Sunday, December 01, 2013

Chinese rare earth Hare found on Moon

Actually, Russian's Luna 24 found titanium on Moon and brought it back in 1976.
The Moon could be a "beautiful" source of minerals and energy, a top Chinese scientist has told the BBC.
Exotic materials including helium-3 and the potential for solar power could prove invaluable for humankind, he says. Delta Differential One -way Ranging with a little help from ESA enable Chinese Hare to land on Moon with target precision up to  50 billionth of degree. That is 2 000 000 000 / 10B = less then one millimeter. Will it tip over during the very landing on Moon like Luna 23 remains to be seen. Anyway best luck.

99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: The problem ? 15 days of shade each month. Will it survive depends of thermal isolation and heath sources inside.

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