Friday, September 20, 2013

Israel based company Cvidya opened NSA access to Belgacom, Belarus , Germany etc

In June 2013 Beltelecom launched an anti-fraud system based on the hardware and software of cVidya. This system allows identify this type of fraud such as illegal IP-telephony.
Distinctive features of the anti-fraud system are its ability to detect fraudulent activity in real time by using signaling exchange information between switches and PBXs. The purchased software allows analysis of subscriber behavior during different periods of time.

cVidya was awarded the Supply Chain Innovation Award in recognition of their implementation of DealerMap® at Vodafone D2, Germany.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK:  Who was mysterious an US based venture capital fund ? Let me guess. NSA? Or CIA?
Start up, cVidya, completed its initial funding round of $3 million of the total planned funding of $5 million. Stage One Ventures and an US based venture capital fund participated in the round of funding. The De-Kalo Ben Yehuda Investment Bank is assisting the company in sourcing the investors and closing the deal. The company is currently in the process of completing the additional $2 million of investment.

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