Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oooops, this was quite close: AMD launches low power 64 bit stars

The AMD Turion Neo X2 processor model L625 and the AMD Athlon Neo X2 processor model L325 are designed to provide PC performance in a low power envelope and with an embedded-friendly ball grid array (BGA) package.

Next, strike Intel with Neo based 12 inch NETbook. It will hurt Intel's margins badly, just as predicted yesterday.

apple user: dont let steve jobs be your master.
you have the right to have a personality and the right to choose the things that you like. don't believe steve jobs when he tells you that cannabis is good for creativity.
abandon the pseudotechnological cult called apple.

do you know that the church of scientology are the owners of apple?
do you know that in products like the iphone they used design tricks that are the same tricks they use to brainwash their members?
did you see the tom cruise movie( scientology lider) minority report.
well they ported the same graphic interface to the iphone and ipod.
because that let them manipulate you easily.
when you use the letter i (iphone, ipod) in every apple product you associate the product with yourself( i =me)
iphone=this pruduct is me

and the iphone interface?
the interface is organized in the same way that people use to remember, the interface has multiple icons, when pressed this icon opens a program or a video.
when you remember something you first think about an image (the icon) and later this opens a memory movie associated with the event.

the result is that iphone = me, my life.

here for your entertainment:

and remember that you are not cool.
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