Saturday, March 09, 2013

Why on Moon one astronaut never jumped over the another?

That should be pretty convincing for me.
Yes, astronauts can jump higher on the moon than Earth because there is less gravity on the moon than on Earth. The Moon's low mass causes a force of gravity at the Moon's surface that is only about 1/6 of the force of gravity at the Earth's surface.
A fully-equipped astronaut who weighs 270 pounds on Earth only weighs 45 pounds on the Moon. They must be careful though because their 123 kilogram mass is the same as on Earth, which means it is just as hard to speed up and just as hard to slow down; they must avoid the temptation to think that their reduced weight gives them reduced mass, which it doesn't.

Now, if with full equipment astronaut on Earth could jump one foot high, on Moon would be able  to jump 6 feet high, that is its own height.  Just enough high for  his feet to pass over the head of another astronaut. Then, why ladders on Moon landers? Astronauts could simply jump in and jump out. Or they could save at leastbottom half of the ladders. But, they didn't ! though they throw out even astronauts seats. I don't know how they spent three days on Moon standing all the time?

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