbuster earnings from Intel and a raft of economic news suggested the U.S. economy may be pulling out of a deep recession.

More about that hilarious bullshit read at always cautious Th'inq
"Intel actually sold its garbage processor stocks to China."

BAD HARDWARE: Thus, my drive is more expensive because Intel sold garbage processors to China ?. These processors consumes a lot of power. Chinese drives a lot of cars, and after this price rise they will drive of course less.
Miraculously, CO2 foot print for China remained the same, because the same power consumed by Intel processors is spared by less oil burnt.
Who dares to say that Intel isn't eco friendly company? Intel is actually in net losses $398M ? Though, we can say now their losses are in Intel's inverted logic
less than expected.

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