Saturday, August 10, 2013

How they have 100% spied you and since when

September 29, 2004, Mountain View, CA — Narus, Inc., the leading carrier-class IP platform software provider, announced it has appointed NSA William P. Crowell to its board of directors. Crowell brings extensive knowledge of information technology and security systems.
 December 10, 2007
Narus technology has long been recognized for its ability to identify and track almost all network and application protocols across very large networks.
“The latest iteration of NIS follows a long line of powerful and unique products developed by Narus and once again raises the bar, providing unparalleled monitoring and intercept capabilities to service providers and government organizations around the world.”

Targeting and capturing webmail traffic is a difficult challenge due to the proprietary and frequent changing nature of webmail services being monitored. The NarusInsight Intercept Suite (NIS) has solved this problem and is now capable of precision targeting, capturing and reconstructing numerous aspects of webmail traffic including email, chat, calendaring, draft folders, address books and much more. Traffic from all nodes and numerous protocols can be reassembled and viewed from a single management station or distributed across multiple stations. In addition, NIS supports a large percentage of all webmail services, including Google Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Gawab Mail (English and Arabic versions).
Narus helps customers around the world like AT&T, Korea Telecom, KDDI, Telecom Egypt, Reliance (India), Saudi Telecom, US Cellular, Pakistan Telecom Authority, in areas of network security, traffic classification and monitoring.
A single NarusInsight machine can monitor traffic equal to the maximum capacity (10 Gbit/s) of around 39,000 DSL lines or 195,000 telephone modems. But, in practical terms, since individual internet connections are not continually filled to capacity, the 10 Gbit/s capacity of one NarusInsight installation enables it to monitor the combined traffic of several million broadband users. Its 700 instalations are able to monitor all world's individual Web connections !!
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Narus has selected CISCO for their best-of-breed products, services and business practices to complement and complete the Narus' solutions. 
More partners: IBM. Rytheon, etc. 
Spied Protocols:

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