Saturday, November 30, 2013

RSC Packs a Petaflops of Xeon Phi in a Rack

Like many top-end systems created today, the PetaStream is a hybrid design, and in this case it mixes a modest number of Xeon processors from Intel with a much larger number of Xeon Phi X86 coprocessors to get more than 1 petaflops of aggregate double-precision number-crunching power into a single rack.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Phi SC5120D Coprocessor with 60 cores. 245W TDP
Price at introduction $ 2700+.  Cabinet  price $ 5M, Overall power 400+ kW
Coprocessor compute node above.  A streaming multiprocessor controller (SMC), in Intel's terminology
SMC means node controller .NVIDIA uses the terms "node"and streaming multiprocessor interchangeably.
Thus Petastream architecture. Note however that this chip remains essentially coprocessor.
Intel's QLogic Infiniband 312G IB EDR for module connections.
Sounds boring. Latest chip version is able in turbo mode 1,33 Tflops at 300W

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