Friday, June 07, 2013

PRISM 2013: All your Facebook,Microsoft, Google, Apple, Skype data are ours

U.S. mining data from 9 leading Internet firms; companies deny knowledge

NSA doesn't deny, but simply build new facilities for such vaste of data.
High Performance Computing Center 2 itself is size of  two football fields. Performance not revealed but probably order of 100-1000 PFlops clusters in 2016. Open stack based.
For comparison, Chinese 50 Pflops supercomputer has 10 times less footstep !
Taking in account technology improvements in the next few years, that means up to 1000 Pflops !
However, how will NSA get 10 times lower power consumption if it try at all, remains the mystery.

"As its current data collection makes headlines, the National Security Agency is continuing to expand its data storage and processing capabilities. The agency recently broke ground on an $860 million data center at Fort Meade, Maryland that will span more than 600,000 square feet. The project will provide additional IT capacity beyond the NSA's controversial Utah data center. The new facility will be supported by 60 megawatts of power and use both air-cooled and liquid-cooled equipment."

Two weeks ago at a conference in Washington, Alexander argued that the NSA has its hands full keeping tabs on potential terrorists and does not have the bandwidth to read the 420 billion e-mails generated by Americans daily. Some foreign governments are trying to do just that, he said. 

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Grand PRISM plan for 2017 starting in 2007.
William Binney, who left the agency with Wiebe after complaining about its inefficiency, estimates that the NSA collects records on 3 billion calls per day.

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