Saturday, October 19, 2013

Intel's Broadwell K unlocked (35W TDP) still by the end 2014 , however not compatible with off the shelf Haswell boards

 Not compatible, in small quantities and thus expensive, VERY EXPENSIVE.

While Haswell and the Broadwell-powered 9-series will share the LGA1150 socket, there will be a number of slight changes between the two. The most notable changes are in the V_PROC_IO connection, as it requires a 1.05V power source, VCCST, because of a new type of power supply required, and to THRMTRIP because of a slightly different chip topology. This presents a number of backwards compatibility issues, and means that only motherboards that support refreshed Haswell will be compatible with the 9-series Broadwell chips. HASWELL REFRESH IS LOWER POWER HASWELL VERSION. AND BETWEEN NEW GENERATION AT INTEL WE HAVE NOW 3 YEARS. THAT MEANS THE NEXT ONE 11nm IS ONLY BY THE  2017 END .
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: High performance chip yield problems, obviously. Requires additional litography steps. However RDSEED security might be in !

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