Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Centrino vs Centrio is a center of court case worth of Cent billions

Giant chip firm Intel took issue with Harris Corporation and filed a trademark infringement case in a Northern California district court at the end of last week.

Intel alleges that by using a trademark and trade name called Centrio, Harris is likely to cause confusion to people who will confuse it with its Centrino trademark.

There is only one letter of the alphabet missing between the two, and that is the letter "n".

BAD HARDWARE: What about use of Microsoft Wi(n)dows ? Women must not become widows, otherwise might be sued ? Oh by the way, Intel at the same time has prodly stolen Centrino and Core duo logo design (see on the left) from Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Not a joke, look at it yourself at Justinian fresco in Verona, Italy. Anyway, I thought Intel sell superb design not a trademark.

the intel and the missing letter n case

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