Thursday, August 15, 2013

Construction Intel's 450mm Fab 'Well Underway'

Construction of D1X module 2 began in January 2013 after the necessary permissions were obtained, according to an Intel spokesperson. The fab is expected to cost $2 billion, not including equipment, but there is no schedule for when the fab will start, the spokesperson added.
MacKenzie referred to original D1X project as Mod1. The expansion will feature a second module, called Mod2, that will be built onto Mod1. It will serve the same research and development function — in other words, it won't be a high-volume production facility

As you can see one new 450nm wafers fab is able to produce as much chips as TWO old 300mm fabs + almost one old 200 mm. Three flies with one hit !
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK:  But, we know. Nikon plans to have ArF immersion 450mm prototype tools in 2015-16. Mid 2015. With a 14nm low volume chips.
450mm is expected to be in production by 2018 and 10nm,” said Hamid Zarringhalam, executive vice president at Nikon Precision. “We will ship development tools earlier than that.” By 2015, Nikon plans to ship “early learning tools” based on 193nm immersion for 450mm, Zarringhalam said. Nikon has already garnered “multiple orders” for the systems, he added. Intel’s new 450mm Japan Metrology Center (JMC) in Tsukuba is confirmed.
EXCLUSIVE:  Intel is already producing 14nm demo chips. On 450mm wafers in Albany. Though its half pitch is actually 22nm. That should be enough for this world supply until year 2033. But without old chip fabs now mainly for peripheral chips. Thus, no more need for processor sockets in Intel's future and peripheral chips. Most of them must be BGA even before year 2017. OR(egon)...

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