Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Elementary, my dear Dr. Watson !

.The phrase was first used by P. G. Wodehouse, in Psmith Journalist, 1915. 

If you still believe Dual_EC_DRBG hardware was not back doored on purpose, please keep reading.
They are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments !
Unbelievably. Error report in XP and other Microsoft operating systems is ENABLED by default. So what ? In case of system error (that might struck intentionally  from some NSA friendly sites) Drwatson.exe will report and send unencrypted error log to Microsoft.
DrWatson will create memory dump log with routine Master Key Extraction And Volume Identification extraction.
Now let me help you:  what Texas Cryptologic center does with all traffic sent to Microsoft domain ? See PREVIOUS BAD HARDWARE BELOW.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: Switch off error reporting, immediately ! Or ...

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