Friday, December 20, 2013

Before this decade is out: On Apollo men first landing on November 19 1969

What after taking this picture Eagle went back to Columbia and than back home?
Saturn V Third stage never found., Apollo 11ascend stage never found ! How they went back from Moon without it ? There is passive seismic device at Apollo11 landing site but formally the next Apollo 12 third stage never hit Moon to test that device !! Allegedly Apollo 12 third stage is recently found somewhere in Space ! Thus it didn't smash on Moon to test Apollo 11 passive seismic device. Why if it was really installed  on Moon ? But if it wasn't, a lot of work is saved at Apollo 12 mission. Any other possibility is very unlikely.
On Apollo 10 
Descent stage Snoopy never found, Ascend stage never found. Nothing strange , Apollo 10 has never been on Moon surface.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Apollo 11 never landed. What is now found on Moon at the Apollo 11 historic site is actually Snoopy , Apollo 10''s automated descend stage ! The first one that humans landed on Moon was actually Apollo 12. At least we have all needed engines in situ  !. Why NASA did the fraud ? Well. Russians tried to land too, though unsuccessfully. Failure with two dead astronauts (perhaps all three would be the program main blow). Thus BEFORE THIS DECADE OUT GOAL IS ACTUALLY FULFILLED AS PLANNED, BUT ON NOVEMBER 19 , 1969. Below is one real Earth photo from Apollo 12 command module. No blue marble, seems just like a Moon from Earth.

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