Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CCD vs CMOS sensors

Global vs rolling shutter.
Feature CCD CMOS
Signal out of pixel Electron packet Voltage
Signal out of chip Voltage (analog) Bits (digital)
Signal out of camera Bits (digital) Bits (digital)
Fill factor High Moderate
Amplifier mismatch N/A Moderate
System Noise Low Moderate
System Complexity High Low
Sensor Complexity Low High
Camera components Sensor + multiple support chips + lens Sensor + lens possible, but additional support chips common
Relative R&D cost Lower Higher
Relative system cost Depends on Application Depends on Application
 Performance CCD CMOS
Responsivity Moderate Slightly better
Dynamic Range High Moderate
Uniformity High Low to Moderate
Uniform Shuttering Fast, common Poor
Uniformity High Low to Moderate
Speed Moderate to High Higher
Windowing Limited Extensive
Antiblooming High to none High
Biasing and Clocking Multiple, higher voltage Single, low-voltage

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