Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Intel's 450mm fab of the future No. 42 remains firmly closed

Intel has confirmed it is leaving vacant a massive new multibillion-dollar computer-chip factory in Chandler that President Barack Obama once touted as a symbol of the future of U.S. manufacturing.
Obama, who visited the construction site in January 2012, used it as the backdrop for a speech stressing the importance of expanding domestic manufacturing.

We can meet this challenge, and we'll remind the world once again just why the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth. (Applause.)
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: We have to wait Win 9 till mid next year to see its doors possibly opened. Fab's number 42 is actually answer to all question, but  only in Hitchhiker's guide  to the Samsung Galaxy. :)
The new facility worth $5B would once produce transistors with a minimum size of 14 nanometers. 
Intel’s newest technology, which is being developed in Oregon and is expected to be deployed in high volumes this year, will be built in an existing facility in Chandler rather than in the new building. 14 nm technology node manufacturing at Intel will obviously wait the next TACK. Just like US economy, after Obama. Anyway,  450mm fab produces 2+ times more chips per wafer than current 300mm one in CHandler. That means Intel halved its future planned production ! Simpy because there is no more demand growth !

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